WIC Rennes 2008

5月25日にフランスで開催される WIC Rennes 2008 ですが、分かる範囲で情報追加して更新しました。

World Inline Cup (FIC) in RENNES

WIC Rennes 2008 RENNES France. Twinned with Erlangen, 350 kilometres west of Paris, capital city of Brittany and almost the immediate neighbourhood of the village where Asterix and Obelix live. The inhabitants are headstrong and uncompromising, and the Atlantic makes the weather unpredictable. Rennes sur Roulettes is the biggest and oldest Inline happening of the country, and the organizer will do this year what the Gallic people preferred doing already 2000 years ago: party a lot - the organizer Cercle Paul Bert celebrates the 26th birthday of the even . Sportive high light is the world cup marathon of May 25th 2008, which is held over 43,2 respectively 51,2 kilometres.
City: Rennes
Country: France
Day: Sunday, May 25th 2008
Class : Top Class
Marathon: 43.2km (Women) and 51.2km (Men)
Winner points: 125 points
Expo: Mail Anne Catherine Boulevard de la Tour d'Auvergne
Start and Finish: Boulevard de la Tour d'Auvergne
WIC Race Start: 1:45 pm (Women) and 3:45 pm (Men)
Course: City course, 1 lap = 2.7 k
Participants: 6500 participants
Prize money: 15,000 Euros
Organizer: Iguana Think Tank AG
World Inline Cup: www.world-inline-cup.com
French Inline Cup: www.french-inline-cup.com
Local organizer: Rennes sur Roulettes
Host city: Ville de Rennes

WIC stage 4: Rennes sur Roulettes announcement

Sorry for this bad news, but it may rain again in Rennes, France, this week-end... The 4th stage of the WIC will then be probably one of the hardest, as it has many times been in the past. But the race will be that much interesting also!
Vincent Esnault, May 22, 2008
Luca 1st and Francesco 2nd: with such a provisionnal ranking of the WIC, the team of Rollerblade MPC World will have a big challenge to achieve in Rennes next Sunday.

Rennes sur Roulettes has been considered in the History of the WIC as one of the toughest races. Firstly, the race is longer than the others (51,2km for the men, 43km for the women). Then, there are little stones like in Paris-Roubaix on the circuit, as well as many corners, long AND short straight lines… And so many times the rain. According to the local weather stations, it will rain again this year over the capital city of Brittany. But with the MPC Storm Surge wheels, the athletes of the team will have an ultimate weapon!

Jana Gegner and Laura Lardani will start the race with the status of favorites: Jana won last year, whereas Laura took the victory in 2003 and was WIC number 1 in 2007. It’s quite a perfect circuit for them, according to the fact that Simona di Eugenio (also winner in Rennes in 2006) and Cathy Penan will protect their leader.

In any type of situation, the men’s team will be in leading position. If the race finishes in a massive sprint – it will probably be a pack of about 20 skaters, according to the circuit – Luca and Francesco will have pretty good chances to maintain their position at the WIC provisional and to catch podiums. If it rains, there will be many break: Nicolas Iten is a specialist of that kind of race (he won Seoul and Berlin like that in 2007).

Now the races are still not raced. The competition will reveal the winners in three days: the women’s start is at 13:45 and the men’s one at 15:45…
The Rollerblade World Team: WIC stage 4: Rennes sur Roulettes announcement

Busy, Busy, Busy

by Nicole Begg (May 24, 2008)
The past week has been pretty busy for the Bont Wheels Team and myself. We stayed the night in Holland after the World Inline Cup race last week and left Monday morning for our 8 hour journey back to Switzerland. Tuesday it was back into training and also still recovering from the hard race and travel.

Wednesday I had to wake up at 5.30 am as I had an early appointment at the hospital in Luzern. I had another check up and the doctor is happy with how my jaw is healing. The rubber bands will probably be on for another 3 weeks so I am half way there. Next week I have another check up and the week after that more x-rays will be taken.

Wednesday night there was racing at the Weinfelden bank track. I missed out on the racing last fortnight due to my jaw but this week I was back racing and won the points race and had the fastest flying lap time. Niki Neck has loaded videos onto Bont TV of the flying laps and the mens points race, the women should be up within the next few days.

