Peter Michael has broken his collarbone

先週の土曜日、Matter InlineCenter World Team の Peter Michael が故郷に出来た新しいトラックでヘルメットが割れるほどの大クラッシュして右肩を強打し鎖骨骨折と Powerslide Racing News が報じました。写真を見ると内出血が下に降りてきているので2日ほど経ってから撮った感じです。骨折はX線で判明したみたいなので、ヒビが入った程度かもしれませんが2ヶ月とすればWIC開幕には間に合いそうです。

Peter Michael at St. Moritz. Engadin
St. Moritz. Engadin World Inline Cup (42,195 km: Finish in 51:09,83) VIDEO

Matter's Peter Michael got injured badly

The season started well for Peter Michael. He was the dominating skater at the New Zealand nationals 2008.

Peter Michael The winner of the Engadin marathon 2007 was in good shape. It happened last Friday at regular training. Peter was motopacing on the new track that has been built in his home city. He pasted the motorbike in the sprint and was going full speed. Peter got to the corner and does not know what happened from there but he was flying threw the air until he finaly hit the ground on his right shouldar an head.

Peter broke his helmet, but as everyone has said better that than his head. The uniform got ripped up, so he has some grazes that he's trying to heal.
The day after it happened Peter went to his physio who suggested that he go to get X-rays and a Scan. On Tuesday he was able to go in to get his X-rays done and they found that Peter has broken his collarbone. He hasn't had his scan yet because of the grazes. Peter is now booked in to get the scan the coming Monday, This will show if there is any tendon or soft tissue damage.

So at the moment Peter is off his skates. Not sure how fast he will recover and what else is damaged. Even his WIC season start is not sure yet.

Powerslide wishes Peter alls the best for a fast recovery.
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Peter Micheal

Hi Skaters,

Tough as teak Kiwi triple Junior World champin 2006 Peter Micheal had a recent training crash & broke a collar Bone, this should quickley mend & he will be back on track soon.

This weekend in Palmerston North Roy Dobbin the World team coach, will oversee a training camp on the new 400 meter road circuit.

SPARC the N.Z. sports funding agencies has requested such training be held & a representative of the department, will be in attendance.

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