Champions Roller

以前、犬と一緒に滑る"Rollerblading with Your Dog"を載せましたが、フランス動物愛護の "30 milions d'amis"が取材しているアグレッシブスケーターと愛犬は想定外でした。2頭の愛犬と滑っている映像を見ると、まるで犬ゾリレースのようなスピードで車道を滑っているので、コレってOK!なの?と思います。フランス語なので、この番組が好意的なのか批判的なのかハッキリしませんが、途中でパトロール警官に職務質問されるカットが入ります。こんなスケーターは稀有なので、お口がポカン、視点は冷ややかって感じでしょうか。でも、これがスポーツ競技だとすれば・・・話は別、面白いです。

Champions Roller

A short trip through the streets of Toulon (83) in the company of Anthony and his dogs. Ensemble, ils arpentent le macadam en rollers ! Together, they walk the tarmac on rollerblades!
30 milions d'amis
Rollers, skate, street sports have the wind in their sails! Issue of hip-hop culture, this mode is a real lifestyle: fashion, music, graphic arts, but also… dogs accompanying some followers!

30 millions d'amis Anthony Avella
Yet these dogs who regularly cover the chronic have a bad reputation. Anthony - a young toulonnais sextuple champion France in rollers, happy master of two American Staff - trying to change the image of his friends. He combines his passion for dogs than sliding…
Anthony AVELLA: and
Inline Skating Notebook: Rollerblading with Your Dog (Jul. 24, 2007)

Anthony Avella skate with dogs

Anthony Avella is zesvoudig French agrresive skating champion, skatend with his dogs, who are known as aggressive race, he will get much more positive responses than running. On Jan. 19 sent a special France 3 TV, with the angle his dogs.

The programme "30 million friends" of France 3 TV had a rather long entry on anthony, dogs and skating with dogs. For Anthony skating is a lifestyle and a passion which he combines with the love for his dogs. The two animals on the leash he raced through the streets of Toulon.

"30 Million friends" refers to the total number of pets in France. The dogs are shown in the broadcast therefore central, but the images are no less spectacular door. Do not try this at home! Anthony Avella skates with dogs
"30 millions d'amis":
フランスで動物雑誌といえば“30 millions d'amis"(3千万の友)。発行部数10万、53000人の定期購読者を抱える動物月刊誌のリーダー格。今は亡きジャン=ピエール・ユタン(Jean-Pierre Hutin)氏が1976年に始めたペット番組 “30 millions d'amis” (毎週日曜晩、TF1)とほぼ同時に創刊された。同名の動物保護の団体もある。Wikipedia in Fr.