K2 Radical Wheel 100mm 

K2 Radical Wheel 100mm
しばらく前から、K2 Radical 100mm Wheel のハブが壊れたという事例が多数報告されています。そんな事を身近で聞かないのは日本人が小柄だからかも知れませんが、一応、注意してください。Radical 100mm は Star Wheel社が作っている Star Grip と同等品ですが、K2 Radical に 付属している Black Hub の製品にのみ不良品が混じっていると考えられます。現在は Gray Hub と成り破損事故は減ったと思われます。

K2 Radical 100 2006 with Black Color Hub Wheels
 K2 Radical 100 with Black Hub Wheels
K2 Radical 100mm wheels, training speed wheels with Standard 608 hub, made by Star Grip.

Today I noticed that one of the wheels on my K2 Radical 100s is missing a big chunk of the hub, exposing part of the rim (I can put up a picture if anybody is interested). Several other wheels have cracks, also on the hub. The wheels are the original ones supplied by K2 (Star Grips?)

I haven't done anything unusual with these wheels, the worst treatment they got was rolling off the sidewalk to the street a few times. I weight about 80 kilograms (or 180lbs). Is it unreasonable to expect the wheels to survive this?

Has anyone else seen this happening or did I just get a bad batch?

I am trying to figure out what kind of wheels to get next. Other than this issue the K2 wheels are great. I wonder if real Star Grips would have the same problem or if I should try the Hyper Neutrons. Any other alternatives for relatively light 100mms?

(Posted Feb 22 2006)

 K2 Radical 100 with Black Hub Wheels

 K2 Radical 100 with Black Hub Wheels
I bought my 4th pair of k2s, the radical 100s. Very happy wih the fit. One major problem. All the hubs on the left skate broke during my second skate. I called the store where I bought them, inline wharehouse and was informed that K2 does not warranty the wheels. So I spent $50 on 4 new wheels got them 5 days later. The new hubs are gray and the ones I had trouble with are black.

Went for another skate and all 4 hubs on the other skate broke (only 4 miles from home this time). This time I called K2 they do in fact warranty the wheels and hubs. So 8 new wheels are on the way. I had another warranty issue with a skate a few years ago and both K2 and inline wharehouse took good care of me.

(Posted Apr 14, 2006)
 K2 Radical 100 with Gray Hub Wheels

 Broken Star Grip Wheel 100
The broken Star Grip wheel BTW. Note, that I am not a havy guy - just about 162-163 lbs.

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