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まさか2007年の FIC Dijon で激闘を演じた Nicole Begg と Tamara Llorens が、BONT でチームメートになるとは思いませんでした。この2人に Cecilia Baena まで加わった美しい広告塔が・・・BONT G4 を履き、WICで活躍すれば宣伝効果は絶大でしょう。ちなみにG4 100mmは@15ドルの価格設定ですが、2008年中にシェア50%獲得が目標だとか言われても・・・有り得ない!話ではありませんネ。

Nicole Begg

Tamara Llorens

BONT Women Team for WIC 2008

Cecilia Baena

Alexandra Vivas
Nicole Begg (1st) and Tamara Llorens (2nd) in Dijon Roller Marathon 42km of the FIC 2007
Hi Skaters,

Just released on Patin Carrera the new Bont Line up for the 2008 World Inline Cup.

The most common comment in recent years, well the ladies are not racing the Worlds best, as the Colombians are not racing in the WIC. Well Bont has turnt the comment into a reality factor.

Well that comment, will be laid to rest in 2008, as we will see two of the Worlds best Cecelia Baena & Alexandra Vivas, be based in Switzerland while contesting the WIC, for team BONT. Cecelia has made spasmodic visits to the WIC over the past few years & with a great winning ratio. Alexandra had a WIC seasons experience with Bont in 2003.

Unfortunately Cecelia suffered an Injury in 2008 & was unable to compete in the 2008 Worlds, to defend her World titles & overall number 1 track world ranking. in 2007 Cecelia was overall number one on the track, with new BONT Teamate Nicole Begg number 2, but Nicole the overall road World Champion.

In 2008 in Cecelia's absence Nicole won the 1,000 track title which Cecelia had won the year before & also the overall.

These two are considered as possibly the Worlds top allrounders, capable of winning at World level in both sprints through to the marathon, in fact in 2007 they were 1st & 2nd in the World Championship marathon, with big late efforts in the last 100 meters.

Alexandra continued to add to her list of World titles in 2007 winning the 15,000 track Elimination, after winning the road 20,000 elimination title in 2006. But aside from her victories, some of her more notable performances have been in her work role for other team mates, the work in setting up Brigitte Mendez in the 20,000 to win gold & marathon team work, showed her great strengths.

Well the 4th but certainly not least member of the team is the Argentine strong women Tamara Llorens, while not racing recent World championships, but Argentine politics seem to be a dampner, on some of their top stars appearing at Worlds.

Tamara has been the engine room for the strong Rollerblade team for the last 3 years & has played a major part in their team winning the teams overall WIC & providing the last individual winner in the last 3 years. A great team player, who knows how WIC marathons are run.

In 2007 Tamara & Nicole were probably considered to be the two strongest workers in the WIC, these two with Alexandra give the team a lot of fire power for the tough going. With Cecelia regarded as the ladies best finisher in the last 100 meter zone always on hand for any sprint finish.

Well Powerslide Alessi, MPC Rollerblade and World Inline Center, there will be 4 super strong ladies teams linning up for 2008 WIC season, if the BONT team Gel on proven firepower & reputation they will be favoured.

Bill Begg
Bont Skates Message Board and News : World Cup Topics for 2008 Bont Ladies
We are extremely pleased to announce our 2008 WIC womens team called Team Bont Wheels which will consist of:

Nicole Begg / Tamara Llorens / Alexandra Vivas / Cecilia Baena

Each girl will bring something special to the team and all are champions. The girls will race in the new Bont pink 08 Vaypor boots with Highroller G4 wheels.
Bont Skates Message Board and News : Bont 2008 WIC Team Announcement (Jan. 4, 2008)
Inline Skating Notebook: BONT G4 Wheel 2008


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