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Nicole Begg
Swiss Inline Cup 2006 で総合優勝した Nicole Begg (Salomon Smartskates) をサポートしているBONTが、スピードスケーターとして急成長した Nicole の優勝を記念して撮影した写真 “Hot and Fast” がBONTから公表されました。これまでと違い・・・かなり芸術的な BONT girl の誕生です。これを機会に、その美貌と実力を兼ね備えた Nicole のファンが一気に増えそうです。

Nicole Begg from Salomon Smartskates took the victory of the Overall Swiss Inline Cup ranking. The Team Salomon Smartskates ended the Swiss Inline Cup overall ranking on the highest step and confirmed it is the leading team on the Swiss Inline Cup for 2006!
 Swiss Inline Cup
Glarus Swiss Inline Cup
 Nicole begg : Click photo for larger image
Nicole Begg N.Z. 1st Place Swiss Inline Cup 2006
Results : SIC Overall Women
1st Nicole Begg - Salomon Smarkskate
2nd ANgele Vaudan - Rollerblade
3rd Nathalie Barbotin - Salomon Smartskate
Results : Team Overall SIC Women
1st Salomon Smartskate
2nd Athleticum Rollerblade
3rd St Gallen
BONT Korea : Nicole Begg and the BONT Girls
Hi Alex,

Now that I am skating on the 3 point Bont boot I can give my honest opinion.

I really like the boot and 3 mount set up. I am nice and low to the ground, have even spacing between the wheels and 50/50 out the front and back. With the pitch of the boot I am able to sit lower to the ground and gain a better push. The boots are nice and stiff and support the ankle well.

Nicole Begg

Hi Alex
Last weekend was the Swiss Inline cup race in Einseideln I was 1st on the Bont 3 mount and Elma raced on the Bont 3 mount for the first time and came in 2nd behind me.
The week before in Engadin/St Moritz World Inline Cup I was 2nd.
After only being on my new skates for less than a week I raced Zurich World Inline Cup on them and was 3rd.
The skates are great!

Nicole Begg

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Bont S-Frame for Nicole Begg
小柄な Nicole だったから可能なのでしょう。9月の FIRS Anyang World Roller Speed Skating Championships で、84gまで軽量化したNicole 仕様のSフレームがデビューします。
 1004 S-frame for Nicole begg
At the request of Nicole Begg, we have striped down an 11.92inchs 1004 S-frame to give it less vertical rigidity to the insane weight of just 84g. The strength of the frame is still high, and Nicole will be racing on these frames at the world championships in Anyang commencing September 2.
 1004 S-frame for Nicole begg in Anyang
Nicole の S-Frame はフレームのサイドに窓を開け、更に軽量化されたようです。
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Inline Planet : Bont Puts Anorexic S-frame on a Diet
World champ takes break
by STU PIDDINGTON - The Timaru Herald (Nov. 03, 2006)
A world champion at 19 – for Nicole Begg it is a dream come true.

The talented speedskater has jetted her way home to Timaru with a fistful of medals.

The year, by her own assessment has "been amazing", capped off by taking out the senior women's 10,000m points-elimination race at the World Inline Championships in Angyong, Korea.

The race is considered one of the hardest track races but Begg had little time to celebrate or reflect. She was racing to a bronze medal in the 1000m just 30 minutes later.

"I have to admit the bronze medal seemed real but I struggled to think I was a world champion – but it is a dream come true."

Begg also scored a silver in the 42km road marathon to give her a complete set of medals.

The outstanding results made her second overall on the track, with the points from an athlete's best three track results tallied, and she went one better on the road, named champion.

That meant of the major world events Begg won three and was second in the other two.

In the World Inline Cup (WIC), the official world marathon series, which includes 15 events, Begg finished second overall.
GOLDEN GIRL: Speedskater Nicole Begg returned home to Timaru after a hectic six months racing all over the globe, her haul included a world championship title.

The achievement was one place better than in 2005 and had Begg not had gear problems early in the season the runaway winner, France's Angele Vaudan, may have felt the heat from the diminutive Kiwi, who stands 1.52m and weighs only 48kg .

