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CadoMotus PRO Downhill 6x84日本でも Downhill 競技がありますが、欧米の競技はハーフパイプより高い位置からドロップインスタートするレースもあり、また日本と比べ様がない標高差のコースで実施されます。この CadoMotus Pro Downhill 6X84 のフレーム長は50cm以上もあり見るからに速そうで怖いくらいです、さて私でもコントロールできるのでしょうか。直滑降スピードレース用ならイイかも知れません。

CadoMotus PRO Downhill 6X84

Risk everything. Fight physics in search of the fastest line and highest velocity as you hurtle downhill. Slide sideways through the turns and quickly assume full-tuck position for the straight sections, trying to shave off precious seconds.

Downhill Speed Skating or Downhill Racing is a high-speed, high-risk, high-adrenaline pursuit where the winners are separated by speed, skill, bravery and mere slices of time.

CadoMotus Pro DownhillIf you're type of skating is all about going downhill, fast, CadoMotus is proud to give you the PRO Downhill Frame. Built on the highly-evolved DualBox-3 frame platform, the PRO Downhill is the result of 2 years collaboration and testing with elite Downhillers. A visually-intimidating 6-wheel chassis holds 6x84mm wheels for a measured combination of predictable and responsive handling, extreme grip, and huge top-end speeds.

Now Downhillers can benefit from the control, performance and ride quality that the DualBox brought to Speed Skating; patented technology that raised the bar on inline frame design and performance, crossing the finish line for repeated World Championship and World Inline Cup victories.

Price: € 395,00
Pure Skating News: CadoMotus Pro Downhill and PRO Downhill frames


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