Rolla Mag Issue #1, #2, #3 and #4

日本では通販でしか手に入らないかも知れませんが、アグレッシブな雑誌「Rolla Mag」創刊、写真スタッフにOwen Naritaって名が・・・日系なのかな?。

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Issue #1
Well, it's finally here. Rolla Magazine has hit the shelves across Australia. In case you're still guessing, YES, that's Hayden Watt on the cover, and he's featured inside along with a lot more rolling from around the country.

In this, our very first issue, we've got interviews with Hayden Watt, Kieran Deans, Dave Jacob and Aussie legend, Cesar Mora. Not to mention other varieties including articles, reviews and all the info you need to know what's happening from all over Australia.

But just when you thought that was enough, there's give-aways from Kizer, Cozmo, Fynk and Farrel Media. Also, a discount coupon for Ice Accessories. Remember kids, it's like lotto, you've gotta be in it to win it, so make sure you pick up your copy of Rolla from your local skate store or park.

Details: A5, full colour, 20 pages
 Rolla Mag Issue #1
Issue #1 Responses

my rating...9/10
- Awesome pics
- Well put together
- Well edited."

"I've just read the whole thing and I give it a 9 too and I guess it will only get better as more issues are released."

"Is fully sick bro! Get it or I get YOU!" - Tim Ward

"Just got my copy and its SIIIIICCC!!! It just feels so good to have some aussie rolling in my hands! everyone, there's a mag in stores with your name on it, so support yourself by supporting the industry and go get it!" - Gav Drumm

"Congrats Mike and everyone else who made the mag come together. Its siiiick!" - Jenny Logue

"I got my copy the other day it's awsome!!!"

Issue #2
Woohoo.. issue #2 Hayden Golder travelled up to Sydney last month to profile C-Town Killa and Asian X-Games gold medallist, Rian Arnold. There are spots on Tom Bartley, the Farrall brothers, the Off the Gauge Tour, Canberra and a plethora of real street competition and skatemeet highlights from all over the country. You'll also find something to read on the recent Hockey Nationals and speed events.

Not wanting to just settle with any successes we had with issue #1, we've gone all out for this one. There are plenty of new pics, heaps more content and bigger and better give-aways from Razors skates, Kizer frames, Skramp, Parallel and Fynk Clothing. (Aussie residents only).

The best thing is, it's still just $4 and you will be able to find it at all good skate shops around this big brown land of ours.

Details: A5, full colour 36 pages
 Rolla Mag Issue #2
Issue #2 Responses

"I got issue #2 today and it's even better than the first"

"I just got mine in the mail! It pays to subscribe! and all I can say is....... OOOOOOOOOOOOOH BABY, OH BABY, OH BABY. It's GOOD to see Rolla going from Strength to Strength! Pure Quality from front to back. WELL DONE! I'M HANGIN OUT FOR THE NEXT ISSUE ALREADY!!!
- Tobi "Maddog" Reeh

"Rolla has been improved greatly since issue 1 and if this progression continues, you can be sure that I will be subscribing every year"

"The new Rolla is awesome it's like 2 times thicker then the 1st one... and the eye trick on the back is da bomb!"

"The mag is amazing"
Issue #3
Not long now! Issue #3 is on its way, and we've managed something really special this time round. Not only do we profile one of Australia's biggest names, Shane Yost, (wah?!?! vert in a rolling mag?) but we also highlight the Bayside Blades/Monster Tour, feature artist Andrew Tunney and the 2005 Vic Titles. We've also added a section with Hayden Watt called "Improv" and we take a look at the new Daklinic shop in Adelaide.

But wait... There's still more!!! In conjunction with Farrall media.. yes, you guessed it, we've managed to slip in a free DVD!!! The Farrall bros. have been working non-stop to bring you a dvd edit of the tour we had up to Sydney, but there's also loads of extras including a B-roll section, a feature on Shane Yost and a day in the life of Gavin Drumm.

Can you even believe it's still just $4!?!? So head into your nearest good skate shop and pick yourself up a copy!

Details: A5, full colour 28 pages & a free Farrall Media dvd
 Rolla Mag Issue #3
Issue #4
It's been a long time coming, our very first Photo Issue! To celebrate what's basically a full year of Rolla, we've decided to give you exactly what you've been asking us for all along.... bigger and better photos of Australia's best rollerbladers, not to mention MORE of them!

Now, we're not ones just to settle with calling our mag a 'Photo Issue', anyone can do that. When we say it, we mean it. So with this issue, not only do you actually get a photo, but you get a choice of three. The result is, you can pick which cover of issue #4 you want. There's Chris Pullar and Robbie Pitts from Melbourne and Tom Bartley from Brisbane to choose from.

Inside there's plenty of full-page and full-spread rolling to get you going, plus a 'How to shoot Rollerbladers' article by our Photo Editor, Hayden Golder, an Aussie Titles review, the ACT Titles, the Shepp Battle II and plenty more. It's our biggest issue yet!

Details: A5, full colour 40 pages & a free Photo Print
 Rolla Mag Issue #4
 Rolla Mag Issue #4 Chris cover  Rolla Mag Issue #4 Robbie cover  Rolla Mag Issue #4 Tom cover