Twin-Track !

TWIN-TRACK.EU 何だかナー、これだけ傾斜したクロスオーバーやって、よくもブレードのエッヂが抜けないネー!とたまげました。このアイスリンクで行われるアクロバティックなパフォーマンスがニューウェーブと成って普及するのか、アイスショーの前座でやるなら一度この目で見てみたいです。動画だけ投稿して、ホームページはまだ工事中のるようです。


Performance, extreme, sliding, sloping, abrupt turn, innovation and symmetric.

The latest development of skating, - in particular, of short track speed skating. Twin-track is based on usage of the most eye-catching elements of the technique found in short-track and figure skating. Short-track competition program is performed by the athletes at terrific speeds, -at this, twin-trackers move in a most incredible closed trajectories. When in twin-tracking, the athletes are moving both symmetrically or asymmetrically, -- also, twin-trackers perform a great deal of short-radius turns. When in performance of short-radius turns, the twin-tracker almost lies on the ice surface, -- at this, the athlete deliberately leans against ice by both hands, elbows, left shoulder, even by head!
So, newest skating sport was born! Who will welcome?
The newest extreme ice speed skating. The come stage in evolution of skate sports. The short-track is today, Twin-Track is tomorrow, which already comes!


A new kind of sport

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