Thursday for me was a recovery day. Because I am still unable to eat proper solid food I am finding it's taking me a lot longer to recover, I felt dead for most of the day.

This morning (Friday) the team went training and unfortunately Cecilia had a fall. She has taken a little bit of skin off but she should be fine for the race in Rennes. We also left for Rennes today after lunch. Seeing Rennes is about an 11 hour drive from Switzerland we decided to divide the journey. Today we drove 6 1/2 hours and we are staying the night at a hotel about 80km from Paris. Tomorrow morning we will have about 4 1/2 hours to go.
Roller Girl (Nicole Begg): Busy, Busy, Busy

WIC Rennes 2008

Men 51.2km Results Full Results
  1. Diego Rosero (Rollerblade MPC World Team) COL 01:19:53
  2. Jose Alexander Bastidas (Bont Bacata) VEN 01:19:54
  3. Nelson Garzon (Matter Inline Center World) COL 01:19:54
  4. Yann Guyader (Powerslide Alessi World) FRA 01:19:54
  5. Severin Winger (X-Tech Crocs) SUI 01:19:55
  6. Daniel J. Nation (Matter Inline Center World) NZL 01:19:55
  7. Matthieu Boher (RPM Poli Matter) SUI 01:19:57
  8. Thomas Boucher (Rollerblade I.P.U Speedod) FRA 01:19:57
  9. Julien Levrard (Renard Inline World) FRA 01:19:57
  10. Pascal Ramali (Powerslide Phuzion) GER 01:19:58

Women 43.2km Results Full Results
  1. Cecilia Baena (Bont Wheels) COL 01:19:49
  2. Nicole Begg (Bont Wheels) NZL 01:19:49
  3. Melissa Bonnet (World Inlinecenter-Matter) ARG 01:19:49
  4. Alexandra Vivas (Bont Wheels) COL 01:19:49
  5. Natalia Altero (World Inlinecenter-Matter) ARG 01:19:49
  6. Martha Ramirez (Bont IDRD Bogota Positival) COL 01:19:49
  7. Hilde Goovaerts (CadoMotus World) BEL 01:19:50
  8. Liliana Holungin (World Inlinecenter-Matter) COL 01:19:50
  9. Nadine Gloor (Rollerblade I.P.U Speedodrom) SUI 01:19:50
  10. Sara Erbiti (Bont Bacata) VEN 01:19:50
WIC Men Rennes 2008
WIC Women Rennes 2008
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Diego wins Rennes!

Diego Rosero captured the victory in Rennes, WIC stage 4, this Sunday. The last victory in the series for the Colombian was in Zurich in 2006... He crossed the line of the 51,3kms in 1:19:53!
Vincent Esnault, 25.05.2008
Sorry for this wrong news, but it has not rain in Rennes this year! Hopefully, the 26th edition of the Rennes sur Roulettes race was raced under sunny skies and good temperatures.

The 51,3kms of the WIC stage 4 started in a very fast tempo, with the major teams of the series ahead, trying to break the pack. It could have worked many times, because the circuit was very physical, with a lot of corners and a ground that was not that much smooth... But in fact, a pack of about 50 skaters stayed together during the entire race.

Unfortunately for the team of Rollerblade MPC World, two team mates felt: Jorge Cifuentes had to gave up sooner that he could have expect; Luca Saggiorato touched the ground at mid-race but his partner Francesco Zangarini waited for him and caught him back into his position...

DiegoThe marathon + 10kms really get clearer at 4 laps to the end: Matthieu Boher (RPM Poli) was already away when a first attack went out of the pack, but it was swallowed back in after 1km. Then, four other skaters decided to break and opened a back of about 150m. Behind, a little group of World team athletes also went away, with Yann Guyader (Alessi Powerslide), Diego and Nicolas Iten in. They managed to reach the flyers, whereas the team mates were closing the field behind. Quickly, a gap of about 20 seconds was opened.

