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BONT Highroller 110mm (Road) が発売されました。コアのデザインは100mmと似ていますが、110mmウィールに比例してコア径も大きくなっています。こうやって並べて見ると・・・110mmって、やっぱり大きいですネ。なかなか良さそうです。

Highroller 110mm 86A (Weight: 119g 149g)

Highroller 110mm (149g) and 100mm (124g)

BONT 2 point VAYPOR with Sniper 1104 (13.2") 195mm Mounting Frame and 110mm Highroller Wheels
BONT Korea: Highroller 110mm Wheel
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by Bill Begg (May 19, 2008)
Hi Skaters,

In a very big day for the innovative skate manufacturer BONT!

WIC Wolvega 2008 in Holland

Antonio Ruales from Bont IDRD Bogota Positivo, wins in a first up test under race conditions for the new Red 110 mm wheel.

The new Flex Hub wheels, with a slightly more stiffer hub done the trick, as the 5 men breakaway lined up for the final sprint, Reyon Kay N.Z. Zepto another BONT gear sponsored team, went past Ruales, about 200 meters from Home, but Ruales fought back To hold him out, while a bit of a skate clash in thelunge zone saw local Dutch skater Ingma Berga
just out lunge Kay, to take the nd place.

In a race where the skaters encountered a 2km stretch of cobblestones, 7 km of Wind exposed track along a Dyke top & a rough & last kilometer with bends, before linning up for the last 300 meters, it was a course for all seasons & one the Dutch organizors admitted, was designed to hopefully give the local skaters conditions, they were used to.

Alexandra Vivas BONT Wheels, lead out the 4 person breakaway, which had been reduced to 3, to win from Nadine Gloor & Elma De Vries,Lina Holguin who had chased solo to catch the break, ended up 4th, with Tamars Llorens leading out Cecilia Baena to win the Bunch sprint, from Bont IDRD's Kelly Martinez, With Martha Ramariz Bont IDRD 8th.

Nicole Begg feeling the effects of the tough course managed 10th place, but had the Satisfaction of taking out the sprint prime after 30km.
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by Bill Begg (May 22, 2008)
AS we all know BONT have spent a fortune in the past to try & come up with a top of the shelf competitive 100 mm wheel.

Now innovative Technology has thrown 110 mm up as the prefered wheel of choice size for the big strong skaters.

BONT in the last week have exposed two new 110 mm wheels, the First Antonio Ruales from BONT IDRD Positivo Bogota, takes out the Wolvega WIC event in Holland.

The second a more lighter colour red / slightly Pink version,an 86 a Duro that is lightning fast on smooth surfaces,in the timmed flying 200 Innovation racing on the Weinfelden Banktrack.

It was only World Sprint King Kalon Dobbin 16.22 Held out Eudes Diaz Granidos Colombia 16.54 & Alexandra Bastidos Venezuela 16.56 who both used the wheel for the first time & are certainly not in Kalons class as sprinters.

This wheel is the real deal on smooth & fast surfaces.

The next wheel will be to provide a little more user friendly underfoot wheel for rough roads, now that a fast material & correct stiffness Hub with Flex band has been sorted.

For further details check the Innovative racing thread.
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