Halloween Skate

そろそろハロウィーンがやって来ます。以前は外国人だけで盛り上がって新聞ネタに成るだけでしたが、昨今は日本人も羽目を外す人たちが増えてきました。今年も欧米では Halloween Skate が開催されるようですが、滑り難い仮装をして街中を滑るのは簡単ではありません。海外の Halloween Skate は Amsterdam NFS が10月26日、London と Paris は28日、 Toronto が31日、San Francisco は26日と31日です。日本でも誰か滑るのでしょうか?。

I found an old Halloween Skate poster of 1935 when there is no inline skating yet. They used to roll in roller skate rink, not on the road. But I think that it was fun like the present skaters even if the time was old.
これは1935年大恐慌時代の Halloween Skate ポスターです。古くないデザインに・・・ちょっと驚きです。今でも、アメリカのローラースケートリンクでは Halloween Skate が開催されているようです。
This poster was created by one of the thousands of artists who participated in the Federal Art Project (FAP) during the Great Depression. Part of the Works Progress Administration, the project started in 1935 and ran for eight years. Reading, work, education, fun events for children and adults-- are typical themes that appealed to many of the artists who participated in the FAP.

George Biddle, the founder of the project in 1935, said that because of the Federal Art Project, the Depression exerted, "a more invigorating effect on American art than any past event in the country's history." While times were hard, the mood of the posters was typically upbeat and the designs were bold and original and many of the artists felt free to experiment with a wide range of concepts. For American art, it was a vital period that invigorated the entire country's perception of what art could be and brought American art into the international forefront.
SAN FRANCISCO SKATE HALLOWEEN: October 26, 27, 28 & 31, 2007

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Halloween Skate Night 2006

London Halloween Skate

Halloween Skate 2007

A marshalled - fabcy dress - street skate

around London followed by a party at the Vic

Sunday 28th October

start - 5pm Eastern End

Serpentine Road

Finish - 7:30pm

The Victoria Pub

Party at the Vio afterwards till closing


Amsterdam Halloween Friday Night Skate

Halloween Friday Night Skate
Translated by Babel Fish Translation

London Halloween Skate 2007