画像FIRS が EMPIRE SKATE BUILDING と云う Photo Gallery 開設。サイズ100KB以下の画像をEメールで media@rollersports.org 宛てに送れば掲載してくれるそうです。

Welcome to the Empire Skate Building

... is the name of the brand new Photo Gallery of the FIRS official website.

You'll find here interesting, funny, incredible, unique pictures of our roller sports friends from all over the world.

If you want your photo to be published on the FIRS website send it immediately to media@rollersports.org

your photos shall be accepted and published on the EMPIRE SKATE BUILDING provided they:
  1. are decent and their content respectful of the FIRS promotional policies
  2. their format .jpg not exceeding the size of 100 KB
  3. they are described by a description (max 1 line) and name/nationality of the author
So, what you're waiting for? Run through your photo archives and send your most impressive personal roller photos!!!