カナダの NEWRON Sports 社からホッケー用 NEWRON Skates が出ます。既に11月の "Detroit ONEGOAL Hockey Show" に出品して好印象を得たそうですが・・・ FILA NIGHTHAWK の Active Steering と似たフレームなので発想は同じだと思いますが、クラップ的要素もあるようです。なお、未だ NEWRON Sports のホームページには詳しい説明が載っていません。

New Technology in Hockey training device. Recreates the same movements as an ice-skate...

Demonstration of this new and innovative product.
NEWRON Roller Skate Revolution Technology Denive Hokey Street Sport.

NewronThe Newron technology evolved from the idea of developing an off-ice skating training device, specific to hockey players as an alternative to the often counterproductive standard inline skate.

For years, the pros and cons of rollerblading have been discussed among hockey professionals. The “roller-stride” is a common term used to describe the detrimental effects resulting from a player switching from standard rollerblades to ice skates. A “roller-stride” can’t execute the toe kick with efficiency and the result is a shorter stride extension rather than maximizing the players stride. Standard inline skates lead to slower acceleration, less stride extension and shorter recovery on their strides.

The one positive element of inline skating is that skating flow is increased (no loss of speed when changing directions). Since a player can’t stop similarly to how they stop on the ice, the player changing directions needs to utilize a perfect turn or forward to backward sidestep. The Newron system increases the execution of these movements while eliminating all negative effects of inline skating. The Newron system is not to be confused with a standard inline skate; it is an “OFF-ICE” hockey skate, a perfect transition from ice to hard surfaces such as concrete.

Newron Sport Interview in Detroit with Sebastien Fortier
SPEED: 10% increase in speed. Friction is greatly absorbed by the blade system.
AGILITY: Ability to skate more freely, just like an ice skate. You can now skate on roads, concrete, or any other hard surface, just like you would on ice.
SECURITY: Reduces stress on muscles and joints, produced by ground impact. Surface imperfections are now absorbed by the Newron system. This significally reduce injuries.
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