SsangYong ZURICH WIC 2007

 ZURICH WIC 季節的に6月のヨーロッパは最高・・・でもって7月8日までWICが毎週開催されるのでスケーターは休む暇がないほど忙しいと思います。この17日の6戦目が全12レースの折り返しになるわけですが、ランキング上位選手の多くがクラッシュ体験して参加者は満身創痍のようです。この連戦が終わると、気持ちはコロンビアのCali世界戦へ移ります。(ZURICH WICにアメリカからJOEY MANTIAが参加)

今や Timmerman Powerslide エース格 Shinki Yamamoto は16位、 Nachi Shinozuka はチームメイトの6位、8位につづく12位でした。

Switzerland. Zurich is one of the cities worldwide with the highest quality of life.
Whether you take the charming old town with the churches, the 500 clubs and bars for the night life or the promenade along the lake side - Switzerland’s biggest city is hot! Hot is also the Zurich World Inline Cup on June 17th 2007 with its 8 kilometres racetrack travelling around the lake basin. Hot, because the air over the main streets shimmers due to the very summery temperatures and hot because all top athletes take place at the race over 35 kilometres. The main traffic axes are brought to a standstill, the expo is located on the Sechseläutenplatz, directly in front of the opera house. A hellishly hot event, with a lot of emotions!
City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Day: Sunday, June 17th 2007
Class: Top Class
Competition: Marathon 35 k
Winner Points: 125 points
Expo: Sechseläutenplatz
Start and Finish: Utoquai
WIC Race start: 3:30 pm
Course: City course, 1 lap = 8 k
Participants: 2500 participants
Prize money: CHF 20 000
Special prize: A new car from SsangYong for the men’s and women’s winner
Organizer: Iguana Think Tank AG
World Inline Cup:
Local organizer:
Host city:
Superstar Mantia Hits Zurich

Hi Skaters,

The current World speedskating Superstar JOEY MANTIA flies into Zurich tomorrow, already interest in the race is very high, with a SSangyong Rexton Vechicle for the mens winner & a Ssangyong Action Vechile for the ladies winner.

With the last minute inclusion of the World masters there is sure to be added interest.

A big question being asked is, that Joey's team manager Dough Glass is also flying in, is it for Business reasons, or after the individual World title, he never won as a competitor.

Bill Begg (Posted: Jun. 16, 2007)
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ZURICH World Inline Cup (SIC) Results

予想通り・・・Joey Mantia 余裕のポーズで優勝です。ラスト100メートルで第一集団に残っていれば勝てるスーパーチャージャーが付いているようです。写真で見ると先頭集団はMatter Yellow1色、女子でもMPCより優勢だったようです。 なお、女子3位でフィニッシュしたMichaela Neuling (Sportvital Rollerblade World)はチームの反則行為によるものとして順位を4位に下げられました。余談ですが、大都市にしては路面がひどかったと嘆いているスケーターも居るようですが、この程度は普通なのだそうです。以前のBaselでクラッシュするスケーター達のビデオを参考までに見てください。
Photo from ZEPTO
Joey Mantia (Luigino USA) crossing the line in first by a few metres from Kalon Dobbin in second.
Marathon Men 35km: All (SIC)
  1. Joey Mantia (Luigino USA) 47.32,58
  2. Kalon Dobbin (Powerslide Phuzion)
  3. Jorge Cifuentes (Matter World Inline Center)
  4. Nelson Garzon (Matter World Inline Center)
  5. Roger Schneider (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  6. Yann Guyader (Matter World Inline Center)
  7. Massimiliano Presti (Bont Hyper)
  8. Diego Rosero (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  9. Elio Cuncu (Citius Skate Team)
  10. Shane Dobbin (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  11. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Phuzion)
  12. Pierdavide Romani (TNT Korea World)
  13. Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide World)
  14. Mauro Casu (Citius Skate)
  15. Severin Widmer (iXS Row)
  16. Shinki Yamamoto (Timmerman Powerslide)
  17. Reyon Kay (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  18. Giovanni Conte (Inline Center Bont)
  19. Claudio Naselli (TNT Korea World)
  20. Ferre Spruyt (Zepto Skate)
Marathon Women 35km: All (SIC)
  1. Giovianna Turcherelli (Alessi Powerslide) 56.31,00
  2. Tamara Llorens (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  3. Jana Gegner (Zepto Skate)
  4. Michaela Neuling (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  5. Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Jesa Bont)
  6. Natalia Artero (World Inline Center Inter)
  7. Catherine Penan (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  8. Melissa Bonnet (World Inline Center Inter)
  9. Hilde Goovaerts (Cado Motus World)
  10. Nele Armee (Zepto Skate)
  11. Sandra Gomez (Alessi Powerslide World)
  12. Nachi Shinozuka (World Inline Center)
  13. Jelena Peeters (Touch Stone Racing)
  14. Andrea Haritchelhar (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  15. Andrea Gonzalez (SsangYong Jesa Bont)
  16. Nadine Gloor (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  17. Tina Struver (SsangYong Jesa Bont)
  18. Laura Lardani (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  19. India Kuhn (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  20. Sandra Wieduwilt (Powerslide Phuzion)
Photo from ZEPTO
Michaela Neuling - crossed the finish line in third place but was relegated to fourth by the WIC for a supposed "team fault"
Zurich World inline Cup
Womens WIC Zurich
by n1k1ok

