SsangYong RENNES WIC 2007

RENNES WICInlineTV net の中継がレース途中で中断するほどの激しい雨と風の中で RENNES WIC が戦われました。女子のレースフィニッシュ時には雨が上がり、スタート時にドライを予測してウィールを選択した男子Powerslide勢は直後に降り出した雨で全滅の様相。優勝候補のNicolas Itenが早々にクラッシュしレース離脱するアクシデントがあったものの、またもやMPCウィールを履くRollerbladeが上位をしめました。13位に入ったNachi Shinozuka はポイント158で総合13位に、Shinki Yamamoto のポイントはSWICで獲得した10のみで総合64位と未だに低迷中。

World Inline Cup (FIC) in RENNES

RENNES France. Twinned with Erlangen, 350 kilometres west of Paris, capital city of Brittany and almost the immediate neighbourhood of the village where Asterix and Obelix live. The inhabitants are headstrong and uncompromising, and the Atlantic makes the weather unpredictable. Rennes sur Roulettes is the biggest and oldest Inline happening of the country, and the organizer will do this year what the Gallic people preferred doing already 2000 years ago: party a lot – the organizer Cercle Paul Bert celebrates the 25th birthday of the even . Sportive high light is the world cup marathon of May 13th 2007, which is held over 43,2 respectively 51,3 kilometres.
City: Rennes
Country: France
Day: Saturday, May 13th 2007
Class : Top Class
Competition: Marathon 43km (Women) and 52km (Men)
Winner points: 125 points
Expo: Mail Anne Catherine Boulevard de la Tour d'Auvergne
Start and Finish: Boulevard de la Tour d'Auvergne
WIC Race Start: 2:00 pm
Course: City course, 1 lap = 2.9 k
Participants: 6000 participants
Prize money: USD 20 000
Organizer: Iguana Think Tank AG
World Inline Cup:
French Inline Cup:
Local organizer: Rennes sur Roulettes
Host city: Ville de Rennes

Rennes WIC race

Final results for the mens 52.2km: Full Results
1st Roger Schneider (Athleticum Rollerblade) SUI (01:33:24)
2nd Shane Dobbin (Sportvital Rollerblade World) NZL
3rd Massimiliano Presti (Bont Hyper) ITA
Rennes WIC Mens Race
4th Diego Rosero (Sportvital Rollerblade World) COL
5th Fabien Hascoet (Sportvital Rollerblade World) FRA
6th Romani Pier Davide (TNT Corea) ITA

The final results from the ladies 43.5km: Full Results
1st Jana Gegner (Zepto) GER (01:21:31)
2nd Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Bont) NZL
3rd Tamara Llorens (Sportvital Rollerblade WOrld) ARG
Rennes WIC Womens Race
4th Hile Gouvarts (Cadomotus) BEL
5th Michaela Neuling (Sportvital Rollerblade World) GER
6th Laura Lardani (Sportvital Rollerblade World) ITA
13th Nachi Shinozuka (World Inline Center International) JPN (01:26:15)

InlineTV net: The 3 winners, Gegner Jana, Begg Nicole and Llorens Tamara. in Rennes (Video: 3'40" 45MB)
François & Marie's photos on Flickr: RENNES SUR ROULETTES - 2007 (Slide Show) Portail Photos - Rennes 2007 (Photos)
Le Portail Photos de « Roller-Numérique » !! : WIC - FIC 3 - Rennes (Rain !!) sur Roulettes (Photos)
LOU ROLLER: WIC RENNES 2007 50km (Photos)
WIC Rennes by Bill Begg
Hi Skaters,

The 3rd WIC event for 2007 was for the Tough Guys & Girls, Schneider, Shane Dobbin & Max Presti, along with Jana Gegner, Nicole Begg & Tamara Llorens certainly fit into that category.

The big talking points at present,
  1. 3 WIC races, 3 wins for Switzerland in the mens.
  2. Swiss Giant & Favourite Roger Schneider, has turnt the trend around, returned from the Ice, with impressive performances, with two wins from two starts, Briand & Contin yet to show their true colours, after Ice.
  3. Two Favoured WIC overall contenders, Nicole Begg & Max Presti, after slow starts, back on track.
  4. MPC Wheels, the storm Surge a very big factor,in a wet competition in Basel, the Gold Street Fight ideal in the mixed conditions in Rennes, recent Matter domination, has been missing in the wet conditions.
    But Max on the new Hyper Stripe, was certainly forcing the pace. The light footed Jana Gegner managed to stay on her feet on Green Matters, till it dried enough, for a dry Finish straight final sprint, where Jana won.
  5. But don't get your MPC wheels mixed up, the Athleticum Girls, made other more fancied ladies teams look like Donkeys in Basel, due to the Storm Charges, but they chose the wrong wheel in Rennes with the Melon coloured wheel & made to looklike novices as they floundered in the wet, Nadiene Gloor & Franski Stampli pulling out, to her credit India Kuhn stayed on & when it dried, reeled in skaters, to salvage 21st place.
More breakdown of the racing to follow.
World Inline Cup Rennes 2007 - Men marathon

by RollerEnligne
Bont Skates Message Board and News: WIC Rennes (May. 15, 2007)

World Inline Cup Rennes 2007

For Sportvital Rollerblade World, Tamara Llorens finishes in third position in the ladies race and Shane Dobbin finishes second for the men's team.

