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MK - Wilson blades先日、Skatetrix Blog に Ice Blade に関する不満が書かれ、MK や John Wilson は零細企業で日本刀や和バサミを作るのと同じようなプリミティブな製造工程で Figure Skate Blades を作っていると想像したのですが・・・ちょうど同じ頃 Andrew Love's Website にロボット工作機械が動く Viking の Ice Blade 製造ビデオがアップされ、その近代化された作業現場に感心しました。アイス未経験の私にはどれが最高なのか?ユーザーは匠の技でもデジタル工作機でも出来さえ良ければイイように思いますが、こだわるのも判ります。

MK blades - Wilson blades

You are a skater? And you like to skate? Perhaps on MK or Wilson blades? But your dealer says: you have to wait 10 to 12 weeks? Forget that! In reality it becomes much worse!

Or would you like to experience this? To wait 30 weeks for your blades? Yes, 30 weeks!
And this story goes on! Blades, ordered on January 31, 2007, are not delivered until today.

Why? Because HD Sports, producer of MK and Wilson blades, is the worst supplier whom you can have!

First they inform about delivery times in accordance with the principle of salami tactic.
Delivery times become served like salami slices: Within 4 weeks, then within 3 weeks more, then........etc. etc.

More, it becomes still better! These blades were paid 30 weeks ago! But held back extortionately by HD Sports. Quite simple, duress, also in the legal sense! The customer should pay for the totally unqualified order processing of HD Sports! Expensively pay in the sense word by word! Wasting unpaid hours with dispatching innumerable emails. Doing innumerable expensive phone calls to HD Sports in UK. And then getting completely worthless informations. Waiting for promised recalls which never come. And with all lose the credibility with customers.

On Tuesday, 4th September, HD promised , their boss will recall. We still wait - 6 days! When we called on Monday, 10th September, to ask what gets rid, we got this answer: send an email to us! The climax of British arrogance!

HD Sports excels in reality the most terrible nightmares of a lousy supplier! Certainly, they say, they have been established over 300 years ago!

But hello dear British, here is the ugly reality for you:
now we are living in the 21st century! Up to a crucial improvement of this situation, we sell no MK and Wilson blades! If you have done identical experiences, inform us!
Skatetrix Blog: MK blades - Wilson blades (Sep. 05, 2007)

MK blades - Wilson blades 2

An impudent E-Mail of a certain Roger Margereson, Managing Director, HD Sports Ltd:

Our complaints are unacceptable in normal business relations!
We would have published a defamatory statement in our website!
His lawyers intend to proceed against that!!!

Thus this statement will probably be meant.

So one can see that also in this way. In the typically British arrogant way!

To good Mr Margereson would be said, we are ready!
Jurisdiction will be in Switzerland.
And then we put all our - below in excerpts stated - documents there on the table!
As well as the completely uncomparative expenditure and expenses caused by HD Sports.
As well as the duress by extortionate holding back of ordered and paid goods!!!

Oh something else:
When may we expect the restitution of our monies payed 30 weeks ago?
In 40 weeks?
Skatetrix Blog: MK blades - Wilson blades 2 (Sep. 11, 2007)
Wilson Skates & MK Blades
Technology, innovations, quality and the most comprehensive range of model choices make HD Sports Ltd. and their John Wilson and MK Brands the undisputed leaders in the industry. When choosing a figure blade, choose Wilson or MK, the choice of 95% of all National, World and Olympic champions.
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Viking Movie

I was so busy talking with my knowledgeable hosts, Jessica grabbed my camera and took many photos & videos!

So the cinematography is all hers!

I have a massive post now 75% done, explaining what everything is, but I thought it would be fun to do a short video showing the life-cycle of the Viking blade.

The video begins as a Viking blade does, focused on a spool of high quality steel.

After a blade shape is cut, the tube is folded & stamped onto the blade, then the Viking robot takes over (really). Then there is final cleaning, finishing & storage in MASSIVE shelves of clap blades.

Enjoy! Press play to begin the youtube-Again, a longer, more informative post is on its way, this is just vibe.

If you have purchased a Viking blade in the last 7 years, that robot has worked on your blade. In the shot of me standing among the shelves, I am standing in the section for ONLY the size of blades I use (the longblade, size 40 clap, 17.5 inch blade).

Try to imagine over 100,000 speedskates & blades in one place. This is their warehouse. I was there, and my mind is still reeling from the proximity of that many skates.
Zen and the Art of Speedskating: Viking Movie (Sep. 09, 2007)
Viking Skate Factory: