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今週末の6月26日-27日にルマンローラー24時間が開催されます。Team Powerslide が事前宣告した通りにレース参戦、主将の Pascal Briand 含めヨーロッパ4ヶ国からなる10名のメンバーリストが発表されました。このチーム構成は昨年の覇者 RPM POLI のメンバーがベースになっているようです。これは新記録を期待して良いのではないでしょうか。

24 Heures du mans rollers

Powerslide/Matter Racing

This weekend PS/Matter is entering a strong team in the 24 hours24 Heures du mans rollers of Le Mans. The TEAM POWERSLIDE-LIGNE DROITE team will consist of some of the biggest stars and some of the strongest skaters in our sport, to name a few; Pascal Briand (Team captain), Yann Guyader, Felix Rijhnen, Tristan Loy. Stay tuned for a complete preview of this event.
Powerslide/Matter Racing: Facebook

24 Hours of Le-Mans. PS/Matter is coming.

Editor: scott (Jun. 22, 2010)
This coming Saturday & Sunday there is the 24 hours of Le Mans race. This race is now famous inside the skating world, and it has now grown to become one of the biggest inline events in Europe. As with anything big in the inline industry, PS/Matter want to be a part of it. So a few months back we started planning the possibility of having a team, and then with the support of some of our French friends we are proud to announce that we'll be on the start line on Saturday afternoon with a team of 10 guys looking for 24 hours of pain.The Event.There is going to be an estimated 15,000 skaters competing in the race this year! The race starts on Saturday at 16:00 (CET) and then, of course, finishes 1 day later at 16:00 on Sunday.

The race itself is actually a relay. Well not always, some ‘nuts’ do it alone, but PS is heading there with 10 skaters. There is a qualifying race where each team will get their position on the starting grid. The start itself is different from any other race. The starter for each team starts on one side of the track and runs to the other side where they put on their skates and then start off on their lap. The goal of the race is try and cover as much distance as possible in the 24 hour period.

The Team.Powerslide/matter in partnership with LIGNE DROITE has put together a top class team. Ligne Droite is one of France's most successful skate shops, and is owned and operated by Christophe Audoire and Nathalie Barbotin. Christophe is our go to man for planning this event. He has helped us recruit some of the team, helped with logics, and just pretty much made everything happen. We are also pleased to announce our team captain; Pascal Briand. Everyone who knows Powerslide, knows Pascal. He was part of the PS/Matter world team for many seasons, he is a multiple World Champion, and WIC race winner, and just recently he is now an Olympian, after returning from skating long track at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver a few months ago. Although he says he has retired from serious competition, we are sure that he’ll have his game face on this weekend.

A race in France is not complete without our French Star Yann Guyader. The current leader of the 2010 WIC is going to be racing this weekend too. Here is a complete list of our team.Pascal Briand (France), Yann Guyader (France), Jore van der Bruge (Belgium), Ewen Fernandex (France), Ted Ooijevaar (Holland), Anothony Averty (France), Tristan Loy (France), Sven Mallazie (Belgium), Felix Rijhnen (Germany), Kwinten Tas (Belgium). There is also a complete team of support staff behind these guys too. And without their support a race of this nature is not possible. Stay tuned via the PS/Matter facebook fan page for live updates from the event.Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, and especially to our boys. Rest up!

* Powerslide/Matter Racing Team for 24h du Mans Roller *
Pascal Briand
Pascal Briand
Yann Guyader
Yann Guyader
Jore van der Bruge
Jore van der Bruge
Ewen Fernandex
Ewen Fernandex
Ted Ooijevaar
Ted Ooijevaar
Anothony Avertyr
Anothony Averty
Tristan Loy
Tristan Loy
Sven Mallazie
Sven Mallazie
Felix Rijhnen
Felix Rijhnen
Kwinten Tas
Kwinten Tas
Powerslide Racing News: 24 Hours of Le-Mans. PS/Matter is coming.

24 hours of Le Mans- The Dream Team breaks all the records!

(Jun. 28, 2010)
The 24 hours of is a special race. As the name suggests its a race that goes for 24 hours and is done, mostly, in relay format. Teams are allowed to be up to 10 skaters. Powerslide had been planning on doing a team for some months, but organizing things for an event like this is not so easy. Thats where Christophe Audoire came in. He owns a successful skate shop in france, LIGNE DROITE, and he was willing to help us organize everything, thus the Powerslide- Ligne Droite team was born.

