SsangYong MAINZ WIC 2007

MAINZ WIC 2007いよいよWICも残り2戦、今週末から最終コーナーをまわってゴール目前の直線に入りますが、何やらネット上では盛り上がりに欠ける感じです。こんな時こそ、日本選手には来年の事を考えてポイント稼いで欲しいと思います。なお予定は6kmコース5周の30kmでしたが、レースは2kmコース15周で実施されました。

ZDF is interesting, which has its headquarter in Mainz and is owner of a big garden, the so called Fernsehgarten. In that garden, the Mainz World Inline Cup will be held as a sportive high light of the ZDF Inliner Days of September 23rd 2007. 1500 participants and 4000 spectators were at the first event last year. – the organizer Bernhard Kunkel expects a lot more this season, because the two days event takes place one week before the big WIC final in Berlin. Five laps of 6 kilometres are on the program of the professionals – and hopefully the race will also be included in the TV program.

Host city:
City: Mainz
Country: Germany
Day: Sunday, September 23rd 07
Class: Top Class
Competition: Marathon 30 k
Winner Points: 125 points
Expo: ZDF Fernsehgarten
Start and Finish: ZDF Fernsehgarten
WIC Race Start: 11:30 am
Course: Lap Course, 1 lap = 2km (6 km)
Participants: 2500 participants
Prize money: USD 15 000
Local organizer:
World Inline Cup:

The Results of the MAINZ WIC 2007

A big day for Team Bont Hyper: With a triple victory the Italians Luca Saggiorato, Massimiliano Presti and Francesco Zangarini dominated the Mainz World Inline Cup.
At the women's race, Nicole Begg (SsangYong Jesa Bont) beat Catherine Penan (Sportvital Rollerblade) and Nadine Gloor (Athleticum Rollerblade). They already realised a breakaway after 2 laps and couldn't get catched by the pack.

Mainz WIC coverage

Marathon Men 30km: All
  1. Luca Saggiorato (Bont Hyper) 46.02,83

  2. Massi Presti (Bont Hyper)

  3. Francesco Zangarini (Bont Hyper)

  4. Stefano Galliazo (Alessi Powerslide)

  5. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Phuzion)

  6. Felipe Munoz (DHL Colombia)

  7. Nelson Garzon (Matter World Inline Centre)

  8. Yann Guyader (Matter World Inline Centre)

  9. Elio Cunco (CITIUS Skate Team)

  10. Juan Nayib Tobon (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
Marathon Women 30km: All
  1. Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Jesa Bont) 53,29.73

  2. Catherine Penan (Sportvital Rollerblade)

  3. Nadine Gloor (Athleticum Rollerblade)

  4. Liana Holguin (DHL Colombia)

  5. Jana Gegner (Zepto skate)

  6. Briygette Mendez (Tru Rev)

  7. Sandra Gomez (Alessi Powerslide)

  8. Natalie Barbotin (Alessi Powerslide)

  9. Laura Lardani (Sportvital Rollerblade World)

  10. Nachi Shinozuka (World Inline Center)

OVERALL World Inline Cup

Overall Ranking after 14 races including 3 cancelled worst result (2 Top Class and 1 Class One).
Men Teams
  1. Massimiliano Presti, ITA, (Bont Hyper), 1093 Points

  2. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Phuzion), 905

  3. Luca Saggiorato ITA, (Bont Hyper) 807

  4. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Matter World Inline Center), 781

  5. Kalon Dobbin, NZL, (Powerslide Phuzion), 767

  6. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Alessi Powerslide Worl), 756

  7. Shane Dobbin, NZL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 713

  8. Peter Michael, NZL, (Powerslide Phuzion), 672

  9. Roger Schneider, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade), 589

  10. Diego Rosero, COL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 588
45th Shinki Yamamoto, JPN, (Timmerman Powerslide), 152

Women Teams
  1. Sandra Gomez, SPA, (Alessi Powerslide), 1143 Points

  2. Laura Lardani, ITA, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 1139

  3. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Alessi Powerslide Worl), 1090

  4. Nicole Begg, NZL, (SsangYong Jesa Bont), 1035

  5. Tamara Llorens, ARG, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 1032

  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (ZPTO Skate Team), 908

  7. Catherine Penan, CHI, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 792

  8. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade Team), 728

  9. Michaela Neuling, GER, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 728

  10. Ghizlane Samir, FRA (SsangYong Jesa Bont), 576
16th Nachi Shinozuka, JPN, (World Inline Center International) 419

Begg & Saggiorato win in Mainz

Hi Skaters,

First off Gengkis,the only situation Nicole took advantage off, was the one she created herself, by attacking the field from the start, till she got some others to work with her & as she thought the Colombians would help work in a break.

Sportvitals Rollerblades priority was to win the race, not worry about the points for overall between Laura & Sandra, as Alain the coach, was right near me, most the race.

This time their were bigger fish to fry, with 4 Colombian ladies in the race including Bridgette Mendez the current 20,000 road World Champion & Lina Holguin former World marathon champion & 2nd this year.

So on a tough course, just as well there was a last minute change in Direction, or the field would have been more spread, Nicole had decided she would constantly attack, on the rough & technically difficult course.

With the Colombians hopefully making it tougher also, there was never going to be a sprint finish, no matter what, so Genkis, this is a more closer blow by blow than Tanya even had, on the 15 times 2 km lap course.

