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先月、Youb Solo 氏のサイトに Skatedrive を使ったスケートツアー企画が紹介されていた。その様子を写したビデオが投稿されました。解説がフランス語なので内容が解かりませんが、とりあえず滑るよりも Skatedrive 操作が大変そうです。せめて、Skatedrive をバランス取りやすい 2輪仕様にして戴きたいところです。正直、こう云うスケートは私の趣味ではないので遠慮したいですね。

Raid of Cevennes on Roller with Skatedrive

by Youb Solo (Nov. 6, 2010)

"The Raid des Cevennes en Skatedrive" is reserved for skaters and confirmed with a skateboard and enduring drive to transport its equipment and also have a braking capability to cross the passes during the raid.

  • a 10 Euros you will be asked for logistics (accommodation)
  • limited to 8 skaters Max.
  • You make this trek at your own ris.k
  • You must be licensed in the FFRS.

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    (Nov. 30, 2010)

    A short ride I like between friends. It is true that this is the first time I go along, usually I'm alone in my travels

    because I know myself and I know where my limits are (in a raid I have not). But the fact of being a number made me discover another facet of the raid with this EMULTI support and fellowship.

    there will be others ...
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    Our skatedrive TEST
    It's very save for downhill
    but make low speed in Ground(road)
    Carlo from Taiwan
    2011/01/21 02:47
    Thanks Carlo, I updated your video and Youb Solo's new year skate tour with Skatedrive video on this page.
    Yukio Masuda
    2011/01/21 09:16

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