The Bill Begg Style Practicing Method

BONT TVBONT TV に Bill Begg 監修ビデオが公開されました。第1作と書いてあるのでシリーズ化されるようです。特に Bill Begg と断らなくても良いのですが、デモが Nicole Begg だから育てたコーチでもある親の名前を付けました。アクセス状況によっては、将来、このようなビジュアル系スケーターのDVDが販売されるかも知れません。( ビデオは全10巻と判明)

The Video, coaching from Bill Begg and performing Nicole Begg, updated on BONT TV. This video is edited by Niki Neck and it's the 1st video in series. Then it seems that this series continues.
Hi Rollers,

There will iniatially be a series of 10, we will break down Technique into small size segments, eg Position, recovery, Cornering, Arms, so that specific areas can be honed in on, the first skill drills are just a set of basic drills, that help reinforce, some areas of your skating.

eg - you must fully understand & be able to feel inside & outside edges, as for the higher speed techniques, edges are an important factor.
Then the elbow on knee & hand under chin, forces you to get in a power position, where you get a full extension push, with all the wheels on the ground.

Iniatially when developing good Technique, it pays to over exaggerate to stess the point, then when you are capable of doing more than is required, you can come back to whats practical & comfortable.

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Training with Nicole Begg

1st in series of training videos from Bill Begg
Coaching Tips 1of 10
  • Inside Outside Edges

  • Scissors Criss Cross

  • Low Position Left

  • Low Position Right
  • Left & Right

  • Side Jumps

  • Passing Drills

  • Kick the Foot Ball Drill

  • Kick the Ball Left
BONT TV: Training with Bill Begg

Training with Bill Begg 2

The second training video from Bill Begg concentrating on cornering skills alot of clarity is lost on the compression for upload we are working on it.
BONT TV: Training with Bill Begg

Beggsports 3 / Coaching Offskate

Offskate and Plyometrics training featuring lovely Nicole Begg with her father s comments
-Plyometric MenuTime
1.Jogging Slowly for Warm up 8 mins
2.Stretch ( All do differently, so do what used to )10 mins
3.Skipping2 mins
4.continuos jumps8 times
5.Press Ups1 min
6.Skip Jump with tuck, knees up to chest1 min
7.Bent knee sit ups, with Alterative twist, no Hands behind head,only at side (Safety issue )1 min
8.Stride Jumps, extend legs toback & side.1 min
9.Back Extensions, opposite leg & arm raised for about 2 sec, while lying onstomach.1 min
10.Hip extensions, no explosive movements (Safety issue) 30 sec on each leg.1 min
11.Burpee's, spring into air at end of each one.1 min
12.Lateral Leg Raises, raise & lower steadily, with extended leg,while lying straight 30 sec each leg.1 min
13.Skip Jumps Squat, 1,2,3 on toes then 4th squat.1 min
14.Floor & Wall touches, dont move feet & twist upper body around,to touch wall behind, with the palms of your hands.1 min
15.Step ups, 1 foot up & two feet up, before down, do not jump.1 min
16.Single Treadmills,( Keep back straight, back foot extended & front knee to chest.1 min
17.Shuttle sprints, run between marks approx 20 arart TOUCH GROUND, then re-excellerate back.1 min
18.Low Walking, with knee to ground.2 mins
19.Crossbacks.1 min
20.Stride Backs.1 min
21.Gunthers, dryland skating, maintain motion looping behind & pointing toe in, using full arms.2 mins
22.Heel taps.1 min
23.Swing Hop 15 meters, 4 x on each leg, if hill available, use that for exercise.-
24.Bounding on spot,use arms to maintain motion.1 min
25.Wall sitting, legs at 70 degee & back straight.2 mins
26.Slow Jogging & light static stretching to cool Down & check if body O/K.10 mins
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BeggSport 4 Sprinting side view

Number 4 of Bills coaching videos showing sprinting technique from the side
With 5 of the Worlds top women in full flight & maximum speed 100 meters from the finish & 5,000 Swiss Franks for the winner 100 meters down the road.
  1. Nicole Begg - Full extension Push & high arms.
  2. Sandra Gomez push leg starting to loop back behind.
  3. Giovanna Turchiarelli - Back leg parallel with ground.
  4. Nathalie Barbotin - Backleg still level till up to support knee.
  5. Tamara Llorens - Driving through, when well past support
Leg before contacting the ground.
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BeggSport 5

Coaching Frontal View Analysis
Number 4 was about side on SprintingTechnique, number 5 is about Front on Technique & Analysis, the things you need to do to go fast.