The Reports Taken from a position looking into the corner, entering the finish straight, at the end of the laps listed.
  1. Nicole Begg New Zealand, Ssangyong Jesa Bont puts on the pressure , with Lina Holguin DHL Colombia behind her.

  2. Tina Struver Germany Ssangyong Jesa Bont leads, at a fast pace with Nadine Gloor Switzerland, Athleticum Rollerblade & Begg behind her, with the field stretching, as Struver helps set up the breakaway.
  3. Breakaway of 5 - 10 sec back to bunch, Begg, Gloor, Holguin, Catherine Penan Chile - Sportsvital Rollerblade and Jana Gegner Germany - Zepto.

  4. Break 20 sec as Begg & Holguin lead

  5. Break 20 sec, now all 5 partake in taking turns leading.

  6. Break 26 sec.

  7. Break 31 sec.

  8. Break 43 sec.

  9. Break 1 min 04 sec.

  10. Break 1 min 27 sec.

  11. At this stage a skater tiring, feels content with the gap & want to steady the pace, Begg not wanting to be outsprinted at the finish, attacks stongly, then there are 3 - Begg, Penam & Gloor, Holguin & Gegner 10 sec back, with the bunch 1 min 52 sec back.

  12. Break 36 sec Penan, Gloor & Begg to Holguin & Gegner, The bunch 2 mins 7sec back. Cados Motus team Members, Bridgette Mendez Colombia & Nathalie Barbotin Alessi Powerslide, also Alessi Powerslide National are doing some hard work, at various times, to eat into the break.

  13. Break now 59 sec back to 2, bunch now 1 min 40 sec Back, possible danger, as Nadine Gloor very tired.

  14. Break 1 min 10sec Penan, Begg & Gloor, over Holguin and Gegner, with 2 mins 33, to the Bunch, as they give up the chase, settling for the bunch sprint. as they enter the Bell lap.

  15. last lap & sprint 500 to go Begg Leading from Gloor & Penan, Catherine attacks from the back on the Downhill, a long way out & catches other two, a little suprised.
Nicole goes out after Catherine, reeling her in & going past with around 150 meters to go, to win by 15 to 20 meter, with Nadine back another 30 to 40 meters.

Next 1 min 12 secs back Lina Beats Jana byaround 20 meters for 4th & 5th place.

Then 40 secs later World Champion Colombian Brigyte Mendez leads the Main bunch in, from WIC leader Sandra Gomez Spain Alessi Powerslide, from Teamate Nathalie Barbotin France.

In 9th place was WIC number 2 Laura Lardarni Italy - Sportsvital Rollerblade & Nachi Shinozuka Japan - World Inline Center, making the top 10.
  1. 53.29.73 - Begg.

  2. 53.31.59 - Penan.

  3. 53.35.51 - Gloor.

  4. 54.42.61 - Holguin.

  5. 54.44.67 - Gegner.

  6. 55.24.96 - Mendez.

  7. 55.25.08 - Gomez.

  8. 55.25.42 - Barbotin.

  9. 55.25.57 - Lardarni.

  10. 55.25.64 - Shinozuka.
Now with the mens race Fabio Francolini was originally placed 5th, but a photo finish determined Colombian Felipe Munoz was 5th, with Fabio Francolini Powerslide Phuzion 6th.

Also Matteo Amabili Alessi Powerslide, was originally placed 10th, but Juan Tobon Sportsvital Rollerblade was officially 10th.

Never has a race seen so many constant attacks & countless breakaways, in a thrill a minute action, as the spectators were treated to some great skating.

While Colombians were attacking off the front left right & center, the star of the show, was the irrepressable Max Houdini Presti, with title number 6 neatly stashed away on the shelf.
Throughout the race, Max chased down every break that looked a danger & the man in white ensured his loyal Lieutenant Luca Saggiorato collected the win, with fellow Bont Hyper team member Francesco Zangarini 3rd, to grab the top 3 places & the bulk of the prize money.

Saggiorato's win propels him from 6th to 3rd overall in the WIC, behind teamate Max & Italian Fabio Francolini, the Ageless veteran Stefano Galliazzo, at 36 years of age was 4th, with Colombian Felipe Munoz 5th.

Bont Skates Message Board and News : Begg & Saggiorato win in Mainz


I’d heard a lot of things about Mainz leading up to the race; the biggest comment being that it has the worst surface on the WIC circuit. I have skated enough races and training sessions now to know that you rarely, if ever, skate on a good surface. The best pavement that we skate on here is the equivalent of the worst pavement I’ve ever trained/raced on back home. It really took some time to get used to, but I have, and now I tend not to think of “bad” as really all that bad.

Mainz WIC Crash Fabian Hascoet

So, after everything I heard I was expecting it to be acceptable. Boy, was I wrong. The Mainz course is a 2km circuit of 15 laps around the ZDF stuidos/buildings. There is no truely flat part of the course as each of the 4 sides is either an incline or decline. The pavement is also so uneven that you can experience relatively smooth, bumpy, choppy and cheese gratter like surfaces all within a 25 meter section of the course. Actually, the only sustained, good, pavement is on the one big uphill. Oh, there are also two large speed bumps.

My race was a complete disaster. I knew going into it that I wasn’t going to have a great day because my legs were still sore from practices earlier in the week. Ever since my injury, my fitness has gone downhill and I’m really in no shape to be contesting these events. I feel drained and weak. I think I lasted a total of 2-3 laps and then was finished; legs locked up, balance and coordination down the tubes. I was a wreak.
Andre Mainz ( Sep. 24, 2007)