Learn to Skate Program of SkatelineSchool

SkatelineSchool春恋しい、この時期にシンガポールの ICPインストラクターのレッスンビデオがタイミング良く YouTube に投稿されました。ICP指導要綱に準じた内容のようですが、聞き覚えの無い新しいスキルも混じっていて良い教本になると思います。レッスン対象は立って歩ける超初心者レベルから中級までのスケーターです。

一応、私が所有している IISA の指導マニュアルからレッスン1から12までリストアップしましたが、ビデオは一部欠損しています。またビデオに対応して一部順序を変更しました。レッスンは難易度の順序ではなく、レベルを上げる為に必要な基本スキルから応用へと進んでいきます。

The videos of Learn to Skate Program was posted on the YouTube by Skateline Skate School in Singapore. Skaters, Moon and Lewis Lee and Jon Wong and Albert Tan, are an ICP instructor.


Lesson 1

Heel Stop

Lesson 2

Forward Swizzle
A-frame Turn
Spin Stop

Lesson 3

1-Foot Balance
Scooter Turn
Parallel Turn

Lesson 4

Stride 2
Lunge Turn
Backward Swizzle

Lesson 5

Backward Walk
Backward Skating
Backward Stopping

Lesson 6

Mohawk Turn
Lunge Turn
Continuous F-B Transitions: Forward to backward and backward to forward transitions with a minimum of two revolutions.

Lesson 7

1-Foot Slalom
Lunge Stop
Forward One Foot Slalom: Both sides.

Lesson 8

Forward Criss-Cross
Forward Crossover
Heel Stop 2
Forward Crossovers: Both feet.

Lesson 9

Stride 3
Heel Stop 3
T Stop

Lesson 10

Backward Slalom
Backward Turning
Backward Powerslide

Lesson 11

Backward Criss-Cross
Backward Crossover
3 Turn
Backward Crossovers: Both feet.
Fowrard Three-turns: Inside and outside - transition from forward outside edge to backward inside edge (on one leg!) and vice versa.

Hockey Skill

Edge Stop
Forward Powerslide
Backwards Power Skate
Edge Stop: A tight coresponding edge lunge stop on your choice of sides.
F-B Transitions into Power Slide: A linked sequence between both.
The Learn-To-Skate (tm) program is Skateline's very own introduction to learn how to skate. It is a progressive program developed over many years of inline skating instruction. The program is based on the ICP (Inline Certification Program) standard and is recognized to be amongst the best in the world. http://www.skateline.com.sg
SkatelineSchool: http://www.skateline.com.sg/ and YouTube
Inline Skating Notebook: ICP International