An Inline Charm

Inline Charm韓国の全州(チョンジュ)で9月7日から9日まで3日間催されている Jeonju International Inline Festival 2007 に出店している"CUBE"のブースで、この"BONT Vyper 3 point"が付いている携帯ストラップを販売しています。"CUBE"はスピードスケート用のアクセサリーを扱う新ブランドということです。チョッと欲しくなる小物を販売するとはニクイ!。この大会のハーフマラソンには日本からはKAZAXの3選手が参加します。

The Jeonju International Inline Festival 2007 takes place in Korea Sep. 7-9. Brand new shop "CUBE", selling Inline Speed Skate accessory, give this charm looking like BONT Vyper 3 Point to anybody visiting their booth in the Festival. It's a nice gift but I don't know about permission of BONT.

Cell Phone Straps

In Japan, dressing up a cell phone is almost as important as having one. The cell-phone strap is an indispensable accessory that lets a person express individuality without flaunting it, and often tells a little story about Asian culture and history.

Jeonju International Inline Festival 2007


Track Races, 500m and 1000m and 3000m, is held on this rink.
Daiskating: Sep. 8th amd Sep. 9th
Boaz Arad (Photos): Jeonju Inline Festival 2007

21km Marathon of the Jeonju International Inline Festival 2007

Marathon Route

Download here (43.0MB)
21km Route

21K race in Jeonju, Korea

September 9th, 2007
Today was the much anticipated 21K race - the peak of the 5th annual Jeonju International Skating Festival.

When we arrived, the atmosphere was amazing. The amount of skaters was incredible, and even more surprising was the fact that nearly all of them had speed boots and skinsuits.

As part of the Foreign group, we got to start at the very front of the pack, alongside the local champions.

I had a great start, and hung on to the pack. After I got comfortable, I started joining in attacks, and improving my position. At first I was shifting around within the first 20 skaters.

As opposed to my competitions at the Worlds - this time I was in a pack of skaters with similar ability to mine, and was able to hold my ground among the leaders. This being the first time I was truly in a high level pack - every second was a valuable lesson.

I learned a lot about how to join the paceline properly, how to prevent people from cutting in front of me, when to rest, when to attack and how to anticipate attacks. Gavin Pullocks advice of using the momentum of a skater pushing you from behind to initiate an attack was especially useful. During the downhill sections the pack would really compress, and if you chose the right moment - you could slingshot out right in to 5th place or so, on the push offs momentum alone.

15 Kilometers into the race, the pack seemed to accelerate (or I might have lost power) and I began to lose it. I tried to catch a few attacking groups and get back in the game, but only ended up zig-zagging along the track and losing more power.

After a minute or so on my own, I fount a “late train” and joined in, keeping the pace, and sometimes leading until the last kilometer, where we all broke out into a sprint.

All and all, it was a great race, and I learned a lot. I think I finished 30th or so, clocking about 36 minutes for the 21K (average speed of nearly 35). Official results are not yet in, but I’ll be sure to update when they are.

Boaz Arad (right) with a medal thats a participation medal though.
After the race, we toured the local expo, and saw the Style-Slalom finals - which were amazing. There was also a friendly slide and jump competition - those guys had moves! 21K race in Jeonju, Korea
Zeroboard: Results of Marathon 21km