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中国で開催される the World Roller Speed Skate Championships の Haining international Roller Skats Center の路面に対応した噂のアジアリンク用 BONT HIGH ROLLER 87A Wheel が韓国サイトで紹介されました。簡単な説明が掲載されていましたが、まだ性能に関しては良く解りません。

This BONT HIGH ROLLER Wheel is developed to you for the World Roller Speed Skate Championships will be held in Haining China.

Track of the Haining international Roller Skats Center is not slippery at all, because soft and good grip and the rolling wheel is appropriate. Therefore the Track Mechanical Lock System is removed from the G4 wheel hub. and this urethane wheel improve a little more to course at the corner of the ground floor. In addition, through using 87A strength urethane to solves the problem of slowing down.

BONT HIGH ROLLER 110mm 87A Wheel

Alexander Bont wrote in BONT Message Board
It is a new urethane and the wheel is a Cabriolet which means that we have removed the mechanical lock. The mechanical lock is the part of the hub inside the urethane that holds the urethane to the hub. With the cabriolet, we use a bonding agent instead of the mechanical lock for the adhesion. The advantage of removing the mechanical lock is that it alows the urethane to flex more providing more of a footprint on the ground.
ICT PR & Demon: 2009 World Championships hayining China introduced its high-roller wheel!! (in Korean)

BONT Wheels

    This wheel is designed for maximum roll. The internal flex band is super stiff and the urethane has been formulated for very low rolling resistance. This is the fastest wheel money can buy. Use this wheel on dry outdoor road or concrete surfaces or for track use you can mix some in if you need more speed.
    The Crossover is a cross between the Highroller and Molta. It uses a medium stiff flex band which is perfect for when you want a super fast wheel but a tad more grip such as European and South American banked tracks. The cross over is a very versatile wheel thet can be used on the road for more grip or a softer ride.
  • Magic Molta
    Normally, to increase grip you would need to go to a softer urethane compound and sacrifice speed. Not so wuth this wheel. Instead of using a softer urethane we use a softer flex band and keep the urethane hardness high. This allows the wheels to flex more, laying down more urethane in the corners for grip, abd the hard urethane lets you maintain very high speeds without feeling bogged down. The Magic Molta wheel has been designed specifically for slippery and bumpy bank track such as those found in Korea. The Magic Molta wheel uses the most flexible internal flex band in the range.
Inline Skating Notebook:
BONT G4 Wheel 2008, BONT 110mm Highroller Wheel and Bont Crossover 85A & 83A Wheels

Wheels Update

by Alexander Bont (Sep. 14, 2009)
Wheel Update

We have been churning out a lot of new wheels recently and here is some info to help sort through the large volume of new products in our line up.

Firstly, we are changing our white hubs to black and have changed the composition of the material to make sure we do not have any cracked hubs. We will still be selling white hubs until the stock sells out. The white hubs have had a very low percentage of hubs cracking but we do want to try to avoid any cracking at all. The difficulty lies with the flex we are trying to achieve. We can make a hub that will never break but it will not be as fast as the ones we are making now. One thing to be careful of is popping the bearings out using the back of an allen key. We have very tight bearing holes and this is one way to crack the hub. Please try to use a bearing press or just push the bearing out from the other side. I am pretty happy with the tightness of the bearings, they are not so tight that you cannot get the bearing in and not lose either.

The next new wheel is the HRR. It is a Highroller + Roll which means we have sacrificed wear for more roll. If you are after the fastest wheel on the road, and you are not a hard pusher, these wheels could be perfect for you. There is no mechanical lock inside so they will flex a little more which will give you more control and a slightly softer ride.

We have a new South American wheel called 'The South American Wheel' funnily enough… It is a super high speed urethane that is a little softer than most of our wheels and designed specifically for South American tracks. At this moment, this wheel will only be available through our South American distributor.

BONT HIGH ROLLER 105mm 85A Wheel

105mm Wheels. We are slowly increasing our range of 105mm wheels. We now have them available in Highroller 85A Mint, and HRR 87A Light Blue.

The Crossover wheel is exclusively designed for Vesmaco banked tracks. I have had some people emailing me saying they used them on the road and they are too slow. That's because they are a very grippy wheel and not designed for the road. Even on the track, you would mainly use them for sprint events. They are not an indoor wheel and I wouldn't really try them indoor.

Our Cabriolet wheels are wheels that have no mechanical lock. The mechanical lock holds the urethane onto the hub. With these wheels we use a special bonding agent rather than the Mechanical lock. You will lose a tiny bit of speed, but you will gain more flex, grip, and manoeuvrability. We have been doing limited runs of these wheels for some distributors.

Lastly, our track wheels. We have been working on our Magic Molta project for the past 3 years now and it finally seems to be paying off. By using a hard golf ball material inside the urethane in combination with our mechanical lock, we have had some remarkable prototype wheels produced. We are still tinkering with the hardness's but this wheel will rock in 2010. This wheel was designed for slippery bank tracks like the ones you find in Asia but we will be looking to expand this technology in 2010 to our road wheels and also eventually a dedicated rain wheel.

I have had a lot of emails about choosing a wheel for the A2A. I'd say you can't go past the Highroller Mint 85A. It was first in the men's and women's category of the St Gallen 111km in Switzerland last month and is the longest lasting wheel on the market which will be important at the end of the race.
Bont Skates Message Board and News: Wheels Update


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