Speedskater-Kriterium Gross-Gerau

Sportverein BLAU-GELB GROSS-GERAUドイツ中央に位置する Gross-Gerau で、4月26-27日に開催されるレース "The 30th Internationales Speedskating-Kriterium" の予告ビデオが YouTube に投稿されました。ヨーロッパでは歴史ある有名なイベントのようで、ネット上でよく見る有名選手が多く出場しています。2日間のスケジュールをチェックすると100mタイムトライアルから10000mエリミまで充実した競技内容で、昨年は21ヶ国から集まった800名以上の参加者で競われたようです。そー云えば、4月26-27日って中止になったSWICが開催される日ですね。

The 30th Internationales Speedskating-Kriterium Groß-Gerau will takes place in the center of Germany on 25.-27 April 2008!!! They posted the preview video about it on the YouTube net February 15, 2008. I found many famous skaters in this video but it's almost unknown games for me living in Japan. So I edited this information about the games.

Preview 30. Internationales Speedskating Kriterium

Over 800 top speed skaters from 21 nations participated.

The speedskating season in Germany starts traditionally with the Kriterium in Gross-Gerau. In the center of Germany Large Gerau lies only few kilometers southwest from Frankfurt in the middle in the Rhine Main area.
(Feb. 01, 2008)
Dear sportsfriends,

Gross-Gerau TrackOur club organizes the 30th international Speedskating Criterium in Gross-Gerau, on April 26th and 27th, 2008. The day before, on April 25th, the 6th international Speedskating Sprint Cup will take place.

We would like to invite you to participate in this event. You will find all the information about this event at www.speedskater-kriterium.de/en

Please send us your inscription (name, christian name, male/female, year of birth, category of skater, participation in sprint cup) only on the excel-sheet in attachment until

April 4th 2008, to the e-mail-address registration@speedskater-kriterium.de

For the Masters Division we have a special event on August 24th an 25th, 2008. All information you find on the event website in the next month www.masters-kriterium.de

We would be glad to see you in Gross-Gerau.

TOP Sport 2008

Speedskating-Kriterium: http://kriterium.blau-gelb-gg.de/en/
Sportverein BLAU-GELB GROSS-GERAU: http://speed.blau-gelb-gg.de/
Gross-Gerau Rink: Google Map
Kreisstadt Groß-Gerau City: http://www.gross-gerau.de/

The Results of the Games

300 m Men
  1. Pedro Causil (COL) Antioquia Team - 25.88
  2. Camilo Orozco (COL) Antioquia Team - 25.95
  3. Oswaldo Saez (COL) Antioquia Team - 26.06
  4. Florian Lefevre (FRA) Equipe de France - 26.11
  5. Michel Mulder (NED) SKOV - 26.51
  6. Ronald Mulder (NED) Skov - 26.54
  7. Dennis Dressel (GER) Team of Allemagne - 26.65
  8. Julián Rivera (COL) Antioquia Team - 26.71
  9. Thomas Boucher (FRA) Team of France - 26.79
  10. Julien Despaux (FRA) Team of France - 26.83
300 m Women
  1. ennifer Caicedo (COL) Antioquia Team - 28.32
  2. Erika Santoro (ITA) Vittoria Torino - 28.63
  3. Sabine Berg (GER) Powerslide Phuzion - 28.70
  4. Johanna Ruiz (COL) Antioquia Team - 28.77
  5. Sara Vallejo (COL) Antioquia Team - 28.85
  6. Carolina Upegui (COL) Antioquia Team - 28.97
  7. Lisa Kaluzni (GER) Powerslide Phuzion - 29.18
  8. Cinzia Ponzetti (ITA) Powerslide Alessi - 29.21
  9. Sophie Beaujot (FRA) Team of France - 29.40
  10. Bianca Roosenboom (NED) Cado Motus - 29.42
300 m Junior Men
  1. Elton de Souza (FRA) Team of France
  2. Roger Valverdu (ESP) Cobra El Prat
  3. Brice Catelin (FRA) Rouen Roller Club
  4. Pierre Laurent (FRA) Team of France
  5. Niels Provoost (BEL) ZRC Zandvoorde
  6. Max Kreiner (GER) TSF Tuttlingen
  7. Nicolai Kjeldsen (DEN) Team of Danemark
  8. Tobias Hecht (GER) Team of Allemagne
  9. Wannes van Praet (BEL) Orana/Luigino
  10. Diogo Marreiros (POR) Roller Lagos
300 m Junior Women
  1. Mareike Thum (GER) Team of Germany
  2. Laethisia Schimek (GER) Team of Allemagne
  3. Stephanie Dreyer (GER) Blau Weib Gera
  4. Ophelie Carrere (FRA) Equipe de France
  5. Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA) Roma Pattinaggio
  6. Anke Vos (BEL) Reka Roller Club
  7. Lucie Peruzzetto (FRA) Valence Roller
  8. Caroline Flick (FRA) Valence Roller
  9. Pauline Jeoguic (FRA) Team of France
  10. Janina Wolf (GER) ERSG Darmstadt

