TreX-Games BUSAN 2008

TreX-Games BUSAN 2008まだ遠い先の話ですが・・・*Eito Yasutoko BLOG*によると来年の9月26日から開催予定の韓国スポーツ大会「TreX-Games」に兄弟の出場が決定。今回は特別プログラムの Inline Marathon に加え、参考競技として X-Games と同じ3B種目 Inline, Sk8boar, BMX 競技が行われるようです。詳しくはEito Yasutoko BLOGを見てください。

The Special Programs of 4th TreX-Games

2008 BUSAN World TreX-Games

Inline Skate Marathon

Racing-use inline skate with longer frame to increase the speed for marathon course of 42.195km.

As it is popular in approximately 50 nations, it is expected that the race will be participated by a significant number of players. About 50 large and small inline marathon races are held in Korea. SWIC managed by Munhwa Ilbo is known as the world’s largest race.
Race can be categorized into the full course of 42.195km Elite, Masters and 21km, 10km noncompetition as follows
  • 42.195km Elite
    Participated by those who are registered as federation player or professional players only
  • 42.195km Masters
    Participated by those other than Elite player
  • 21km, 10km, Non-Competition
    No restriction in attending the race.
Record is not measured, but the certificate of whole course running will be given to the skater.

Aggressive Inline Skate

Inline Skate, one of the representative of extreme sports, has started in America since 1981, divided into aggressive, raising, marathon, hockey, etc.

Aggressive Inline SkateSpecific to the case of aggressive inline skate from such extreme sports, various kind of structures are utilized to perform the advanced techniques such as aerial move, grinding, turning, etc. and is being acknowledged as future-oriented sports, suggesting a new sports paradigm.

Major member Nations
  • American Territory : U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina
  • Asian Territory : Republic of Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, U. A. E, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia
  • European Territory : U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria.
Competition of performance for the technique of skater, using the structure in the place within the period equally given to every skate board. 60 seconds are given for every player. Opportunity is given twice. Scoring is made with the subject to the judgment of the umpires.

Divided into Park, Vert, Mini ramp.
TreX-Games BUSAN 2008TreX-Games BUSAN 2008
Inline Stunt Street (updated entries)
  • Rian Arnold (Australia)
  • Carlos Roberto Pianowski (Brazil)
  • Bahrumnuddin Bin Awang Hj Jaili (Brunei)
  • Eddy Aychi (France)
  • Daniel Prell (Germany)
  • Sven Boekhorst (Holland)
  • Hung Sai Cheong (Hong Kong)
  • Albert Michael Keen Seng (Ireland)
  • Soichiro Kanashima (Japan)
  • Toru Shirai (Japan)
  • Masato Hanawa (Japan)
  • Choi Young Nam (Korea)
  • Kim Yeom (Korea)
  • Park Jun Gyu (Korea)
  • Park Sang Jun (Korea)
  • Kim Tae Won (Korea)
  • FARIQ MOHAMED ESA (Malaysia)
  • Adam Ryszard (Poland)
  • Mohd Syafik (Singapore)
  • Borja Fernandez (Spain)
  • Wei Chieh Wang (Taipei)
  • Chien Kai Hung (Taipei)
  • Jeerasak Tassorn (Thailand)
  • Worapoj Boonnim (Thailand)
  • Alex Broskow (USA)
  • Erik Bailey (USA)
  • Dominic Sagona (USA)
  • Demetrios George (USA)
  • Jeffrey Stockwell (USA)
  • Sean Kelso (USA)
  • Colin Kelso (USA)
Demo Skaters

    Inline Vert (DEMO)

  • Sven Boekhorst (Holland)
  • Eito Yasutoko (Japan)
  • Takeshi Yasutoko (Japan)
  • Kanta Ogino (Japan)
  • Ayumi Kawasaki (Japan)
  • Borja Fernandez (Spain)
*Eito Yasutoko BLOG*:

VERT DEMO : 2008 Busan World TreX- games

Trex-Games 2008 South Korea, Busan

Sven Boekhorst

TreX Challenge Seoul (Aug. 31, '08)

The T-rex gave a chance to improve Korean skaters.
TreX-Games Busan 2008: Official Website Trex-games Busan 2008 (Sep. 22, 2008)

4th TAFISA World Festival of Traditional Sports 2008 in Busan, Korea

The fourth TAFISA World Festival of Traditional Sports will be held in Busan, Korea in 2008. TAFISA president Dr. Shang-Hi Rhee and the mayor of the city of Busan, Mr. Nam Sik Hur, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on February 8 during a special ceremony in Busan’s city hall. The ceremony was attended by representatives of sports, politics and media. With a population of more than 4 million Busan is the second biggest Korean city located south at the seaside. The Asian metropolis has a longstanding experience in the organization of international events of all kinds and will put forward a bid for the Olympic Summer Games 2020.

The date of the fourth World Festival of Traditional Sports will be Sep. 26 - Oct. 2, 2008. The organizers expect delegations from more than 70 countries worldwide and estimate that the event will attract two million participants and spectators nationally and internationally. The event will also include a scientific symposium and the ASFAA congress. TAFISA treasurer Hon. Brian Dixon and Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann who were also present at the signing ceremony expect the event to become the largest ever.

Traditionally, the World Festival will be under the patronage of UNESCO and again The first Festival took place in Bonn, Germany which was followed by Bangkok and again Germany with Hanover. It can be proved that the Festivals have strongly contributed to the preservation and rediscovery of traditional sports, games and dances worldwide. Rivals for the hosting of this unique TAFISA in Busan event have been the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Vienna. The TAFISA board finally decided to give the World Festival to Busan.

The first announcement for participation will be sent to the TAFISA members in short.

X-Sports (Exhibition)Traditional SportsStadium
  • Water Sports
  • Off Road Motobike
  • Sports Climbing
  • Aggressive Inline Skate
  • Skate Board
  • MTB
  • BMX
  • Bowling
  • Futsal
  • Kite Fying
  • Muay Thai
  • Pankration
  • Qigong
  • Rope skipping
  • Sambo
  • Squash
  • Tango
  • Wushu
  • Zurkhaneh
  • Archery
  • Denmark gymnastic
  • Flying Disk
  • Folk Dances-Festival
  • Gate-ball
  • Lawn-bowls
  • Traditional Sports & Marital Art Festival
  • Yoga
  • Asiad Stadium
  • Sajik Main Stadium
  • Guduk Main Stadium
  • Kangsu Gymnasium
  • Gumjung
  • Gymnasium
  • Busan Culture Hall
  • Busan Citizen Hall
  • Gumjung Culture Hall
  • Dongrae Culture Hall
  • Haewundae Culture Hall
  • Onchun River Park
  • Nampodong Kwangbok Street
  • Kijang Gymnasium
  • Suyoung Yacht Arena Hall
  • Samrak Gym Park
  • Ulsukdo Gym Park
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