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言うなれば、危険を伴わない安全なスポーツはスポーツでは無い。なので、正直、囲碁やチェスをスポーツ扱いするアジア大会に納得できません。まー、それはそれとして・・・私はインラインスケートを始めたい人に「安全です」と決して言わない。少しは怪我もするでしょう、運悪く骨折するかも知れません。しかし、そーならずに上達するのは不可能ではありません。それを担う人達、インストラクターの組織が Skate IA - Skate Instructors Association です。

Pain or Pleasure, facing the challenges of growing our sport

by Trish Alexander (Nov. 30, 2010)
With a double nod to Tony Robbins I'd like to have you consider what our challenges are in bringing new skaters to the fold.

I wrote the ad campaign, “We know you can fall, but can you skate?” to address the biggest issue. With a bit of whiplash going on in my neck due to a fairly spectacular fall it is of note that falling is inevitable and it's often, although not always, painful.

Pain is THE demotivating factor in getting new skaters to skate and often caused skaters who already knew how to skate, to quit.

But what about the pleasures of skating? Grace on skates: crossing the finish line, weaving three slalom moves together effortlessly so you can’t tell where one move began and another ended, a hockey score after three players passed beautifully between themselves and the puck slid in like the puck in an air hockey game. What about the simple stroking done around a rink, a spiral that almost seems to have airtime. The joy of a pace line of social skaters, laughing, smiling and simply skating well?

What will help us move potential new students from thinking about the pain and moving into the pleasure? I think the posters are a good start. Suggesting that pain occurs without a lesson, that with a lesson you will actually learn how to skate instead of just learning how to fall.

Trish AlexanderAnother suggestion is that each of us get out there and skate in places where more people can see us, on trails, in parks, in very visible venues, even if all you do is drive through. In NYC you have Central Park, but you will need to go to locations you have not before. You will need to show off, strut your stuff. I skate at the public sessions and it's embarrassing, but I just do all my dance stuff. I get asked if I am a professional, and I laugh and say no, but that I'm a teacher. I often wear my instructor shirt. Although I feel like others will think I am egotistical, I really believe that sharing skating with others, the grace of it no matter what discipline, is more important than my perception.

The pain is falling, the pleasure is the grace. Show the grace, teach them how not to fall and get them over the belief that skating is bad. It's not, it's like Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Skate IA以前のアメリカ国内のインラインスケート・インストラクター組織は USSG - United Skate Schools Group だったのですが、現在は名称が Skate IA - Skate Instructors Association に変わっています。また、World Wide Members として Australia/Brazil/Canada/Germany/Singaporeのメンバーが登録されています。

Mission and Philosophy :
The Skate Instructors Association's (SKATE IA) mission is to bring all skate instructors together in one community, to provide business resources, and to have an immediate impact on the growth of the skate industry. Skate IA strives to improve over-all health and well-being by offering support and resources to those professionals who are passionate about the sports of inline skating, roller skating and skateboarding.

Skate IA is a membership organization for skate instructors that provides education for the sports of inline skating, roller skating and skateboarding. Our vision is to create a support system for the expansion of education and business. The foundation of the USSG/Skate IA was created out of a need for a community where instructors could come together to share ideas, to learn, and to grow.

No matter how large or small your program may be, the Skate IA community joins to share in your growth both as business professionals and instructors. The majority of our members run their own small independant business or small schools. Skate IA aims to create a standard of professionalism and recognition Most of all, Skate IA is a place to create and nurture friendships and professional relationships within our wheeled-sports industries.
Skate IA:
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