K2 Radical Pro 2007

年々大きく成るウィール、やはりと言うか来年はフィットネスも 110mm ウィールになるみたいです。写真を見ると2004年に Eddy Matzger がA2Aで使った HI-LOW Frame を継承したフレームです。外観は Radical 100 よりもハイカフに成ったように見えます。

K2 Radical Pro with HI-LOW 110mm Frame
 K2 Radical 2007 with HI-LOW 110mm Frame
The Radical Pro is the only skate that will allow you to experience the speed and smooth roll of a race skate along with the proven comfort and support of the K2 Softboot. This skate has all the features of its Radical cousins along with our new Radical Hi-Lo frame and Carbon Radical Cuff (the same cuff that won 15 Medals on Madshus athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics). It's perfect for long training skates, marathons, and just about anywhere else you speed junkies want to roll them.
 K2 Radical 2007 with HI-LOW 110mm Frame MSRP: $449.99
Expected street price: $399.99
Frame: Radical Hi-Lo
(Mount spacing 195mm)
Wheels: Star Grip two 100mm, two 110mm 85A
Bearing: ILQ-9 Pro
Size: USA 6 - 13
Available: end of February 2007

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Eddy Matzger's Custom HI-LOW Skates of the A2A 2004
 Eddy Matzger's Custom Skates with HI-LOW 110mm Frame
Complete Skates with 100mm+100mm+110mm+110mm Carbon Hubs Wheels
K2 Radical Pro HI-LOW Skates of the A2A 2006
 K2 Radical Pro with HI-LOW 110mm Frame
K2 Radical Pro with 100mm+100mm+110mm+110mm Star Wheels
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K2 Radical Pro Race Skates Men's 2007
 K2 Radical Pro 110mm
Inline Warehouse で10月24日から先行販売、予約受付中です。110mmでもブレーキ付いてます。

You can get it soon!
K2 Radical Pro Race Skates Men's 2007
Retail: 449.99
Price: 399.99
Available: October 24th 2006

K2s *cracked* during indoor practice!

Oy, what a day. I took my first fall of the season first of all - and I'm kind of actually glad that is out of the way. It kind of had been on my mind, and now it won't be. I'm no worse for wear and was up right away.

But my indoor troubles continue - my ankle still feels horrible. I adjusted my frames to try and help, not much difference. So we're doing lap the pack, and our number gets called and I take off. I start to go around the turn and my right skate totally collapses inward, and I knew something was wrong.

I go sit down and look, and the rear carbon fiber cuff, on the inside has cracked. No wonder my foot bent over, I'm lucky I didn't break my ankle. Thank goodness this didn't happen on my left foot with force applied. Here is a pic:
SkateLog Forum: K2s *cracked* during indoor practice! (Nov. 11, 2007)
 K2 Radical 100 2007 Radical 100

With a whole lot more support then a race boot, the Radical 100 is the logical choice for those of you that want to experience the smooth roll of 100mm wheels but also need the ankle support that a cuff provides. This skate has all the features of its Radical 90mm cousin along with our Four Hundred Longmount frame and 100mm wheels. The Radical 100 is the perfect skate for long training skates and marathons. .

Price: $299.00 ?
Wheels: Star Grip 100mm
Mount spacing: 195mm
Available: end of February 2007
K2 moves headquarter to Seattle
K2 Sports announced its company plans to move the worldwide headquarters after 40 years of success from Vashon Island, Wash., 4201 6th Ave S. to Seattle within the next few month.

K2 Sports' sales, finance, customer service and legal departments will start the relocation in august, its marketing teams will follow in September. Finally the product development, machine shop, test lab and prototyping personnel move to the new facility in early November.
“Due to the strong internal growth K2 Sports has posted over the past five years the ability to expand and grow our businesses has more opportunity for success in the dynamic Seattle environment,” said Robert Marcovitch, President of K2 Sports.

K2 Sports' new facility in Seattle is comprised of some 28 thousand square feet of finished office space, which will house the more than 200 employees who currently work at K2 global headquarters. In addition, a huge modern ski and snowboard prototyping facility and a unique marketing and showroom environment are planned.
(June 30, 2006)