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例年は3月中に発表される 2009 Athens To Atlanta Pre-Registered Skaters リストが7月13日に発表されました。しかし、何だこりゃー!の少ない人数にビックリしました。これではボランティアスタッフの人数の方が多いかもしれません。2005年のA2A中止ショック以後、費用を出来るだけ節約した運営に変更されているので、開催出来ると信じていますが・・・人が少なくては話にならないかも知れません。8月末まで、オフィシャルサイト要チェックです。

A2A Athens To Atlanta Road Skate 2009 on Endurance Traveler

Athens to Atlanta 2009 89 Mile Finish Line
Overall Top Four Skaters:
  1. Luis Carlos Mejia (Bont-Rudy Project) 4:58:22
  2. Thomas Detwiler (Philadelphia Landskaters) 4:58:24
  3. Eddy Matzger (TWINCAM) 4:58:25
  4. Stefan Hoffmann (WVC-Skater Kassel) 4:58:28

Bob Harwell - A2A 89.4 Miles Finishi in 5:55:01

A2A 2009 Poll: What are your plans?

by speedysktr (Jun. 30, 2009)
A2AWith A2A preregistration at what appears to be an all time low, it might be helpful for the organizers to see what's on the minds of the faithful. Please participate in the poll as you see fit. Thanks.

edit: This is a public poll so please keep any negative comments to yourself regarding another's registration status or intent. This thread is really just for polling purposes. Please try to limit any comments about the event itself or the whys and why nots of participating.

SkateLog Forum: A2A 2009 Poll: What are your plans? and Wheels For A2A
InlineSkateMpls: Athens to Atlanta Race - October 11th
Registration for A2A 2009 is running below what it was this time in 2005, the year that we cancelled. While there is lower registration overall, we are also seeing that people are waiting later than ever before to register for events. In 2006, 25% of A2A registrations were in the last 7 weeks before the event. Last year in 2008, fully 50% of the registrations were in the last 7 weeks. This is simply too much too late for us to do any effective planning. Therefore I am asking, if you are interested in having an official A2A 2009, please register as soon as possible and no later than July 31st, if you want your registration to count as a "vote" to have an official event in 2009. If for some reason there is a cancellation, the entry fee will be fully refundable. If there is a "no go" decision on the official event, we will announce no later than mid-August, but we reserve the right to announce earlier if need be. There are certain expenses we must start covering at the 90-day mark (which is July 11th), and I'm seeing difficulty in covering even those expenses at this time given where registration is now. I would like to encourage you to register early, AT LEAST 90 days in advance for ANY skate event that you think you will be able to participate in. I can speak for any and all event coordinators when I say that waiting until the last minute to register makes it hard on all of us

Thank you for your consideration.
Scott M. JonesPresident, GIRSA, Inc.

Athens to Atlanta Road Skate: A2A 2009 - Athens to Atlanta Road Skate (REGISTRATION)

A2A 2009 Now or Never

by speedysktr (July 30, 2009)
Having heard that the organizers were looking for 100 registrations by 8/1, I emailed Scott Jones, one of the A2A organizers, and asked if they knew what was what. He said they're meeting tomorrow night to discuss the event. I've been gloomily anticipating cancellation.

Now is the time and it might be your last chance to make a difference for this year. This event is hanging by a thread. Register right now and make sure everyone you know that is doing it registers as well. It's now or never.

For an event that's been going for 27 years, I feel confident that the organizers have more than demonstrated their commitment to keep this alive and going. Nothing demonstrates a skater's true feelings about an event better than registering. There are 10 weeks until the event. I have no doubt that anyone who can complete a marathon can take their training to the next level and complete any of the distances if they put their minds and hearts to it. In my 13 finishes at the 87, I've had every conceivable kind of day. Trust me, calling it the good, the bad and the ugly is not an exaggeration. No matter how you slice it, every single one of them left me with a lasting impression and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that lures me back to Athens. Staring down that first stretch of road, knowing that I have 87 miles to go, wondering, "what's going to happen this year?"

If you don't want to or it doesn't interest you, that's fine. If you think you can't, you're right. If you have some inkling of interest or the self-confidence to at least give it a try, then I challenge you to take that small flame of hope and desire and breathe some life into it.

2009 A2A Is On!

by skatea2a (July 31, 2009)
The organizers had a meeting last night and decided that the A2A will be held.

For more information, please read below.
Based on recent rumors/emails we just want to make it clear that A2A 2009 is a GO! We will adjust the services provided by the event to the number of skaters, but one way or another we will be starting from Athens this Sunday, October 11, at 7:30 a.m., sharp.

Once again, there have been questions raised about the A2A 2009 event. The event will go on as planned in October, so that puts an end to that question. What has been in question is the level of the production, not the skate itself. As with not only skating events, but most sporting events, cash sponsorship has been harder and harder these past several years, so events in smaller sports have to depend more and more on the entries to fund the production of the event. We have been able to fund the production for the past several years with some corporate sponsorship, help from our friends who you know as our "Super Sponsors," as well as the normal entries. This year is no different. We may not have the large hall at the Classic Center in Athens, or as many police on the route as we have had in the past, but what we will have is a great time with all of you that come to A2A!

As we get more entries, we will be able to increase our level of commitment towards the production. The skate is on whether it is 10, 100, or 1000 skaters. This is a skater sponsored event and if you are getting this posting, you can be a sponsor if you are not one already! If you have not registered yet, doing so earlier rather than later, will help make A2A a better event for everyone. If you are not skating and just want to help support the event we welcome that as well.

Thanks to all of you who have registered, you make it easy for us to plan for you.

The APRR group looks forward to seeing all the A2A family in October and skating with you once aqgain. I will be doing the 38 again :-)

See you at the Friday night skate or in Athens....

The Granddaddy of Ultra Marathon Road Skates, Athens-to-Atlanta is The World's Longest Running Point-to-Point Inline Event. A2A is held every Autumn - offering distances to 87-Miles. Athens-to-Atlanta is online at:
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Athens To Atlanta 28th Anniversary Event

2009 Confirmation List Now Available (Download)


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