DSB Bank Marathon Team

DSB BankDSB Bank と言えばインラインの実績だけで Chad Hedrick と契約し、その後、オリンピックで活躍した彼と共に世界的に有名になったスポンサーです。先日、2匹目のどじょうを狙ったのか WIC Sportvital Rollerblade の Shane Dobbin が DSB Bank Marathon Team の6番手として加入しました。残念ながら、未だホームページに Shane Dobbin の名は見当たりませんが、そのチーム練習風景が SkatePodium.com で紹介されています。

Shane Dobbin on Ice for test of DSB bank

I hope that Shane Dobbin will be a poster boy for DSB Bank, Holland's second-largest bank, like Chad Hedrick.
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DSB Bank Marathon

Shane Dobbin is 2nd from the right.
Shane Dobbin from New Zealand got a great success in the speed skating and he want on the ice continuly now. Let SkatePodium show you his first adventure on the ice. You can find all information of the team on the special page of DSB bank. Moreover you can read personal information on the skaters. We do that via means of photograph, book interview and video interview.

Marathon Team of the DSB Bank

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Powerslide Phuzion の Alexis Contin も同じチームの中距離で活躍中です。
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初めてリンクに入った映像を見て・・・その後の Shane Dobbin が気に成ってました。最近のビデオを見ると・・・以前と滑りが違います。3Km TT ではフランスの Briand Pascal に近いタイムまで速くなってます。NZ代表でバンクーバーに出られるかも。( YouTube Video 3km TT: 03:57.70 )

Shane Dobbin Ice Skating

December 13, 2007

3km Time Trial Final Lap

January 15, 2008

Wayne Begg and Shane Dobbin, Kwis living the ice dream! Jan 2008

Just recently Shane raced his first long track race guided by his DSB coach Jan Martien de Wetering and finished 3000m in 3min 57 seconds. That time was a NZ record and hopefully just the start of things to happen for Shane and the other athletes he inspires from pacific countries to have a go at this beautiful sport.

Shane and his coach JM who supported his transition from inline to ice
TeamDes Store: Wayne Begg and Shane Dobbin, Kwis living the ice dream! Jan 2008

Interview Shane Dobbin

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