The 2007 “GO WHERE YOU WANT” P.O.V. Project

 the 2007 “GO WHERE YOU WANT” P.O.V. Project現在 Rollerblade 社が制作するビデオクリップ "Go Where You Want" のモンタージュ用ビデオを募集中です。締め切りは2007年9月30日深夜0時まで(多分)、合格者には Rollerblade 社のスケートから好みの1足が進呈されます。応募にはルール規定がありますが、ごく常識的な内容ですから同意した上で送信してください。

Inline skating is an international phenomenon and you’re an important part! Rollerblade wants to see skating through your eyes, from your perspective. We want to know what it means to you to be an inline skater.

From now until 12am pst on September 30, you can shoot and submit your video clip to be included in the 2007 “GO WHERE YOU WANT” P.O.V. Project. We're looking for video footage that you film, while skating, showing the experience from your own perspective. We want to see what you see (Check out the sample below). Whether it's urban, rural or at a local park; you decide!


Brodie Hynes

Download (1.77MB)

The best clips will be used in an amazing montage of global perspective and you could win a free pair of brand new Rollerblade inline skates!

Submit your POV Clip below to win a free pair of skates of your choice!


  1. You may submit more than 1 shot in your video
  2. Each shot within the video should be un-edited and 5 seconds or more
  3. Videos must be less than 30 seconds total
  4. All shots should be from a POINT OF VIEW perspective
  5. No nudity, profanity, violence or anything that might break the law
  6. You must have all audio and visual rights to all clips
  7. Winners will be chosen from the best shot, not best overall video
Please remember that inline skating, like any sport involving motion, has a risk of injury. We strongly encourage you to where all protective gear while skating, always stay within your ability level, and use common sense regarding where, how, and when you skate.
Rollerblade P.O.V. com: Go Where You Want
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