Zurich race report

Last sunday took place the 3rd stage of the Swiss Inline Cup and the 6th of the WIC.

Same circuit as the previous years and as usually the race was going to take place in the sun. The skaters had a 4 and a half laps ride. In the first laps many skaters tried to attack but nobody really made a big gap due to the high average speed of the bunch.

In the last last Giovanni Conte and Dj Nation tried again. they got a quite a huge gap but one guy from Rb and Yann Guyader shased them, they got caught 2k to the end. In the last turn arround there were a massive crash arround the 30th place of the pack with arround 15 guys crashing and out for the final sprint.

The TNT guys took the lead in the last k followed buy Powerslide , Matter and RB. 500 metres to the end Joey Mantia just behind the TNT guys decided to pass and nobody could really keep up. Behind the bunch sprint was a little messy with quite a lot of grabbing and skaters snaking in the last 200 meters.

The Matter team with the 4 skaters together passed a lot of skaters in the last 200 meters but were not able to win as Nelson and Yann did not have enough place to pass Jorges that did a huge and really fast leadout, congratulation to him by the way.

They finally got 3rd,4th and 6th all together on the finishing line behind the fast kiwi belonging to the Powerslide family Kalon Dobbin that caught his first podium this year on a WIC event.

This is a great succes for the Matter 110 wheels and the XXX frame, and we are all expecting for more great results with those innovative products.

We have to notice that since Incheon nobody can really keep up the skaters skating on Matter Wheels either on track or road with 3 wins in the last 3 World cups.

by Yann (Jun. 19, 2007)
Powerslide Racing News: Zurich race report
Interview with Joey Mantia
Interview with Tamara Llorens
by DannyRivera

OVERALL World Inline Cup

Overall Ranking after seven races including one cancelled worst result (Top Class).
Men Teams
  1. Massimiliano Presti, ITA, (Bont Hyper), 572 Points
  2. Diego Rosero, COL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 521
  3. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Phuzion), 491
  4. Shane Dobbin, NZL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 487
  5. Kalon Dobbin, NZL, (Powerslide Phuzion), 483
  6. Roger Schneider, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade), 463
  7. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Matter World Inline Center), 463
  8. Reyon Kay, NZL, (Athleticum Rollerblade), 434
  9. Jorge Luis Cifuentes, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 429
  10. Nicolas Iten, SUI, (Sportvital Rollerblade World), 344
39th Shinki Yamamoto, JPN, (Timmerman Powerslide), 106

Women Teams
  1. Laura Lardani, ITA, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 634 Points
  2. Tamara Llorens, ARG, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 629
  3. Sandra Gomez, SPA, (Alessi Powerslide), 549
  4. Nicole Begg, NZL, (SsangYong Jesa Bont), 534
  5. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Alessi Powerslide Worl), 520
  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (ZPTO Skate Team), 499
  7. Catherine Penan, CHI, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 464
  8. Michaela Neuling, GER, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 424
  9. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade Team), 389
  10. Nele Armee, BEL, (Zepto Skate Team), 327
  11. Nachi Shinozuka, JPN, (World Inline Center) 322
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