KIA X GAMES ASIA 2007 in Shanghai

昨年の Asian X Games Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia に続き Asian X Games Shanghai in China が5月2日から5日まで開催されました。詳しい情報が乏しく、日本から参加した安床ブラザースのブログだけ見ていましたが、ここに来てYouTube に画像なども公開されてきました。

The Asian X Games took place in Shanghai China for 3 days May 2 - 5, 2007. The Speed event (Finals) is tentatively scheduled to be "live" on TV. This is good news - we just keep coming back, and this is in large part due to such great athletes as yourself attending and putting on such a great show.

KIA X GAMES ASIA 2007 in Shanghai

As the ESPN X Games moves into it's ninth year, more than 200 top action sports athletes throughout the Asia Pacific region will once again compete for prize money and medals in 5 sport categories.
Date: May 3rd - 5th 2007 (total 3 days)
Time: 11am - 10pm
Venue: KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre No. 346 Guohe Toad Shanghai China
Admission: Free to Public
Competition ArenaCategories 5: Aggressive Inline, Skateboard, Sport Climbing, BMX and MotoX.
Competition Arena:
  • Vert Ramp - Aggressive Inline Vert and Skateboard Vert
  • Park Course - Aggressive In-Line Park, Aggressive Inline Park Best Trick and Skateboard Park Best Trick
  • Climbing Walls - Bouldering, Spee
ESPN X Games Promo Trailer


Aggressive inline skating owes a lot to skateboarding. The sport got its start in 1981 when skaters began experimenting on the same types of street and vert domains used in skateboarding; jumping on stair railings and grinding down to the bottom of the staircase.

Along with growing awareness of the sport came skates designed to take the abuse of aggressive inline skating. They allowed skaters to grind on the street and vert ramps' coping with much more control.

Throughout the 1990s, there were a series of inline competitions. In 1995, the first ESPN X Games in Newport, Rhode Island brought the sport mainstream, worldwide media attention. With this sudden notoriety came a boom in sponsorship for pro skaters.
Registered Skaters of IN-LINE PARK
  1. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN) ASA
  2. Christopher Haffey (USA) ASA
  3. Worapoj Boonim (THA)
  4. Steven Aliel (FRA) ASA
  5. Rowell Yangco (PHI)
  6. Ronaldo Ablaza (PHI)
  7. Hekai Zhang (CHN)
  8. Chi Zhang (CHN)
  9. Yundong Yang (CHN)
  10. Craig Brocklehurst (SIN)
  11. Dexter Lam (SIN)
  12. Jeerasak Tassorn (THA) ASA
  13. Panumas Vairojanakit (THA)
  14. Sam Fogarty (AUS) ASA
  15. Takuto Ohta (JPN)
  16. Yuto Goto (JPN)
  17. Katie Ketchum (USA)
  18. Sven Boekhurst (NED) ASA
(all 21skaters)
Registered Skaters of IN-LINE VERT
  1. Eito Yasutoko (JPN) ASA
  2. Takeshi Yasutoko (JPN) ASA
  3. Tomohiko Nakamura (JPN)
  4. Ayumi Kawasaki (JPN) ASA
  5. Takayuki Nakamura (JPN)
  6. Kanta Ogino (JPN)
  7. Yusuke Aihara (JPN)
  8. Michinito Kawauchi (JPN)
  9. Sam Fogarty (AUS) ASA
  10. Sven Boekhurst (NED) ASA
  11. Worapoj Boonim (THA)
  12. Shane Yost (AUS) ASA
(all 16skaters)

The Results of the KIA X GAMES ASIA 2007 in Shanghai

"goodskates BBS"によると・・・ 「2007 X Games Asia、IN-LINE VERTの結果は、安床タケシが優勝、シェーン・ヨーストが2位、安床エイトは3位でした。タケシは持ち前のエアーの高さとダブルバイキングフリップ、これに難易度の高いリップトリック(グラインド)が加わり、すべてノーミスで通した結果の優勝でした。エイトは左ひざのケガが完治しておらず、今回はツイスター、ダブルバックフリップやこれに反転ひねりを加えるなど、エイトの「難易度技のオンパレード」はありませんでした。川崎鮎美は1stランの途中で転倒、左肩の脱臼と腰の打撲、2ndランを棄権。相原裕介も1stランの終了後に腰痛が悪化、2ndランを棄権しました。」・・・だそうです。(May 5, 2007)
Soichiro Kanashima : Photo by Chris Mitchell
Soichiro Kanashima has always been consistent at Asian X. He came through once again in '07, narrowly stealing the gold from American Chris Haffey. (Photo: Chris Mitchell)
  1. Soichiro Kanashima JPN (88.33 & 88.33)
  2. Christopher Haffey USA (79.00 & 88.00)
  3. Hung Chien Kai TPE (73.00 & 79.67)
  4. Steven Aliel FRA (79.33 & 75.33)
  5. Worapoj Boonim THA (79.33 & 74.67)
  6. Jeerasak Tassorn THA (75.33 & 64.00)
  7. Takuto Ohta JPN (74.33 & 74.33)
  8. Craig Brocklehurst AUS (74.00 & 73.33)
  9. Yuto Goto JPN (64.33 & 62.33)
  10. Yundong Yang CHN (58.33 & 60.00)
  1. Takeshi Yasutoko JPN (93.33 & 81.00)
  2. Shane Yost AUS (76.00 & 90.00)
  3. Eito Yasutoko JPN (85.00 & 87.67 )
  4. Kevin Marron Lopez BEL (86.67 & 85.00)
  5. Tomohiko Nakamura JPN (79.67 & 77.33)
  6. Takayuki Nakamura JPN (77.67 & 77.33)
  7. Otto Bolanos COL (77.67 & 77.33)
  8. Kanta Ogino JPN (52.33 & 64.33)
  9. Yusuke Aihara JPN (62.33 & --)
  10. Ayumi Kawasaki JPN (41.67 & --)
KIA X GAMES Soichiro Kanashima Final Run

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Asian X GAMES Christopher Haffey Final Run

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X-Games ASIA AIL park -Soichiro Kanashima-

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X-Games ASIA AIL park -Yuto Goto-

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KIA X Games AIL Street Park Final

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