But the hardest was to come: the last 3 laps! The group of 12 had to resist during the 10kms before the finish. Nicolas helped the best he was able his former leader Diego. This one decided to wait for the very end to unclench his sprint: he managed to resist in the ultimate kilometre to his two compatriots, Alexander Bastidas (Bont Bataca) and Nelson Garzon (Matter Inline Centre), and to win the gold!

It is the first victory for Diego this season in the WIC, and the second for the team, after Jana's one in Sursee. Now the provisional rankings have changed a little bit, because Luca crossed the line at the 23th rank, and Francesco at the 18th. But the coming stages will surely suit to both of them!
Rollerblade World Team: Diego wins Rennes!

WIC in Rennes

an inside report of the Powerslide Phuzion Team
by Pascal Briand (May 26, 2008)
Last Saturday the PS-Phuzion team met in Rennes to enter the next WIC race. The mood is great and we all can see the progress the team makes in each race. The weather was still bad with lot of rain so many skaters were little worried about another year under rain in Rennes. But luckily the weather changed and we had a blue sky with a few clouds when we got up Sunday morning. The forecast expected some rain for the evening so all should be fine for the race.
Powerslide Phuzion Team
The race started at 3.45 p.m.. The course was the same as last year - 19laps of 2,7 km - very technical because of many corners. The race was very fast from the beginning again as always this year. It s probably the 110mm effect - just go fast - I like it. Felix , Nicolas, Pascal Ramali and me followed different breakaways but none of the was really successful up to KM 30. Then the attack started to get stronger and the gaps became bigger, but the pack always managed to catch the leading group. The selection is important. Lap after lap the group is becoming smaller and smaller. It was really a hard race for everybody. In the last 10km, Matthieu Boher started to escpae by himself followed by a small group including Pascal Ramali who catched Matthieu. Then Yann Guyader (Matter Inline Center) and Thomas Boucher started the next attack. About 15 skaters managed to escape with a 20sec gap to the peleton. This was just enough and the pack did not catch the group again til the finish line. Pascla Ramali finally finished 10th for our team, followed by Nicolas who won the sprint of the peleton. Felix finished 20th.

In the new WIC ranking, Nicolas is now 15th and Felix 18th.

rennes, really a nice race...

last week end i finished in the pack in rennes world cup. since 110mm are majority in the group it s going so so so fas, that s really nice feeling. a 15 guys breakaway went and pascal ramali from powerslide phuzion finished 10th....that s good for a young gun from our team...
BRIAND Pascal: rennes, really a nice race...
The next WIC race will be in Incheon / Korea where the PS-Phuzion team will not take part.
Powerslide Racing News: WIC in Rennes

Overall Ranking after 4 races.

Men Teams
Diego Rosero
Diego Rosero
Luca Saggiorato
Luca Saggiorato
Yann Guyader
Yann Guyader
  1. Diego Rosero, COL, (Rollerblade MPC), 295 Points

  2. Luca Saggiorato, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 288

  3. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 285

  4. Francesco Zangarini, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 263

  5. Antonio Ruales, COL, (Bont IDRD Bogota), 232

  6. Andres F. Munoz COL (Matter World Inline Center), 228

  7. Alexander Jose Bastidas, VEN, (Bont Bacata Bogota), 215
  8. Joseph Mantia, USA, (Luigino Wheels), 205

  9. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 194

  10. Massimiliano Presti, ITA (Luigino Answer Wheels), 177
Women Teams
Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena
Alexandra Vivas
Alexandra Vivas
Nicole Begg
Nicole Begg
  1. Cecilia Baena, COL, (Bont Wheels), 435 Points

  2. Alexandra Vivas, COL, (Bont Wheels), 348

  3. Nicole Begg, NZL, (Bont Wheels), 318

  4. Liana Holguin, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 315

  5. Nathalia Artero, ARG, (Matter World Inline Center), 273

  6. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Rollerblade I.P.U.), 248

  7. Jana Gegner, GER, (Rollerblade MPC), 232

  8. Andrea Haritchelhar, ARG, (Matter World Inline Center), 225

  9. Melissa Bonnet, ARG, (Matter World Inline Center), 217

  10. Martha Ramariz. COL, (BONT IDRD Bogota), 208