I apologise if the Film is not top class, but weneed to get this material up & running, I am a learner with the conversation, but some patient people Like Niki Neck in Switzerland are helping me try to improve, so the quality will be better with slow motion etc.
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Technical Position Follow up


Looking closely at technical skills with still pictures.
5/Underpush to other outside edge of the body
6/ Arms & leg in parallel line.
7/Weight over support leg.
8/Low power position.

Maximum back arm swing as pushing leg leaves the ground
1/Begg in full fight, High Arms & Full Leg extension
3/Turchiarelli Back Leg level to road
4/Barbotin Back leg level with ground till up to knee.
5/Llorens driving leg through, well in front of support leg.
St Moritz

With all technically good skaters, at one moment, the back skate disappears out of frontal, with the loop recovery.
Now we View some Double Push Action, which is renowned for some gravity defying positions.
Wayne displays a very deep outside edge, with the wheel support way past the outside of the body, motion keeping him upright.
Just a couple of behind views of interest, but do not tell us much at all, except some awkward positions..
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Number 7 in the Beggsport / Bont series is Specific Preperation Phase of Offskate / Plyometrics. Nicole having done October, November, December, January, in the General Preperation Phase, started the Specific Preperation Phase in February. Now remembering that the General Preperation Phase is to create Fitness, Strength & Flexibility of the entire body & not just the skating muscles. While some exercises remain the same, we introduce you to some new ones, which are more skating specific,
These are:-
4/ VIBRATIONS - To stimulate the Nueromuscular system,no its not new, we have used for 20 plus years.
10/ CONTROL HOP ( The Below 4 excellent Ice Drills also )
Basically the above Jumps came from a video "A training day in August" featuring Yohan Oliff Koss, affectionally Known as Big Boss Koss.
This program is also very siutable for Ice Skaters.
The Video 7 opens up with some nice Air shots of Nicole doing number 12 Sheer Power & number 13 Swing Hop.
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Gym Day 1 Power Day Lower Body Remedial
Gym Day 1 POWER DAY Lower Body and Remedial.
( Full example of first 2 exsrcises, ( same applies others )
Warm Up 10 min
1/ Powerclean/Front Squat 2 exercises in one exercise 5 sets 4 reps Explosive with 1 min rec (3010)
2/ Toe Out Single Leg / Leg Curls 3 sets X 8 reps X 1 min rec Tempo (4010)
Lowering the leg down in a tempo of 4 (seconds) and up in 1 (Plantar Flex)
3/ One Leg Box Squats. 3 sets X 8 reps 1 min rec Tempo (3010)
4/ Seated Good Mornings. 3 sets x 10 reps X 1 min rec Tempo (2020)
5/ Seated Calf Raises. 3 sets x 10 reps X 1 Min rec Tempo (2210)
6/ Dum Bell Oblique Raises. 3 sets x 12 reps, 1 min rec Tempo (2121)
7/ Rotator Cuff Seated Dum Bell 2 sets x 10 reps, 1 min rec Tempo (4010)
8/ Elbow Out Pronated Dum Bell Row. 2 sets x 10 reps, 1 min rec Temop (4010)
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Gym Day 2 Whole Body Strength


Gym Day 2 Whole Body Strength Roy Pistorius Programmer.

1/Legpress 4 sets X 4-6 reps
2/ Glute Ham Raise 4 sets 4-6 reps, alternate, with 1 min rest between sets Tempo both (0310)
3/ T Bar Row 3 sets X 6 reps
4/ Assisted Chest Dips 3 sets X 6 reps, 1 min rest between sets Tempo (3010)
5/ Rope Upright Row 2 sets X 8 reps
6/ Standing Split Dum Bell Press 2 sets X 8 reps Alternate, 1 min rest between sets Tempo (3010)
7/ Seated Zottman Curls 2 sets X8 reps Tempo (310)
8/ Lving Dun Bell Tricep Extension 2 sets X 10 reps Tempo (3010)
9/ Leg Raise (Strong Abs) or Knee Tuck Version 2 sets X 12 reps Tempo (2022)
10/ Kneeling Cable Crunch 2 sets X 15 reps Tempo (2022)
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Gym Day 3 Whole Body Leg Muscle End.
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Cycling Cross Training for Fitness & Tactical awareness.


Offskate Plyo Main Competition Maintenance Phase.


Teaching Learners Potential Future Champions.