Our team consisted of some of the biggest stars in our sport, plus a couple of friends that without them this project would not have been possible. Pascal Briand (France), Yann Guyader (France), Jore van der Bruge (Belgium), Ewen Fernandex (France), Ted Ooijevaar (Holland), Anothony Averty (France), Tristan Loy (France), Sven Mallazie (Belgium), Felix Rijhnen (Germany), Kwinten Tas (Belgium)

Just before the race there was ‘qualifying’. This was to see where each team would start in the starting grid for the race. Felix Rijhnen was our man for that, and it set the tone for the rest of the weekend. He set the fastest time, and then our starter Yann Guyader would start the 24 hour race from pole position.

Our master tactician, Pascal Briand had a clean plan laid out for the boys. Yann and Ewen Fernandez were going to do the first few turns themselves. Again the guys started off fast and never looked back. They took control and took one lap from the next best team, then 2 laps, then 3 laps. Along the way Yann put the hammer down and set a new lap record for the event, 5:58!!!

Once Yann and Ewen had set everything up, the rest of the guys took over, and by the time sunrise came on Sunday morning they were now 9 laps in front! This is when it became clear that winning just was not enough. The Team wanted the outright record for the 24 hours.

In the end the added a full lap to the record, skating 207 laps or 866.3km. That means an incredible average speed of 36km/h. Or if you look at it like this, each skater did around 86km! Thats more than 2 marathons!

That was the Le Mans Dream Team!
Of course it was not just about the guys pounding out laps on the race track. There was also the Dream Team of support staff led by Christophe. We want to thank- Yves, Sylvie, Laura, Jenny, Marvin, and Helena.

We want to congratulate everyone who competed in Le Mans. Its an amazing event. We’ll be back in 2011, but this year will be hard to beat.
Powerslide Racing News: 24 hours of Le Mans- The Dream Team breaks all the records!

The Race Process of Powerslide-Ligne Droite Team #357

PlaceToursElapsed TimeBest LapPos/CatCategoryMileage KmKm/h
Our team is now 9 laps in front In Le Mans!!.
We are into the final hour in Le Mans. This has been a great race for the team. Time to finish it off.

Lap Time and Skaters Rotation

Powerslide/Matter Racing

  • 1 hour into Le Mans, and the PS/Matter team is in the lead. Yann Guyader did the first lap and had a lead of 30 seconds. Its looking good for our guys in France.
  • Our team in Le Mans just took a lap on the second placed team. Now they lead by a full lap.
  • New lap record in Le Mans done by our man Yann Guyader.
  • Our team in Le Mans is now 3 laps in front of the rest!!
  • "The 24h of Le Mans are huge. and I think its an experience you need to have made." Seems like our team is enjoying themselves.
  • Just under 10 hours to go in Le Mans.
  • Good morning from Le Mans. Our team had a good night and took 2 more laps. They are now 5 laps in front.
  • Our team is now 9 laps in front In Le Mans!!.
  • We are into the final hour in Le Mans. This has been a great race for the team. Time to finish it off.
  • 207 laps= New Record!!!!

    Yann Guyader finishes off an incredible 24 hours for our Le Mans team. Not only did they win but they broke the record for the race. The old record was 206 laps covered in 24 hours, our guys did an extra full lap!
  • So our team in Le Mans did a massive 207 laps. Thats around 865km they skated. Plus an average speed of 38km/h! So each guy roughly did 86.5km. We had a team of 10.
Powerslide/Matter Racing: Facebook and 24 hours of Le Mans (Photos)

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The Sarthe.VSF Loops Racing Team #143

PlaceToursElapsed TimeBest LapPos/CatCategoryMileage KmKm/h

A L Valence d'Agen WomenSarthe.VSF Loops RacingFila Black Ice Girls
  • S. Mitchenko
  • L. Peruzzetto

  • Frédérique Moy
  • Marta Nunes
  • Maryline Jeannerod
  • Vanessa Lorenzi
  • Camille Alvarez
  • Mélissa Chouleysko
  • Jessica Gaudesaboos
  • Léa R-p
  • Sabrina Gs
  • Jennifer Doudou
  • Veronika Poustkova
  • Bárbara Bakosova
  • Daniela Fejtová
  • Dana Stračárová
  • Jana Zubčáková
  • Katarína Krejčíková
  • Markéta Forró
  • Tereza Janoušová
Sarthe.VSF Loops Racing 2010: and Facebook and Photos

24 Heures du mans rollers 2010
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