Powerslide Yann Guyader Skates

先日11日、既にPowerslideのRolling Allianceでインタビュー記事が掲載されていますが、そのYann Guyader (Timmermann-Powerslide) ブランドでNew Skatesが公開されました。春には市場に出てくるそうです。見た目ではPSらしく無い、柔らかそうなブーツです。なお、Timmerman Powerslide から Team Matter に移籍しWICへフル参戦が決まったようです。

A new shoe of Powerslide in the name of Yann Guyader has just been born. It will be available to spring 2007. The version of series should not have the same color. It should be gray and not turquoise. This hull will be a starting material of range. As you can note it, a number is registered on leather: 51 ' 13.
Yann Guyader Skates
the standards will be out of glass fibre the personal shoes of Yann Guyader will be out of carbon.
  • Glass Fibre
  • SHMR Technology (super heat mouldable resin - very easy heatmoulding)
  • Stem in Microfibre
  • Mounting Space 195mm
  • X-Slot Mounting System
  • Slipper Neoprene/Lorino
  • Oiled Laces
    Yann Guyader in FIC
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    Inline Skating Notebook: Powerslide 2007
    ITW Yann Guyader, France
    (Jan. 11, 2007)

    yann, can you please introduce yourself in few words?
    Yann: “hey, my name is yann guyader i'm 22 and i'm living in nantes close to atlantic shore of western france and i'm racing for the brand new matter-powerslide int'l team”
    Yann Guyader

    Video (4.58MB)

    you race for matter.powerslide next year? what are your main goals? how do you see the season for you and your team?
    “the target of the team is to get good placement in each WIC races.two colombians will join thomas and i and they'll need to learn in the early season.with thomas we'll try to get as much podiums as possible along the season with our strong mates.about me,i'd like to do as good as last year even though i would say i'd like to get better results.it's part of my philosophy, i always wanna improve myself.i truely believe that the matter-powerslide team will be part of the strong teams along the marathon season,working hard in the breakaway and sprinting for the victory as all of us are fast enough for a bunch sprint.so let's cross the fingers”

    tell us about your training? did you make some change compare to last season?
    “my training did not change so much in comparison with last year as it worked well but i got a good addition to my training with two stars of the inline speed skating world with arnaud gicquel and pascal briand that are coatching our training group by now since september 06.we're training hard to reach our goal and we are hoping for the best.
    the week is devided in several kinds of training.we have someweight lifting training,plyometrics,running session and skating ones and once a week to recover from this huge schedule we ride our bike easily for one and a half hour”

    what is your training philosophy?
    “i'm trying not to be lazy but the most important is to be happy when you go training.and when i'm training ,i'm trying not to kidd anymore.i'm working hard to keep in shape.
    if i had to choose a quote to summarise my philosophy it would be"give your best in order to not regret anything afterwards"

    do you like cars? i heard you got a new good one?
    “i like tinny and trendy cars that's why i got a smart cabrio.so funny to drive and so easy to snake everybody when the roads are overcrowded in here.it will be funny to drive roofless in the summer:).it's also usefull when u need to park downtown but i choosed this car cause it was to me a nice way to advertise.we sticked huge stickers on the sides of the cars and i'll go to each big events in france with it.”

    can you tell us how do you live? where? what is tipical day for you?
    “i'm living in nantes(western france) the skating city.almost all the french top skater are living in here.i'm living at my parent's house(it will be time to leave :))
    the typical day for me is:going to school from 8AM till 10AM training then till midday.then i'm back to school from 1.30PM till 4PM and i'm training again till 6PM.it's almost everyday that way.i can train easily as i'm learning in a special school for top sportsmen.but i think it's a cool way to train hard to keep in shape and study in good condition.i'm really lucky on that point.”

    tell us about matter? what is your top 3 best product from them? why do you prefer matter?
    “matter is entering the "world inline circus" for his first year in 2007.i think it's a good news for everybody as the fastest wheels manufacturer worldwide is the leader on the market by now.we needed them to take part of the game.they shown many time the last couple of year, they were a huge gap between their products and the other brands products.the matter wheels are a way faster and lighter than any other wheels all over the world.to me the best product of matter is without any doubt the "yellow super mundo" the roll is amazing where ever u skate rough roads, cement floor,smooth roads,bank tracks... and u still have a big grip in the corners.to me it's the perfect wheel.then i would say the second best product of matter is their 110 wheel cause eventhough it's a huge wheel it's still lighter than the other 100mm wheels of the other brands.u get better roll without any extra weight.and last but not least the XG wheels the grippiest wheels worldwide.u slipp....i have to solution.it's the best way to upgrade your grip.the wheel is so grippy but you can still race a 10K as the roll i good enough for long distances.
    the reason why i prefer matter to any other brand....EASY, they are just THE BEST!!!!!!!”

    anything else to say?
    “i'd like to say a BIG THANK to all the powerslide crew:matthias,jurgen(by the way i wish him to recover fast),joost,alexander and all the other onces i'm missing

    Rolling Alliance: ITW Yann Guyader, France
    Hi Skaters,

    As we get near the season start the Super teams are starting to finaize their roosters.

    The Matter Inline Center World Team has brought in French Junior Ewan Fernandez as their number 5, Ewan will not do a full roster of races, but the World Marathon Junior runner up will join the team.

    The revelation of 2006 WIC Frenchman Yuan Guyader, will head a very strong team with fellow experienced Frenchman Thomas Boucher, and the two tough Colombians & both former World champions Nelson Garzon & Jorge Cifuentes.

    The Matter team is sure to have similar status to the powerfull High budget teams like Bont/Hyper, Sportvital/Rollerblade, Athleticum & Powerslide.

    World Inline center Schindillegi will see the Dani Grab organization also fielding two other strong teams with co- sponsors Spirotiger & Bont.

    Bill (Posted: Feb. 08, 2007)
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