Fair Play

インラインがオリンピックにふさわしい種目だとアピールするチャンスとして "IOC looks for Fair Play" のスレッドで PlanetForum に投稿されています。それと同じ頃、European Championship 2007 のレースで起きたスケーター同士のイザコザ写真が物議をかもしています。Fair Play を守るにしても、トラックならともかくマラソンコースで反則行為をジャッジしするのは大変です。

IOC looks for Fair Play

The IOC is looking for examples of "fair play," or good sportsmanship. ... There must be some good examples from the world of inline skating. If you know of any, please tell us about them. ... It couldn't hurt to show our good side to the Olympic Committee.

IOC press release:
Have you seen an unforgettable “fair play” moment lately? Do you recall a special act in the true spirit of sportsmanship taking place on the sporting field? Like the moment when Bjornar Haakensmoen, Norwegian cross-country skiing coach, gave the rival Canadian team a pole when they lost theirs at the 2006 Turin Winter Games. Or Sergey Bubka lending a pole, not once but twice, to his opponent Okkert Brits, whose equipment did not arrive, which – on one occasion- even cost him the victory.

Can you think of a truly great career on and off the sports field? Someone like Eusebio, the greatest Portuguese football player; Arthur Ashe, the first black person to be victorious at Wimbledon; or Jonathan Edwards, Great Britain’s triple jumper. Or promoting an equal chance to excel in sports, as shown by Kenya’s Kip Keino (athletics), with the orphanage he runs with his wife.

The common element among all the above greats: they are all winners of the prestigious Fair Play award that has been presented since 1963 by the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP), which has just been officially granted the IOC-Recognised Organisation status during the 119th IOC Session in Guatemala City.

If you have any ideas for this historic, first joint call for candidatures by the International Olympic Committee and the CIFP, we would love to receive your proposals.

Your submission will be evaluated by the CIFP Board which includes - among others – Geoffroy de Navacelle de Coubertin, a relative of the late Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Movement; Phil Craven, IOC member and President of the International Paralympic Committee; and IOC member Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Recent winners have included Pete Sampras (USA, Tennis, Career) and Markus Rogan (Austria, Canoeing, Act) (complete list of winners). To submit a nomination click here. Or send your submission to cifp@fairplayinternational.org.

The winners will be chosen at the CIFP Board meeting later this year and announced in December in Paris. (July 11, 2007)
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