It was a successful weekend for the Sportvital Rollerblade World team. Rennes is always a very difficult race and it’s made only for the toughest. Under the terrible race conditions all members of the team skated a great race. In the ladies race Tamara Llorens finished in third position after making many attacks and chasing many breakaways. Her team-mates finished just behind with Michaela Neuling in fifth and Laura Lardani in sixth.
Sportvital Rollerblade World team
Michaela Neuling (Sportvital RB), Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Bont) and Tamara Llorens (Sportvital RB)
In the men’s race Fabien Hascoet, Diego Rosero and Shane Dobbin of Sportvital Rollerblade World dominated the men’s race right from the start. Shane Dobbin just missed out on the race win and finished in second for the men’s Sportvital Rollerblade World team. His team-mates Diego Rosero finished in fourth and Fabien Hascoet finished in sixth. See below for full race report from Rennes.
Shane Dobbin and
Roger Schneider (Athleticum Rollerblade) and Shane Dobbin (Sportvital Rollerblade)
Team Rollerblade World News: World Inline Cup Rennes 2007 by Tanya Dobbin, (May 14, 2007)


A bad weekend for the Powerslide teams in Rennes. Finally it seems to be dry so Powerslide as well as Timmerman-Powerslide choose for "dry-weather wheels". Matter with last year number three Yann Guyader also choose the wrong wheels.
Timmerman Powerslide: Photos of World Cup Rennes
The start was good and dry. A lot of Powerslide and Timmerman-Powerslide skaters in front. But after three laps raining started, and never stopped again..
Roller-Numérique [Videos] WIC/FIC Rennes : Marathon Hommes

Race in the Dry (00:40)

Race in the Rain (01:18)
After the rain starts, there was immediately a breakaway. First approximately 10 men, later only six, with Maxi Presti, Roger Schneider, Shane Dobbin, Diego Rosero, Fabien Hascout and Pier Davide Romani. As well as Fabien and Roger came back in the breakaway after a crash. With a few laps ago, Roger and Shane start a new breakaway together. Roger won the sprint of Shane, Maxi won the sprint of the second group and became third.
Now there is a short break for the World-Inline-Cup. next race is third of June in Incheon.
Powerslide Racing News: Rain...

CadoMotus Hilde Goovaerts 4th as Gegner & Schneider win Rennes WIC

CadoMotus' Hilde Goovaerts (BEL) has just finished 4th, contesting a field sprint with 5 others in the lead break of the Rennes WIC Marathon. The final sprint, contested in mixed conditions, was won by Jana Gegner (GER) from Nicole Begg (NZL) and Tamara Llorens (ARG).

CadoMotus' Hilde GoovaertsAlthough the rain hovered ominously just outside of Rennes at the start of the Women's 46km Rennes Marathon, the race was plagued by gusting winds throughout. Off to a hard start, the pace was forced by members of the Ssangyong and Athleticum teams, as Sportvital RB skaters covered the lead of the pack and countered any breakaway attempts.

Within the first half of the race, several packs were split up out on the course, with skaters from Athleticum and Sportvital leading the front break and other skaters making solo attempts to climb their way from pack to pack to get back to the front of the race.

With 10 girls remaining in the front group, the rain broke through and added to the tough, windy conditions of the race - causing skaters to begin dropping from the lead break. With just a handful of laps remaining and the rain stopping to leave the course wet, 6 girls stayed away in the final minutes of the race to contest a sprint between them. Despite having 3 team members in the break, Sportvital could only manage 3rd, 5th and 6th (Llorens, Neuling and Lardani). Sportvital lead out the sprint, but out of the final turn, Begg and Gegner took over the lead from the Sportvital girls, with Gegner taking the win from Begg (2nd), Llorens (3rd) and CadoMotus Hilde Goovaerts (4th) finishing fast among a very tired group of girls.

Course féminine roller WIC Rennes 2007

The CadoMotus ladies now have 6th from the Basel Team Time Trial last week, and a 4th place finish for Hilde in the Rennes Marathon. Congratulations girls!

Conditions were nothing short of brutal for the Men's 53km event, with howling winds throughout interspersed with pouring rain during much of the race. Diego Rosero (COL) put in a mammoth amount of work early in the race to separate himself and teammates Shane Dobbin (NZL) and Fabien Hascoet (FRA) and 10-12 others from the main field.

A gap opened later, again thanks to relentless attacking from Rosero, to separate 6 leaders from the other breakaway athletes. This group remained together for a number of laps, increasing their lead over the next group by more than 1 minute. With 4 laps of the 2.9km wet and wind-blown course remaining, Roger Schneider (SWI) attacked strongly, followed only by Shane Dobbin and the two separated themselves from their pursuers - Rosero, Max Presti (ITA), Pier-Davide Romani (ITA) and Fabien Hascoet who, having been dropped earlier, chased his way back to these skaters by the finish.

Roger Schneider emerged the winner in a close finish between him and Shane Dobbin, with the sprint for 3rd among what was left of the breakaway group won by Max Presti. A big effort from Schneider, cracking the attack group with a surge of his own after spending much of the race in a select breakaway containing 3 Sportvital RB team members.
CadoMotus News: CadoMotus Hilde Goovaerts 4th as Gegner & Schneider win Rennes WIC

World Inline Center International

World Inline Center International
Nachi Shinozuka (JPN) and Natalia Artero of World Inline Center International

Timmerman Powerslide

Timmerman Powerslide
Ronan Sanchez, Karlo Timmerman and Shinki Yamamoto (JPN) of Timmerman Powerslide

Team Rollerblade World News: Rennes Live Race Report