9th Inline Bodenseeumrundung 130km


The 9th Inline Bodenseeumrundung was held in Germany Sunday 16th Sep. It's a long distance skate rolling around the Bodensee Lake for about 130km in a day. The paticipants about 200 starts 8am and finish 6pm like the A2A, skating in a day time between sunrise and sunset.
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The point of Start and Finish.

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Bodenseeumrundung 130km around the Bodensee Lake

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 1

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 2

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 3

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 4

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 5

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 6

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 7

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 8

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 9

Bodenseeumrundung - Part 10

Juka Linthline: Bodenseeumrundung auf Inline Skates am 16.9.2007
Hypergirl: Hemelvaartskaten rondom de Bodensee of May 2007 Route

Translated by Babel Fish Translation of AltaVista

Registration to the speed team Bodensee association

Hereby I announce myself obligatorily to the Bodensee orbiting of the Speed team Bodensee registered association to 16.09.2007 on.

I adhere during the meeting to the following rules:
  • There is for own security absolute helmet obligation! (complete protection equipment is recommended!)
  • The arrangements of the Skate Guides speed team Bodensee of the registered association is absolutely consequence too carry out.
  • The organization into groups is made by the organizer.
  • The speed is given by the organizer. Overhauling of the Skate Guides is forbidden!
  • Other road users (pedestrian, cyclist, driver etc.) may not under any circumstances are endangered. In the case of doubt other persons right of way is to be granted.
  • Waste is disposed exclusively in the Begleitfahrzeug
  • I am trained for the putting length of approx. 125 kilometers sufficiently and have sufficient Skate and brake techniques
  • The participation takes place on my own responsibility and danger.
With offences against these rules I can of that Meeting to be excluded.