Andrea Haritchelhar hit by a car

Athleticum Rollerblade Team International 2007 の Andrea Haritchelhar 選手が母国アルゼンチンでバイクで練習中にクルマと接触事故を起こし怪我をしたと からニュースが流されました。骨折はしていないようですが、入院して腕の精密検査など受けるようです。重症では無さそうなので、まだ時間的にも今年のWICに十分余裕があるので間に合いそうです。

Andrea Haritchelhar hit by a car
While road training on a bike last saturday the 6th, she was struck by a car on her way back to Mar del Plata, her hometown in Argentina.
At first she didn't seem badly hurt (nothing broken), but then she needed to be treated on an arm, and is still in hospital.
Hopefully she'll recover soon and be back in form for WIC's new season.

Bont Skates Message Board and News (Posted Jan, 07, 2007)
Andrea Haritchelhar
They run over to Andrea Haritchelhar
Posted: Saturday Jan. 05, 2007 (Translated by Google Translate)

Andrea Haritchelhar was attack by an automobile when she trained on bicycle by the route 226, in neighborhoods of this city Marta, the sportsman's mother, informed that the skater was attack by a Peugeot 504, in kilometer 19, of Route 226. The woman expressed that her daughter "in principle was well but, later, she got complicated for the the injuries that suffered. The sportsman's mother said "I request to God that everything comes out well, I request an oration of all people friend" in radial declarations.

Andrea, one of the maximum exponents of the Argentinean skate, is boarding school in the Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos of Mar del Plata. The sportswoman, who most of developed her overseas race career, has committed one of her arms, informed the mother.

"As usual, in one of her trainings on bicycle, she came from return of the Coyunco toward Mar del Plata, and in the kilometer 19 were run over by a blue Peugeot 504 that in turn had been locked up by a truck that followed of length", related Marta. The woman showed that "Yes, the driver stopped and aided her.
Soon one of the police of the posse of the caminera de Sierra de los Padres came closer and the firemen who took her to the sanitary room of the Coyunco to give first aid her."

"Later,she was transferred to the Hospital Interzonal de Agudos de Mar del plata", maintained the woman. The mother of Haritchelhar affirmed that at a first moment "it seemed that it had not been very serious because she did not have any type of breakings, but they had it to take part because spleen sanguineous in femur was broken to him and has affected much the arm."
Andrea Haritchelhar of the Athleticum Rollerblade

Andrea Haritchelhar obtained several medals in different skate World cups in route and hint, representing Argentina. Among others, in 1999 she obtained a silver medal and three of bronze in Santiago's World Championship (Chile). The skater was distinguished with a gold medal in the Pan-American Games of Winnipeg (Canada), and in 2000 she obtained gold medal and three of bronze in the World Championship of Barrancabermeja (Colombia).

In 2001 she gained the bronze medal in the World Championship of Valence (France). By differences with the Federation Argentina of Skate she let participate next to the Argentine selection in world glasses and international tournaments and developed her race in the outside, as of 2002.
Andrea Haritchelhar passed the worse thing but it follows in observation
(Upgrade Jan. 07, 2007)

Already passed the worst thing but it continues in observation she had suffered a serious accident last Thursday, in the route 226, when she trained in its bicycle and she was attack by a car that had been locked up by a truck. The worse problem is in her left arm, but there is optimism on its evolution. Gratefulness of the family by the attention in Interzonal.

The outstanding marplatense skater Andrea Haritchelhar who suffered a serious accident last Thursday, when training on her bicycle by route 226 was charged by a car, it evolves favorably of their committed lesions in the left arm while it continues interned, in observation, in the Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos de Mar del Plata. Anyway, Andrea will have to be put under one second operation tomorrow to try to finish sealing the muscle.
The biggest problem that had been presented after the accident was the break of a blood vessel, what committed the arm to her, but last almost all the hours of the time of observation, the evolution is favorable, although the diagnoses are still cautious, awaiting tomorrow's operation that it is already scheduled for 7 in the morning and that it would only be suspended if it was not possible to lower the inflammation in its arm.

In effect, her mother, Marta De Santo of Haritchelhar, told to the CAPITAL that "the evolution is favorable but it is necessary to continue saying so that everything finishes well. The doctors said that Andrea should continue in observation and she is even necessary to wait for the intervention of Monday ". "She is calm, she is strong, is good of spirit, within the difficult thing of the picture. And she is conscious of everything what happened. I even had to them counted who not even lost the conscience at the moment of the blow, when she attacked the car ", also counted Marta. "She is with very many medication, to try to avoid the dangers of an infection, and also with many tranquilizers, naturally, so that the possible thing can be felt best", he informed also the mother into Andrea.
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Andrea Haritchelhar pasó lo peor pero sigue en observación