3 Minutes Story while Rollerblading in New York

Rollerblading in New Yorkインライン無しの日常生活を考えられない人がいるとしたら、こんな人かも・・・と感じるビデオがYouTubeに投稿されています。何か特別な事が起きるワケでもなく、淡々とニューヨークの雑踏を滑っているだけの映像が自分の記憶と重なり、その浮遊感が心地良いのです。ビデオは意図されているのか3分ちょうど・・・もう正真正銘のファンになりました。

A New Yorker, name 1pablo247, updated his many videos taken while rollerblading to YouTube. The video is just 3 minutes film without edit and comment. I like his style very much. The simple is the best. I feel that those are real New York. The YouTube videos by 1pablo247

Leona Helmsley's dog Trouble on the loose running up 5th ave

Leona Helmsley's dog

Street fair 7th ave

NYC Street Fairs & Festivals

5th ave Rockefeller and Cathedral

Top of The Rockefeller Center and Cathedral Church

6th Ave and NBC on rollerblades

TV Network NBC

Apple store plus hanging onto a car

Apple Store - Fifth Avenue

Rollerblading NYC the Village

Greenwich Village

Times Square Plus the Free Hugs guy

Times Square Alliance and Free Hugs Campaign

NYC on rollerblades at night Broadway

NYC on rollerblades in the rain

NYC on rollerblades

Late Show with David Letterman

NO TAXIS day and Naked Cowboy

Taxi Drivers Threaten Strike Sep. 6, 2007