Open Camera で Berlin Inline Marathon など動画配信していた Mostazastudios が立ち上げた動画サイトです。さすが!プロが作っただけあって動画のクオリティーは全部星五つ!、美しい高画質のワイド画面で楽しめます。

We provide the official video documentation of the German Blade Challenge (GBC) season 2007. For the first time, the highest German running series is documented via video. A goal is it to obtain a view of the running happening the Protagonisten of the German Speedskatingszene to present and and and….

City Night Berlin

Flaeming Skate Days (GBC)
Unterwegs auf 8 Rollen
Country and people once differently than used become acquainted with Countries, humans, adventure. Journeys “up” and “also” Skates are always an adventure for itself.
To see are small series, which are thematic and/or stateally-specific prepared.
Aktuelle Cuts
With the camera completely near
ran to the happening. Technology, tactics, fight and condition. The documentation, filmed with the camera from the motorcycle, grants a good impression of the current running happening. “It comes on the point of view”…
Aus der Mottenkiste
Oldies but Goldies. Faithfully this slogan can the most popular films from the last years here be looked at again. Much fun!
RaceReportsNet: GBC Opening Videos

German Blade Challenge - Videos of the races 2007