Nachi Shinozuka wins 11th WoW in Hoogeveen

Nachi Shinozuka wins 11th WoWTimmerman Powerslide の篠塚奈知選手がオランダ Hoogeveen で開催されたローカルレース 11th World on Wheels で優勝!。それにしては表彰台で笑顔が無い・・・気になって調べたら、実はライバル Angeline Thomas (CadoMotus) に競り負けて2番目にフィニッシュ、ただ Angeline を含め4人に何か走行違反があったと言う事で繰上げ優勝!・・・だと言われてもスッキリしてない顔してますネ。

Shinozuka wins, as disqualification taints CadoMotus Ladies victory in Hoogeveen

Thursday night, and the first event of a big week of racing in the Netherlands - with Hoogeveen World on Wheels, followed Saturday by Oldebroek World on Wheels (while the Junior European Championships begins in Heerde, NL), then on Tuesday Ommen World on Wheels, and again Saturday the Staphorst World on Wheels, being held together with the European Junior Marathon Championship. organizational oversight that was to make a mess of the Dames event

The Dames 1 and Heren A shared the long Hoogeveen course tonight, starting just minutes apart - an organizational oversight that was to make a mess of the Dames event with groups of skaters drafting the Men on numerous occasions that would mark turning points in the race, including one breakaway of 3 girls that confused the skaters in the main bunch and the Hoogeveen spectators alike when they opened a 1-minute gap on the bunch in the space of just one lap.

The 'heavy' lap - with a number of changes of surface, long straights, and corner surfaces rippled from trucks using the road - together with a strong ladies field tonight took its toll on many skaters. An unusually high number of skaters, in the Mens and Ladies races, were blown off the back of the group during the race and could be seen rolling along on the sidelines, often long before the finish. With the girls race split into numerous groups, cut up by the Mens pack on occasion, the girls left to chase gaps - including CadoMotus World's Hilde Goovaerts (BEL) and CadoMotus National's Mariska Huisman (NED) and Margo van de Merwe (NED) - found themselves exhausted, only to realize they had often been chasing girls who were cross-drafting the men.

In the final lap, two groups of 3 girls took off on opposite sides of the Mens pack on the back of the course. As they came together before the final turn, it was CadoMotus World's Angeline Thomas (AUS) who took the inside and gained the lead at the corner. With a long finish straight, and Elma de Vries floating wide on the turn, Thomas took off out of the turn and headed for home - with De Vries first trying to draw level on her outside, then crossing behind Thomas to try to contest the sprint on the inside. As Angeline took the inside, with her opponent unable to draw level, de Vries liking for appealing to the crowd got the better of her, and she threw up her arms and stood up. Thomas took the win at the line, with Japan's Nachi Shinozuka passing an animated de Vries to take second.

...with no video, and nothing to go on except de Vries wishes for a change to the result

A strong sprint win for the CadoMotus Ladies would not be so simple, however, as de Vries made a beeline for the judges, continuing her frustrated appeal. With no video, and nothing to go on other than de Vries wishes for a change to the result, the beneficiary was Shinozuka, who moments later was surprisingly named the winner - with CadoMotus Angeline Thomas read out over the loudspeaker as finishing 16th. The podium finishing with Shinozuka, de Vries and National Champion Marieke van Hoek (herself involved in the cross-drafting during the race that managed to escape the judges attention).
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