SsangYong ENGADIN WIC 2007

ENGADIN WIC 2007今週末30日のWICは世界のVIPが集う高級リゾート地「サン・モリッツ」です。アップダウンあるのに標高が1858mもあります・・・酸素が薄くて、かなりハードなレースになりそうです。これは地元スイス育ちの選手が有利かもって気がしますがいかに。(結果)、男子1位から65位まで51分台でゴール・・・それも30秒の間に大集団が一気に通過したようです。これではハードだったとは言えぬ!。

Switzerland. Blue lakes, green meadows and steep rocks are an attraction at this destination. The only constant factor of the Engadin World Inline Cup is that nothing stays constant. The marathon from Maloja to S’chanf might be the fastest in the world and notorious for its downhill runs, but it is as unpredictable as the tail wind, which can become a head wind after the 20th kilometre, or the sudden changes in weather and drops of temperature that are an everyday feature of life in the mountains, at 1800 metres above sea level. Once a year, the main traffic axe belongs to the Inline skaters, when 4500 skaters wheel through the valley. The Engadin World Inline Cup, on June 30th 2007 is a magic adventure.
City: St. Moritz / Engadin
Country: Switzerland
Day: Saturday, June 30th 2007
Class: Top Class
Competition: Marathon
Winner Points: 125 points
Expo: St. Moritz Parking Signalbahn
Start: Maloja
WIC Race Start: 4:50 pm
Finish: S-chanf
Course: Point to Point race, 42 k
Participants: 4500 participants
Prize money: CHF 20 000
World Inline Cup:
Local organizer:
Host city:

Engadin Inline Marathon 2007 at Finish Line

ENGADIN World Inline Cup (SIC) Results

The surprising 18 year old New Zealander Peter Michael (Powerslide Phuzion) wins the Engadin World Inline Cup. He is one of the strongest juniors for the marathon and realised a new course record with 51:09 minutes. With 7 (!) kilometres to go, the Junior World Champion realised a breakaway. He kept his high speed until the finish and won solo before the pack.
At the women's race, the favourite Giovanna Turchiarelli (Alessi Powerslide World) won in the sprint.
Marathon Men 42km: All (SIC)
  1. Peter Michael (Powerslide Phuzion) 51.09,83
  2. Raphael Pfulg (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  3. Kalon Dobbin (Powerslide Phuzion)
  4. Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide World)
  5. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Phuzion)
  6. Mauro Casu (Citius Skate Team)
  7. Matteo Amabili (Alessi Powerslide World)
  8. Massimiliano Presti (Bont Hyper)
  9. Nayib Juan Tobon (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  10. Luca Saggiorato (Bont Hyper)
  11. Elio Cuncu (Citius Skate Team)
  12. Severin Widmer (iXS Fila)
  13. Luca Presti (Bont Hyper)
  14. Yann Guyader (Matter World Inline Center)
  15. Nelson Garzon (Matter World Inline Center)
  16. Marco Wenger (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  17. Nicolas Iten (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  18. Adrian Leemann (iXS Fila)
  19. Ewen Fernandez (Matter World Inline Center)
  20. Fabian Hascoet (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
24th Shinki Yamamoto (Timmerman Powerslide)
Marathon Women 42km: All (SIC)
  1. Giovianna Turcherelli (Alessi Powerslide) 1:01.03,44
  2. Tamara Llorens (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  3. Jana Gegner (Zepto Skate)
  4. Catherine Penan (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  5. Laura Lardani (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  6. Sandra Gomez (Alessi Powerslide)
  7. Andrea Haritchelar (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  8. Angelina Thomas (Cado Motus World)
  9. Noemi Andrea Gonzales (SsangYong Jesa Bont)
  10. Natalia Artero (World Inline Center Inter)
  11. Melissa Bonnet (World Inline Center Inter)
  12. Nadine Gloor (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  13. India Kuhn (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  14. Laura Ghezzi (Alessi Powerslide National)
  15. Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Jesa Bont)
  16. Nachi Shinozuka (World Inline Center Inter)
  17. Elma De Vries (Touch Stone Racing Team)
  18. Martina Taruscia (Henniez Women)
  19. Livia Meier (Schänkel World Team)
  20. Franziska Stampfli (Athleticum Rollerblade)

OVERALL World Inline Cup

Overall Ranking after nine races including one cancelled worst result (Top Class)
Men Teams
  1. Massimiliano Presti, ITA, (Bont Hyper), 742 Points
  2. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Phuzion), 636
  3. Kalon Dobbin, NZL, (Powerslide Phuzion), 605
  4. Diego Rosero, COL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 588
  5. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Matter World Inline Center), 586
  6. Shane Dobbin, NZL, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 558
  7. Roger Schneider, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade), 528
  8. Jorge Luis Cifuentes, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 522
  9. Reyon Kay, NZL, (Athleticum Rollerblade), 493
  10. Luca Saggiorato, ITA (Bont Hyper), 422
42nd Shinki Yamamoto, JPN, (Timmerman Powerslide), 133

Women Teams
  1. Tamara Llorens, ARG, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 814 Points
  2. Laura Lardani, ITA, (Sportvital Rollerblade World Team), 799 Points
  3. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Alessi Powerslide Worl), 755
  4. Sandra Gomez, SPA, (Alessi Powerslide), 754
  5. Nicole Begg, NZL, (SsangYong Jesa Bont), 679
  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (ZPTO Skate Team), 659
  7. Catherine Penan, CHI, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 624
  8. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Athleticum Rollerblade Team), 508
  9. Michaela Neuling, GER, (Sportvital Rollerblade Team), 451
  10. Natalia Artero, ARG, (World Inline Center), 439
14th Nachi Shinozuka, JPN, (World Inline Center) 359
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results Engadin

Hi Skaters,

Just home from St.Moritz, internet at hotel was about 2 mins the day before, so no reports & official results were late comming through.

