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ここ最近、欧米レースで好成績を収めて勢いづく Atom Wheels に比べ、一時の勢いが無くなってきた Bont wheels です。その影響と思いませんが、今期、更に性能アップしている他社ウィールに対応し、BONT は製品価格ならびに HIGH ROLLER ラインを見直し、性能に問題がある初期ウィールの一部モデルは見切り販売中です。

Closeout G4 Highroller Wheels

MoneyLoser (Jun. 9, 2009)
Hi there

here at Anyone know the difference between the closeout high roller red and the mint green high roller?

They are both g4, flex band stiff, road, 100mm, 85A but the reds retail at 70 while the greens retails at 108

I've heard that the red one was slow and redesigned into the mint green, I don't know if there's any truth to that

Bont Skates Message Board and News : closeout g4 highroller wheels

Closeout G4 Highroller Wheels

PRICE: $70
PRICE: $70

New lower Bont wheel prices for USA

Alexander Bont (Feb. 25, 2009)
New Bont wheel prices for 2009. We have increased production which has given us a greater economies of scale for the Highrollers. Thanx to everyone who has been supporting the wheels. These new lower prices will not be for all countries due to currency fluctuations.
    110mm reduced from $16 to $14.50
    100mm reduced from $15 to $13.50
    110mm reduced from $10 to $8.50
    100mm remains the same price at $8
Bont Skates Message Board and News : New lower Bont wheel prices for USA

Bont G4 inline racing wheels

BONT Wheel のハブが壊れた話を耳にしないのですが、1000マイル (1,600km) 以上使用して、ハブにクラックが入っていた気付いたいとしたら・・・これは許せる範囲だと思います。そんなウィールを無料交換しろと、要求するまでエスカレートする輩が現れて、SkateLog Forum ボヤ騒ぎになってます。

G4 Wheel Cracking

by skaterdog (Jun. 6, 2009)
I just retired a set of G4 pinks. They lasted a little over 1,000 miles. Your rating seems to be very accurate.

My concern is that when I looked at the wheels before discarding them I noticed cracks in the hubs. A couple of wheels had 5 cracks each. The wheels seemed to perform well. I don't know if the cracking should be a concern or not?

The wheels were pretty worn...I didn't measure them but they were still rolling fine. The dangerous part is what I was wondering about. I don't want a wheel falling apart on me.

My question wasn't whether the hubs crack. I know they do. My question is if it's dangerous to skate on them like that. They seemed to work fine and roll well.

All the hubs on all the wheels have cracks...just from wear.

Art...these wheels have been replaced as I mentioned earlier in the thread. However I have a new set of pink 110s I'm going to use in the near future so I guess I'll pay more attention as I go to how soon the cracking develops..The wheels have been outstanding other than this odd cracking.

by alx (Jun. 11, 2009)
We have had some reports of cracking of the hub after people have popped the bearing out using an allen key. Make sure you push the bearings out from the other side or use a bearing press to be safe. I had our entire team check their wheels and used wheels for any cracks today and none of them found any.

We have a new Crossover wheel that has been released recently. It is a new urethane and the wheel is a Cabriolet which means that we have removed the mechanical lock. The mechanical lock is the part of the hub inside the urethane that holds the urethane to the hub. With the cabriolet, we use a bonding agent instead of the mechanical lock for the adhesion. The advantage of removing the mechanical lock is that it alows the urethane to flex more providing more of a footprint on the ground.

This wheel is designed for Vesmaco branded banked tracks. It can also be used by people who want more grip on the road. They have the same profile as the Highroller so you can mix them together. Eg. Crossovers front and back for more grip and Highrollers int he middle for roll.

The wheel has a translucent color and is in stores now. Only available in 110mm 83A Red and 85A Mint at present. MSRP $15 in the USA. They will be available in 100mm soon.

by skaterdog (Jun. 11, 2009)
Just to clarify Alex...I did remove the bearings from 2 of these wheels but the rest were cracked and and had not had the bearings removed.

I have a feeling your team doesn't put a lot of miles on their wheels before they get free replacements. I'm buying mine so I tend to want to get some miles out of them. I also have a feeling you know there is a cracking problem. How about sending me some free replacements? I'll put a hundred miles on them and there won't be any cracks either.

by alx (Jun. 11, 2009)
Our team does 3 marathons per set of wheels and then uses them for training. If you have a new set of wheels that come cracked or you just do a few sets of training sessions on them and notice cracks, then of course we will replace them. But if they are well worn and almost in need of a replacement, then nope. The wheels have been on the market for 2 years now with this hub and there have not been many reported cases of cracking. Just a handfull from a pretty decent volume of wheels.

by skaterdog (Jun. 11, 2009)
Alex...I was being somewhat facetious about the replacement. My point was that your team puts relatively low mileage on their free wheels...I, on the other hand, put a lot of miles on my $15 wheels. Having your team inspect their wheels doesn't mean much in that context. Those of us who paid $15 per wheel (the little guys you make your money from) might have a different experience.

You would replace them if they were new and cracked?...very generous of you. You would replace them if they were cracked after a "few sets of training"...outstanding!

You actually made me feel worse about the whole thing by trying to minimize the problem.
SkateLog Forum: Bont G3 & G4 Wheel Review

G4 Wheel Cracking

by skaterdog (Jun. 11, 2009)
I had posted about the issues I had with my pink G4 100s cracking on the skatelog forum. Alex kind of dimissed me and brushed off my concerns. I'll try again here.

Here is a link to the picture of one of my wheels after a good life:

All the wheels ended up with similar cracking. I'm not sure when the cracking developed and the wheels in general have been great. My concern was that the cracking might be dangerous and be a cause for concern.

Any comments?
Bont Skates Message Board and News: G4 wheel cracking


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