Hank Galbraith (Team USA)

HANK GALBRAITHLinda Wood の World Championship Blog に USA Roller Sports の 2007 Speed Skating Outdoor Nationals で Junior World Class 20,000m Elimination10000m Points Race新記録を出し優勝した Hank G albraith の「日本食が好きだ」というインタビュー記事が載っていたので転載します。 記録を見ても長距離が得意のようで、Cali の Junior Class でメダル獲得の可能性がありますネ。

Road Results of the 2007 Speed Skating Outdoor Nationals

Junior World Class Mens 20,000 Meter Elimination
  1. Hank Galbraith - Greensboro, NC 33.17.499 - New Record
  2. Kevin Quandt - Boynton Beach, FL
  3. Dallas Hebert - Biloxi, MS
Junior World Class Men 10000 Meter Points Race
  1. Chris Springer - Harrisonburg, VA 12 pts
  2. Greg Gorman - Roswell, GA 12 pts
  3. Hank Galbraith - Greensboro, NC 11pts 15:43.719 - New Record

Banked Track Results of the 2007 Speed Skating Outdoor Nationals

Junior World Class Men 1000 Meter
  1. Dallas Hebert – Biloxi, MS 1:32.684
  2. Colin Thomas – Cypress, TX
  3. Keith Carroll – Narvon, PA
  4. Kimani Griffin – Winston Salem, NC
  5. Hank Galbraith – Greensboro, NC
Junior World Class Men Points Elimination
  1. Hank Galbraith - Greensboro, NC 15 pts
  2. Chris Springer - Harrisonburg, VA 14 pts New Record 16:15.881
  3. Colin Thomas - Cypress, Tx 12 pts
Junior World Class Men 15000 Meter Elimination
  1. Kevin Quandt - Boynton Beach, FL
  2. Hank Galbraith - Greensboro, NC
  3. Colin Thomas - Cypress, TX
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HANK GALBRAITH - 3rd year Jr World Team Member

by Linda Wood
I first met Hank when he made the Junior World Marathon Team in 2005. My first impression was a smart but goofy kid. There was no special reason that I felt that way, I just chalked it up to all of that springy, curly hair that seemed to flop and bounce when he had his helmet off!

Residency would confirm most of what I had suspected, but what I didn’t plan on was how hard that Hank worked. Typically coaches will spend more time on sprints than distance training at residency and that year would be no different. Hank struggled with the sprints but never gave up. He worked just as hard on the long distance drills but his outcome was much different, fishing the drill at the front of the pack. Watching Hank grow as a skater and a young man has been fun. I wonder if his mom and dad feel the same way??!!

I had the opportunity to email several of the skaters while they were at residency. I sent them a list of questions to answer at their leisure. Hank was the first one to respond and so I wanted to “showcase” this young man before the Junior World Class Men’s events take place in Colombia as his name will be one to watch for.

This is your third year making the Junior World Team. This is also your last year as a Jr World Class skater.

(I still have one more year junior, lol) Really?? It must be your mature ways that made me think that you were Senior next year. Trust me, that was a compliment!

What are your goals for this World Championship (WC)?

I really would like to gain World medals this year, because I saw the finish last year and I feel like this year I am stronger than last.
What do you plan on doing different at this WC than in the last two?
Skating smart, working with team mates better, and conserving as much energy as possible so that I will have it when I need it in the end.
Have you ever been to South America to compete?
No, this year will surely prove to be interesting.
Are you a picky eater?
Not really, but there are the foods I simply won’t eat…ie spinach, broccoli, etc.
What kind of foods do you like?
I like Japanese and chicken alfredo is always good.
What kind of foods do you dislike?
I really hate onions and like I said before spinach and broccoli.
Do you have any siblings?
I have one younger brother, he is 13.
I don't think that I have ever met your brother. What is his name?
Has he ever been to a speed meet or skated before?

His name is Holt. Yes he has tried speed skating before and has been to several meets including Indoor Nationals this year and he will be attending World's this year with my parents. As far as him skating speed, he just got tired of it when he actually had to start trying at practice to be good!
Since he doesn't skate, what does Holt like to do?
He plays paint-ball and likes to golf.
Who has been the single most important person in your skating career?

My dad, he has gone to outdoor nationals with me every year, and he always is very supportive and knows what to say to me to get me in the right mind set before races.
Do you still go to conventional school?
Yes, I go to Page High School
How many classes do you take?
We are on a traditional schedule and I take 6 classes all year.
Are you able to train?
Yes, I normally do my homework after I skate, I don’t really care how long it takes me to finish, or how late I stay up.
How many times a day or week do you train?
During the real season I normally train 6 days a week.
Do you train outside of the rink, (ie in the gym, cycling, off-skates, other) ?
Not really, I probably should, lol, but it never really has appealed to me. Hopefully it will soon, because that could be an essential part of training in years to come.
When is your birthday?
February 17, 1991
When will you get to drive?
I have had my license since February and I get my restrictions off the day I get back from worlds, so that will be exciting; being able to drive after 9pm!!
Finally... tell us something that most people do not know about you?
I like music a lot, especially a lot of “chill” stuff; like Dave Matthews and a lot of Sublime. It really helps me take my mind off stuff when I need to relax at meets and other times.
Hank, we would all like to wish you the best of luck in Colombia. Oh and by the way, Hank cut most of those curls off last year. That's probably why I thought he was more mature!!

Thanks again Hank!
World Championship Blog: HANK GALBRAITH - 3rd year Jr World Team Member