Rhine-on-Skates 2007

Rhine-on-Skates 20072003年から続いている Rhine-on-Skates というドイツライン川沿いを135キロ滑る Ultra Long Distance Skate が8月25日にあり、その様子が分かるビデオがアップされました。それにしても・・・リサイクル先進国、スケーターがゴミ箱背ってサポートしていたとは考えてもいませんでした。

Rhine-on-Skates 135 km

For the 5th time, there will be a guided inlineskating tour from Bingen via Koblenz to (probably) Ruedesheim with a final party.

Rhine on Skates 2007

A 135km skate tour along the beautiful Rhine Valley
  • The tour runs on main roads along the Rhine in the UNESCO world heritage Upper Middle Rhine valley, passing vintages, castles and the famous rock of the Loreley - an experience of unique scenery.
  • It is possible to skate only parts of the route e.g. between the break sites Bingen - St. Goar - Koblenz - St. Goarshausen (each section will be approx. 30 - 35 km).
      Garbage Barrel on his back
    • e.g. skate from Bingen to St. Goar (ca. 30 km), leave the convoy there, have a long lunch break, cross the river by ferry, finally join again and skate with the convoy to Ruedesheim
    • or skate "as long as goes well" (e.g. starting in Koblenz) and travel either back or further by train (there's a station every few kilometers)
    • Or, or, or.... For better planning, further information will be provides lateron.
  • Those who skate the complete tour will have done 135 km in the end.
  • We will be skating as a convoy, police in front and behind, accompanied by ambulance and a bus for dropouts. Breaks will be in St. Goar, Koblenz (long lunch break) and St. Goarshausen. In addition, there will be short gathering stops inbetween. At the breaks in St. Goar and St. Goarshausen there will be drinks and bananas available.
  • Everyone who can skate and brake safely and has enough condition (speed will be 20 km/h for longer passages) is welcome to join.
  • The online registration will start soon and cost 23 Euro for early registrators (until June 15th), including catering in the breaks.
  • Please wear full protection gear - helmet is obligatory!

GPS Route by the DUSFOR

Rhine-on-Skates: Photos and Videos

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