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私自身は A2A 2008 を撮る余裕がありませんでしたが、撮影されたスケーターがビデオ投稿されました。毎年、仮装で話題になる Eddy さんは Bee 蜂に扮して誰構わずスケーターを刺しまくってました。

A2A 2008 Friday Night Skate

A2A 2008 Starting Line

A2A 2008

Athens to Atlanta 2008 road skate highlights

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Route Video

  1. Classic Center, Athens GA to L on Oglethorpe.
  2. Oglethorpe then Tallassee to Crossing John Collier.
  3. Tallassee to L on GA 330 to Reservoir.
  4. Reservoir to R on GA 211 Statham Road, Checkpoint 1.
  5. Rest Stop 1 to departure from GA 211 (Go S to Rockwell Church Road)
  6. Rockwell Church Road to R on GA 211 Thompson Mill Road (Checkpoint 2)
  7. GA 211 to L on Dee Kennedy Road to L on Harmony Grove Church Road
  8. Harmony Grove Church Road then Union Grove Ch Road to L on Old Auburn Road
  9. Old Auburn Road to L on 2nd Avenue and the finish in Dacula
  10. Sorry! Sections a2a-route-a through a2a-route-m are not finished.
  11. L on Virginia-Highlands to R on Park Drive to the finish in Atlanta.


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