Bont Gigantathon 6X110mm Frame

Roller Girl: Nicole Begg で飛んでもハップンな 6X110mm S-Frame が紹介されていました。CadoMotus Pro Downhill は84mmでしたが、コチラは110mmです。こんな660mm以上のフレーム付けた重くて長いスケートで Gigantathon?、テスト走行してヘロヘロの Glenn Koshi さんを見て、多分ジョークだと思います。

Bont has a new secret weapon: The Bont Gigantathon. The name basically explains everything, it's simply ginormous. It is a 23 inch 6 x 110mm 3 point frame not for the faint hearted. You can check out a video of the Gigantathon in action on Bont TV.

I wouldn't mind seeing someone attempt a crossover on the Bont Gigantathon. Just not me!
Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: Bont Gigantathon
I thought about crossing over, but that's about as close as I got to actually doing it. I tried crossing over while not moving, and even that wasn't easy. I played hockey for years, so crossing over (nromally) isn't the problem. So, when is long actually too long?

Also...I normally do get my feet in closer together, but even on 'regular' frames, I've clipped during the recovery and gone down. That's about all I could think about when I was on these.

Turning was not a subconscious effort like normal, of course. In fact, you kinda tell yourself, "okay, turn NOW" and nothing happens!

Get yourself some 300cm skiis, maybe that's a good comparison!

Okay, below is a 13.2" with 100mm wheels on...
Glenn Koshi
SkateLog Forum: 6x110 vs. ANY other setup!

なんでも6月末までに5セットだけ製造するという事で、希望者には US$350 で譲るそうです。早い者勝ち?。今は使えそうに無いけど、3ポイントブーツユーザーの目立ちたがりには朗報です。いやいや、将来的には新種目が誕生する可能性があるかも知れません。

Some people are expressing interest in buying the frame. As they can be quite dangerous if you are not a very good skater, we must ensure that we only sell them to very proficient skaters. If you want a set, email me, they will only be available in very limited quantities, US$350 including freight. No graphics. Available from end of June. Only available for 3 point boots. We will only make 5 pairs, so first in gets them.

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