Steven: Speedskating-Kriterium Groß-Gerau (Picasa Photos)

Inside Report of the Powerslide Phuzion Team in Gross Gerau

by Pascal Briand (Apr. 28, 2008)
Last weekend the team was racing at the Kriterium in Gross Gerau. The weather was just perfect after all the rain before and more than 800 skaters from all over the world joined the 30th anniversary of the event. All Powerslide Phuzion team members were there but Felix and Pascal Ramali had to skate for the German national team. Martin could not race due to a injury after a crash in training this week. So, Kwinten, Zamu and I were skating under the Powerslide Phuzion flag.

This year the level was even higher because many columbians came. The french national team was also there like the years before. The PS team met Friday evening during the sprint event, but we didn’t race there. We just took some time to get prepared the weekend. Last year Kwinten did really good here and he is in good shape again, so it was good opportunity for the team to focus most of the energy on him.

On saturday morning we race 500m. About 150skaters were there in the elite race so it was important to compete good because only the top 50 skaters from Saturday qualified for the elemination race on Sunday. Zamu, Kwinten Felix and I pased the series and got qualified for the quarter final. Felix and me had to skate in the same quarter final. Only the winner of the quarter final could qualify for the semi final directly - all others need to qualify over the time! I told Kwinten that it would be good that he start 1st he go full speed. Then I will come back from behind and make some mess to the other in last 2 corners to protect him. The plan worked really good, Kwinten won. I was close to get 2nd but I almost crash in last corner. I kicked my skate , went completely out of track and hit the outside metalic protection. I got pretty lucky to stay on my skate . It was some action and I hope I will find a nice picture of me in this position J. All of us 4 goit qualified for the semi final. In the semi final Kwinten qualified by time for the final. He got place number 6 in final.

In the afternoon, we did the series 5000m point race to qualified for the final. We all 4 get access to the final. The 3 guys representing Powerslide Phuzion planed to take the begining of race easy and after 2km, go get some point using Zamu´s talent for the point race. Kwinten and I were on the 1st line at the start and we started by leading the race. Kwinten got opportunity to jump in a early breakaway with Yann Guyader and Benjamin Douchin. Kwinten got his 3 points and got ranked 7th.

In the night I was sleeping by the house of Martin Matyk (Thanks mate!). We spoke a lot about training and technique and things from life. I was little affraid his dog try to eat me , but finally he was realy nice, so I’m still alive. Normally I m not lucky with dogs, then always run after me, specially when I ride my bike.

Sunday morning was rest for everybody, we just check the ranking, Kwinten was 3rd. But Thomas Boucher was 4th only 4 points behind him. It was not so easy to protect the position on the podium, because thomas has a very strong performance at the moment. We decide we should control the 10km elimination to protect Kwinten. I plan that I would lead from the start till about 2km to go, Kwinten would place 2nd from the pack and Zamu 3rd. We had to keep the front and keep the 6 guys from the french team behind us. It’s gonna be like they protect us. The plan worked good again...we lead like crazy almost all the race, just Benjamin Douchin also came to lead 10laps. Than only 6 laps to go – I was burned out from all the work. Zamu finished the work and put Kwinten in 2nd position behind Yann for the last lap. Yann had an amazing sprint and was too fast to pass.

We were pretty happy of this result: Kwinten kept his 3rd place in the overall ranking. That was good. It was funny to hear him say after the race : “ I never did such a easy elimination race” . That was a nice way to say THANK YOU to me and Zamu. My pleasure J

Gross Geau is really good race, thanks to all the people that make this race happen and to all the referees for their great job. Thanks to Powerslide for the support. A belgium guy is 3rd in elite, between some man that do win or do medals at worlds...Yann, Cifu.....and Thomas Boucher...
Powerslide Racing News: Inside Report of the Powerslide Phuzion Team in Gross Gerau

Gross Gerau report

More informations about Cathy and Jorge results in Gross Gerau. With the help of Hoa Wunderli!
Vincent Esnault, 30.04.2008
About Jorge's races
Cathy ready to skate!Jorge had to run two times the semi-finale of the 500m because of a crash (due to Yann Guyader) in the first semi-finale. He took the 6th place of the overall.

With seven points at the end, Jorge took the second place of the 5km point race. He did a great performance, because he had to compete against the French National Team and a lot of Colombians - and he was alone!