Lines taken at finish of ladies race & a lot of slinging & grabbing in both finishes had to be gone over, when ground film & helicopter film was viewed. As the finish line taken by the winner,had a resemblance to last years line.

But there will always be controversey at St. Moritz, with the curved & non level finish & traffic Islands, in 99% of cases the problems are due to the finish, which must change.

An 8 meter or so strip, comes down to less than 4 meters, then sprays to about 6 & back to 5 meters causing a real bottleneck, for the sprint, when everyone needs extra room to move in,as in the sprint limbs are extended.

To view top skaters not even able to stride & only roll the last 50 meters, due to the traffic Jam, is not a good finishing situation.

In the ladies 29 arrived in the main group, with only 0.36 sec, seperating the first 15 to finish.

In the Mens the New Zealand Triple World Champion & World Marathon Champion Peter Micheal Powerslide Phuzion slipped the field several km from the finish & for unexplainable reasons, only World Inline Center Spyrotiger, made attempts to haul him back.
Peter held on to win by 4.5 secs in a new record time of 51 mins 09.83 sec.

Well the main bunch had 62 skaters hit the funnel area at over 50 km per hour 22 of them within 0.5 of a sec & 35 within a sec, as skaters could only pray for an opening.

About 500 meters fromhome Roger Schneider, Athleticum Rollerblade, put in a full hearted attack, with Swiss sprint star & living Legend Raphael Pfulg on his wheel, Pfulg grabbed 2nd by 1/100th of a second back to World sprint champion Kalon Dobbin who joined his young team mate & fellow New Zealander Peter Micheal on the dias, to make up for the misfortune by N.Z. the last two times, in the America's cup.

The next 8 skaters also had 1/100th of a second gap, with the 36 year old war horse Steffano Galliazzo repaying Alessi Powerslides faith in signing him for 2007, next came Fabio Francolini, Mauro Casu, Matteo Amabili, Max Presti, Juan Tobon, Luca Saggioratto & Elio Cuncu seperated by that very narrow margin.

The rising Swiss star Severin Widmer was 12th & those others within half a second were, Luca Presti, Yuan Guyader, Nelson Garzon, a big suprize in 16th place Marco Wenger, Nicolas Iten, Adrian Leeman, Ewen Fernandez, Fabian Hascoet, Wayne Begg, Ronan Sanchez & Karlo Timmerman.

The Big hearted Schneider after doing the business was swallowed up by the big bunch to end up 31st.

In the ladies another impressive display by Alessi Powerslide in the sprint zone, with their 3rd win in a row, with Giovanna Turchiarelli taking the win, from Sportvitals Rollerblade Tamara Llorens & Zepto star Jana Gegner, with the young Chilean Catherine Penan 4th.

Engadin Inline Marathon 2007

by n1k1ok
Bill Begg (Jul. 2, 2007)
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St.Moritz the fastest race, new record

By Shinki and Ronan, Again the World Inline Cup was in Switzerland, this time in Engadin (St.Moritz). One of the most famous marathons on the world. Last year Timmerman Powerslide won this race and did a new record in the road of Engadin.
Engadin WIC Course

In a nice day the competition starts 4:50 pm for the mens and five minutes later for the women.

The race for the men starts to fast, just after the start some skaters try the first breakaway and after this were all time attacks. In the village of St. Moritz a group of 20 skaters go 200 meters in front of the big group but just after the big downhill the group catch them. In the up hill Scott Arlidge from Atlethicum Rollerblade try start alone in front but was not possible. After this was the fast part of the race all time fast attacks, all skaters try.

Just was a breakaway with five after a little group of eight and behind was the big group, in the first group was Karlo and in the second were Shinki and Ronan. When the pack catch the two groups Peter Michael from Powerslide family was some meters in front, the teams start to prepare the final sprint and the skater from Powerslide Phusion did big his advantage. He arrived 40 meters in front in the finish line with a new record in this race ( 51:09,83 ) just four seconds after arrived the group in a really fast final sprint.

For Timmerman Powerslide Worldteam was a good race, Karlo, Shinki and Ronan were all time in the first positions of the pack and the try in all breakaways. For the final sprint the team was behind Matter Team but they can't try to pass in the last meters because all way was full with a lot of skaters.

Ronan Finished 22, Karlo 23 and Shinki 24, they were together for the final sprint.

Shinki told after the race "I feel really good with the new frames and wheels of 110 mm, I think was a good choice race with 110 mm"

Karlo said that he was happy with the race, only was a little problem in the final sprint and we can't try to pass because the road was small for a mass sprint.

Ronan was the first time that he race in Engadin and he told "Is a nice place for race, nice road and fast, we try all possible things but finally we were a little bit blocked in the final sprint "

The skaters of Timmerman Powerslide are optimists for the next marathons in Holland, "we think we can do some good races ".

See you in Hoogeveen
Timmerman Powerslide 2007: St.Moritz the fastest race, new record (Jul. 2, 2007)