The Science of Speed

あの Barry Publow が新たらしいDVD "The Science of Speed" の販売に際し、その指導内容に則したスピードスケーターに向けウェブサイトを構築中です。 まだ工事中ですが、近日公開予定です。乞うご期待!。 「The Science of Speed」オープンしてます。

Barry Publow's New DVD "The Science of Speed" is coming soon on the Web.

Science of Speed

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  • Sport Science & Technique
  • Ask the Expert
  • Strength & Power Training
  • First 250 buyers only
  • Coach's & Club Corner
  • Insight & Perspective
  • Tips & Tricks
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Barry Publow's upcoming ebook: The Science of Speed

My newest contribution to the sport will be an ebook titled 'The Science of Speed'. This will be the first of a multi-part series. Future ebooks will cover specialized topics such as interval training, double push technique, advanced skating skills, and more.

The Science of Speed: Volume 1 scheduled to be released mid-late Feb. 2008, will be a compendium of 100+ articles covering topics such as training, racing, sport science, technique, Ask the Expert columns, Coaches Corner, Insight and Perspective, Tips and tricks, guest contributions, and more.

At present I am accepting:

1) Photo submissions
2) Guest article submissions
3) Advertising requests

Photo submissions will be given copyright notice, photo credit, and website listing (optional). Note: Photos must not be watermarked with text.

Guest article contributions will be given proper credit, as well as a complimentary copy one the ebook once released. This is your chance to be published!

Please note that only photos and articles we select will be included. Submission of either is no guarantee that your content will be used.

There will be limited advertising in this publication, so anyone interested in placing an ad should contact Barry ASAP for details:

Stay tuned to this thread for updates and news...


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