The WIC is raced between April and September in Europe, the United States and Asia and Nicole was the sole skater to be placed inside the top 10 in all 15 events, including six visits to the podium.

In the next most prestigious event, the Swiss Inline Cup, Begg won easily.

Her international success was added to the host of medals won in a clean sweep of the nationals.

Back in Timaru, Begg is looking forward to a break from her hectic skating schedule but will ride a bike over the summer and also spend some time in the gym.

She is also hoping her world championships efforts will help her secure some funding for elite athletes from Sparc, to lessen the financial burden on her parents Bill and Cheryl.

The Timaru Herald: World champ takes break

Nicole Begg News Clip

News reel from Summer 2005-06
Nicole が heelys でも才能を発揮していたようです。2003年16歳当時のインタビュー記事を見つけました。
by Alana Bozoky (posted Dec. 10, 2003)
Speed skater Nicole Begg has just arrived back from the World Championships. She ranked pretty well over there, and her goal to become a professional speed skater is well on its way to becoming a reality.
Alana has a chat to Nicole about the World Champs, being the only woman in the junior team and the brand new Heely’s skate shoe.
 Nicole begg

You have just come back from the World Champs. How did it all go?
I was placed in the top 10 in all the racers except for 2 I think. My best placing was a 4th and I also got a few 5th's and 6th's.

You’ve been skating since you were six years old. Do you ever get sick of it?
Actually I started skating when I was about 2 or 3 years old but started racing when I was around 6. I don't really get sick of it because it is just something that I have grown up with.

In your profile you say your goal is to become a professional speed skater in Europe in 10 years. How is that goal shaping up?
The goal is shaping up good. I hope to get over to Europe later on this year and compete over there and within a couple of years I would like to be racing there professionally.

Your father Bill coached both the Colombian and Australian national speed skating teams and your brother, Wayne also competes. What is it like to be in a family which is so speed skating orientated, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Well my mother was also a speed skater and a World Champion and now is an assistant coach so my whole family is involved. It's good because my mother has been there and done that so she has a lot of experience and has a lot of useful advice. Also with my mother and father involved it means that myself and my brother get a lot of support from our parents. eg. Taking us to competitions and funding us to get overseas. My brother is also good with sussing out the right type of wheels.
One disadvantage is that I am constantly around my family. Most people when they go to sporting practices they can get away from their parents, brothers and sisters but I can't.

You are the only woman in the team, how is that? Do you get along with all those boys?
Well I am the only "Junior Girl" at the moment when the New Zealand team compete at the World Championships there are a couple of other female skaters that compete in the "Senior Ladies" grade. But in our club and when I compete at the Oceania Championships I am not the only "Junior Girl"

Is speed skating a mostly male dominated sport?
Not really but sort of. In New Zealand it is but overseas it is not as bad. But in saying that the male professional skaters earn more than the females.

Can you tell us a little about speed skating?
It is basically racing different distances on inline speed skates. The shortest race is 200m and you race this by yourself, the person with the fastest time wins. The longest race is 42km and this is raced with many other competitors. There are also many other distances in between that are raced with other competitors as well. You also race on different circuits, indoor, road and banktrack (a smaller version of a cycling track usually about 200m a circuit with the slope not as high). You wear special skates that are made for speed skating.
 Nicole begg

Heely’s are a new skate brand to New Zealand. What are your thoughts on them?
I think they are cool because the shoes are trendy plus you don't have to walk you can roll along at a surprisingly fast pace.

What are the differences between Heely's and normal skates?
Normal skates have 4 or 5 wheels and Heely's have 1. Normal skates can not be shoes as well. The wheels on Heely's are a different shape and size than normal skate wheels.

You are 16 years old. How do you juggle school and skating together?
I fit everything around training and school. So I do a lot of my homework in the morning before school because when I get home from training at night I am usually tired and the last thing i want to do is school work. Some how I manage to juggle everything and fit it all in because I am quite good at school and I still train about 6 days a week.
Nicole Begg 2005
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