No Seoul World Inline Cup in 2008

Seoul World Inline Cup 韓国KIA MOTORSが主催していた Seoul World Inline Cup から手を引いた為、韓国KRSFが鋭意努力して主催者を探しているようですが申請の期限は2月中旬まで、残された時間はたったの2週間、場合によっては2008年度の開催が取り消されるようです。詳しくは Bont Skates Message Board を見てください。


Hi Skaters,

Please refer to below attatchment to WIC team managers.

Bill Begg
From: World Inline Cup Organization (
Sent: Tuesday, 29 January 2008 9:32:29 p.m.

Dear Team Managers

I am back on the boat and responsible for this year's WIC team registration again. Since we are quite short in time, we ask you to register your team until February 15th the latest. By the end of this week or beginning of next week, the WIC website with all registration forms will be updated and all team managers will also receive a flyer with some short news and updates regarding the Rulebook and the calendar.

The most important but unfortunatelly bad news is, that the WIC Seoul has been cancelled by the local organizer for this year due to sponsoring problems. We are very sorry for that and hope to have this great event back in 2009.

Thanks and hear from you soon

Organization World Inline Cup
Sylvianne Altherr-Weissmahr
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