The 110mm Wheel Setup

CadoMotus CompSkatePodium.comで時代は100mmなのか110mmか、フレームとウィールのセットアップ比較した記事を掲載しています。今月、FIC初戦でいきなり110mmのNathalie Barbotinが優勝したからと云って、いきなり110mmに移行する事はありません。100mmに慣れてから、ユックリ110mmに挑戦しても 遅くないという事のようです。アメリカでは90mm4輪で優勝した女性が話題になってます。オランダ好きだけど・・・翻訳が大変、何とか意味が通じると思います。

Productreview 110mm wheels

Like last year material specialist par excellence, Jan-Willem Bobbink, write a product review on speed skate material.

Many speed skaters are currently busy for testing with their skate material. Is it ordinary 100mm or should I have to the big 110mm wheels that is the question of many speed skaters at the moment. The most important is the feeling. Without comfort and faith in your setup will probably lack the performance.

For the technical side of the possible new setup, Jan Willem gives his useful overview review in this week. If you do not yet, then this information possibly can draw you on the line.

Productreview 110mm wheels
On which wheel size do we will drive this season?
The 110mm hype finally begins to persevere a bit now. Most of the riders who doubt about the choice regarding wheel size here and there. Fortunately, the products was developed by skate industry. Below is the list of the current weights of five popular wheels.

Product Name100mm110mm
Gyro XG121g138g
MPC Streetfight Ex-Firm121g139g
Matter Juice F1127g138g
Star Grip106g128g
AM-Wing CP20120g136g
BONT G4124g149g

All wheels have a profile mentioned width of 24mm. As you can see, the weight increases not very different with each brands. An exceptional product is Star Grip. As much difference as 22 grams. On average, you see that these five well known wheels on a difference of 16.8 gram, an increase of 14%. This does not seem much but this is 67.2 grams per skater.Relativised to a complete weight from 1150 up to 1250 grams per skater (+ 5.6%), it is an important factor to take into account at the time you switch your setup from the 100mm to the 110mm version.

In addition to the wheels, take part in the renewed frames also. The height of the frames has increased but what about the weight? Also, I have a number of new frames list.

Product name100mm110mm100+110mm
Eo Skate Carbon135g135g-
Raps Eracer 2008215g155g-
BONT Sniper EVO IV165g173g-
CadoMotus Comp227g200g-
CadoMotus Pro217g223g212g
Powerslide TripleX209g221g227g
Luigino Pilot191g--
Fila Matrix188g--

As always in frames has been the weights are distributed fairly diverse. For example, the EO frames made from the basis of carbon and the Raps Eclips frame from the basis of magnesium. The frames of Powerslide have been made of an especially developed high-quality 7000 aluminium. Because the special X-technology is the super frame. Yann Guyader, Arjan Smit and Ingmar Berga, a number of nationalities who drives on the frames of this technology. If we just look at the pure increase weight, we can not comment as to the wheels. One frame is a lot lighter than the other. Here comes the Cadomotus even a 110mm frame produces what is even lighter than his brother 100mm.

Overall, the frames are heavier but it is not a serious factor to take into account. However, what must be considered to is the height of the frame. In proportion to height, it becomes unstable. It makes more tension on your lower body. This is one of the reasons why the most riders experienced muscle pain after the first training on large 110mm wheels. The Powerslide TripleX 3x110/100mm by 100mm wheel is just as low as a 100mm frame.

All in all, you have to assume that it will cost more energy to come on pace. At the same condition compared with a 100mm setup, therefore you will come more slowly certain on pace. Power training must ensure for the extra weight and the increased height. For the young people, watch out. The overloading knees is easy to get without proper training.
Nathalie Barbotin
Right now a number of nationalities runs on 110mm. Not only men but also women. Thus this 2nd March Nathalie Barbotin won the first race of the French Inline Cup on 110mm wheels. I do not expect that many women will make the transition. Simply by the fact that the excess power costs. A good technique will always operate for the benefit to accelerate speed fast and advantage. This does not mean that the transition will be mainly made by the technical gifted male speed skater.

Then we have it on the marathon circuit. The job is the skill and much more acceleration important than on the road. These two factors are fairly restricted by the longer frames. I think we are racing upcoming international tournaments simply on 100mm around 95%. We will see what the future served up us. Success with to play knucklebones on the 110mm wheels! Product Review 110mm Wheels
SkateLog Forum: Are big wheels really faster??

Nathalie and her new CUSTOM shoes by SERGIO McCARGO

Nathalie BarbotinNathalie Barbotin just received her brandnew custom b oots from Sergio McCargo. And they fit really great and are really goodlooking. Nathalies set up is now POWERSLIDE C4 custom boot, XXX Mean Machine frame 3x110/1x100 and Matter yellow wheels. If you are interested in Powerslide custom boots, then please contact Powerslide or your local Powerslide pro shop. Below you find a nice pics of Nathalie.

Nathalie Barbotin
Powerslide Racing News: Nathalie and her new CUSTOM shoes by SERGIO McCARGO (Apr. 3, 2008)

The 110mm Check List

I read a lot about skaters who think that they need 110's for ‘x’ reason. I would like to propose this checklist for those of you who are considering the transition from 100mm to 110mm.
  • My Technique is superb! I float like a bird!
  • I can cross through the corner without hesitation!
  • I am agile and can jump around on my skates like a pro!
  • My pack skills are great; I feel at home when surrounded by skaters!
  • I can skate downhill without the need for a break; just in case!
  • I don't maintain a reputation of someone who crashes often!
So, can you check all 6 points off? If so you’re ready for 110's!!!!

Seriously though, if you are thinking about making the move up to bigger big wheels then ask yourself if you're already efficient on 100's. There is no point in making the move if the added height will only be detremental to your technique.

Technique is the foundation of skating and can mean the difference between 1st and last place in a race. Never, ever sacrifice it simply to be part of the ‘in crowd’. In my opinion 110’s are a lot more personal in regards to who can and who can’t use them than 100’s ever were.

Ciao for now.
Andrew The 110mm Check List

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