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Powerslide/Matter World Team の協力を得て、ドイツの arena geisingen で Powerslide-geisingen arena Junior Team 新チームメンバーの選考会を2011年3月に実施するようです。ドイツ在住とか国籍とか、参加資格の詳しいインフォメーションがありませんが、自信がある日本ジュニアスケーターもコンタクト取ってみてはいかがでしょう。

Powerslide/Matter Racing

Hey Guys, Powerslide and arena geisingen are searching for the next skate supertalent for building a Powerslide - arena geisingen Junior Team.

While our 2011 PS/Matter World team is coming together well, check out the link to the video below about a new and exciting project starting early next year.

Powerslide Skatecasting 2011
Powerslide/Matter Racing: Facebook

The racing suit of the Powerslide arena geisingen Junior Teams

(Jan. 4, 2011)

Even a small boost for your application? Oh well - we show you now ever the stylish racing suit of Power Slide-arena geisingen Junior teams with whom you could soon go to the start. So again the throttle and applying (up to 31 January).
arena geisingen: Der Rennanzug des Powerslide arena geisingen Junior Teams

Skate Casting 2011 - We are looking for the stars of tomorrow !

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Powerslide and the arena geisingen give youngsters a chance and look for the stars of tomorrow!

arena geisingen

In March 2011, we go on a tour of Germany. In 4 cities, we give you the chance to show you our jury, consisting of the world champions Kalon Dobbin and Scott Arlidge, both New Zealand and the German super talent Rijhnen Felix and Catherine Rumpus.

arena geisingenThe best we invite then to recall in the one arena geisingen. There, in a final casting the best 3-4 boys and girls are selected, then the Power Slide - geisingen arena will make Junior Team.

So do Apply now for the big skate Casting!

We look forward to receiving your application.

Skatecasting 2011 - Geisingen FINAL
Powerslide Skatecasting 2011:
arena geisingen:

Skate-In-Magazin's Skate Test Geisingen 2011


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