TEW Skating Team

ROGER SCHNEIDER and PASCAL BRIAND2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics を優先する Roger Schneider の WIC 2008 フル参戦は望み薄です。その彼と Pascal Briand が、この2007-2008シーズン共に行動したのが TEW Skating Team です。TEW は何を略したのか分かりませんが、Blog には言語明快なのに意味不明な「幸福なライフスタイル環境で練習する専門的方法で...」との説明あり。それはそれ、国籍が異なる仲間が集まってオリンピックを目指すプロセスとしては興味深いチームです。2年後のオリンピックでスイス・フランス代表に成った2人が見れると期待してます。

TEW-Skating Team

TEW ice speed skating team is a composed of 4 members for the season 07/08: 2 skater (Roger Schneider, Pascal Briand) 1 coach (Jildou Gemser) and 1 wellness master (Yves Van Assche). the goal is to prepare some athlete for the Olympic games 2010 in Vancouver in a professional way of training in a happy life style atmosphere ...(from TWE Blog)

The RICHMOND OVAL: a world class multi-use community facility, which will host the long track speed skating competition for the XXI OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES in Vancouver.
    Netherlands coach of Dutch Olympic Association
    Switzerland speedskater on inlines and on ice
  • Yves Van Assche:
  • The man of Swiss TV
    France speedskater on inlines and on ice
    (Left to Right)


FieldRankSpeedskating Race/Seriesmedal
Inline4thSwiss Inline Cup 2007 current OVERALL RANKING-
5thWorld Inline Cup ZURICH (Switzerland)-
1stWorld Inline Cup RENNES (France) - see winner interview in You Tube: click here!-
1stWorld Inline Cup BASEL (Switzerland)-
Ice1stAmerican Cup, Salt Lake City - 5'000 m (trials US worldcup team - 3rd Chad Hedrick)-
1stSwiss championships speedskating on ice - 1'500 mGold
1stSwiss championships speedskating on ice - 5'000 mGold
12thISU Worldcup ERFURT (Germany) - 10'000 m-
15thISU Worldcup TORINO (Italy) - 1'500 m-
17thISU Worldcup TORINO (Italy) - 5'000 m-
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Jildou Gemser

Jildou Gemser
今シーズン 2007-2008、Jildou Gemser は POWER-PLAY NL. Team のコーチでもあります。下の写真は2006年ですから、TEW スケーターと係わり合いは長く、信頼関係も強いようです。Jildou Gemser とネット検索すると彼女がヨーロッパ各地でコーチングした結果が出ます。

Michiel van Goor, Jildou Gemser and Pascal Briand (POWER-PLAY.NL)

Michiel van Goor, Jildou Gemser, Pascal Briand
(2006-09-29 Utrecht A)

Alain Gloor, Jildou Gemser and Roger Schneider

Michiel van Goor, Jildou Gemser, Pascal Briand

2008 world championships NAGANO

Marathon worldrecord skater ROGER SCHNEIDER, became ranked on the ice of Nagano:
9th over 10'000 m distance in a time of 13:43.39
16th over 5'000 m distance in a time of 6:40.63

The changeover from the 10 wheels on the 2 narrow blades has succeeded! He knows, his way to the Olympics is still long, but the Olympic ice in Vancouver lies ahead! See the project Roger Schneider goes to 2010 Olympic
Skatetrix Blog: 2008 world championships NAGANO (March 11, 2008)