The 10km elimination race was a hard and fast race. At the end, Jorge finished 3. But the first three won with a big lead on the pack.

About Cathy's races
The 500m is not Cathy's favourite distance. But she had to take part, because of the overall. For sure she did her best!

As for Jorge, Cathy was alone against strong national and brand teams in the 5km point race. She finally finished at the 8th rank with 3 points.

The 10km elimination was a pretty fast race. After a crash, Cathy lost the pace and couldn't get back fast enough, so that she was eliminate a few laps before the finish. She captured the 6th rank.
Team Rollerblade: Gross Gerau report and Gross Gerau 2008 (Photos)

5.000m points Men
  1. Yann Guyader (FRA) Team France
  2. Jorge Cifuentes (COL) Rollerblade
  3. Julien Sourisseau (FRA) Equipe de France
  4. Sjoerd Huisman (NED) Nefit
  5. Florent Babault (FRA) Team Sud77
  6. Juan Corrales (COL) Antioquia
  7. Kwinten Tas (BEL) Powerslide Phuzion
  8. Ferre Spruyt (BEL) Orana/Luigino
  9. Benjamin Douchin (FRA) Saint-Brieuc
  10. Elio Cuncu (ITA) Powerslide Alessi
5.000m points Women
  1. Carolina Upegui (COL) Antioquia
  2. María Claudia Salazar (COL) Valley
  3. Luisa Agudelo (COL) Antioquia
  4. Melisa Ramirez (COL) Antioquia
  5. Sabine Berg (GER) Powerslide Phuzion
  6. Elma de Vries (NED) Cado Motus
  7. Sara Bak (DEN) Rollerblade IBU
  8. Catherine Penan (CHI) Rollerblade MPC
  9. Bianca Roosenboom (NED) Cado Motus
  10. Cinzia Ponzetti (ITA) Powerslide Alessi
10.000m Eliminations Men
  1. Yann Guyader (FRA) Team France
  2. Kwinten Tas (BEL) ZRC Zandvoorde
  3. Jorge Cifuentes (COL) Rollerblade MPC
  4. Nicolas Zamudio (COL) Powerslide Phuzion
  5. Thomas Boucher (FRA) Team France
  6. Julien Sourisseau (FRA) Team France
  7. Benjamin Douchin (FRA) Saint Brieuc
  8. Pascal Briand (FRA) Powerslide Phuzion
  9. Daniele Di Dio Trebastoni (ITA) Vanchiglia
  10. Juan Corrales (COL) Antioquia
10.000m Eliminations Women
  1. Luisa Agudelo (COL) Antioquia
  2. Carolina Upegui (COL) Antioquia
  3. Johanna Ruiz (COL) Antioquia
  4. Melisa Ramirez (COL) Antioquia
  5. Sara Vallejo (COL) Antioquia
  6. Catherine Penan (CHI) Rollerblade MPC
  7. Luz Guzman (COL) Valley
  8. Sabine Berg (GER) Powerslide Phuzion
  9. María Claudia Salazar (COL) Valley
  10. Laetitia Le Bihan (FRA) Team France
Overall Rankings Men
  1. Yann Guyader (FRA) Team France - 8 pts
  2. Jorge Cifuentes (COL) Rollerblade MPC - 12 pts
  3. Kwinten Tas (BEL) ZRC Zanvoorde - 14 pts
  4. Thomas Boucher (FRA) Team France - 21 pts
  5. Nico Wieduwilt (GER) National-Team - 40pts
  6. Benjamin Douchin (FRA) Saint Brieuc - 41 pts
  7. Elio Cuncu (ITA) Powerslide Alessi - 41 pts
  8. Felix Rijhnen (GER) Powerslide Phuzion - 51 pts
  9. Florent Babault (FRA) Team Sud77 - 52 pts
  10. Ferre Spruyt (BEL) Orana/Luigiono - 53 pts
Overall Rankings Women
  1. Carolina Upegui (COL) Antioquia - 6 pts
  2. Melisa Ramírez (COL) Antioquia - 13 pts
  3. Sabine Berg (GER) Powerslide Phuzion - 17 pts
  4. Sara Vallejo (COL) Antioquia - 17 pts
  5. Luisa Agudelo (COL) Antioquia - 31 pts
  6. Johanna Ruíz (COL) Antioquia - 31 pts
  7. Cinzia Ponzetti (ITA) Powerslide Alessi - 39 pts
  8. Elma de Vries (NED) Cado Motus - 42 pts
  9. Laetitia Le Bihan (FRA) Team France - 42 pts
  10. Aurelie Duchemin (FRA) Team France - 44 pts
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