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昨年の Rollerblade Speedodrom Austria は新人だけでWICに参戦しましたがパッとせず。しかし、今年は Matter World Inline Center の Thomas Boucher を迎え新生 Rollerblade I..B.U. Speedodrome としてスタートします。既にホームページも立ち上がり、2008年は気合入っています。

Rollerblade I..B.U. Speedodrome Men Team

Thomas Boucher
35. WIC (Matter)

Mathieu Grandgirard
29. WIC (SpiroTiger)

Christian Hartz

Gaspar Koprivec

Nick Eigler

Thomas Boucher to Rollerblade-Speedodrom

Rollerblade-SpeedodromThe Frenchman Thomas Boucher next season is part of the Austrian team-Speedodrom Rollerblade. He comes from the Matter Worldteam.

Last season Thomas Boucher made part of the Matter Worldteam, along with other Yann Guyader. Its performance Boucher were against it, he was not renewing his contract. Then he was looking for a new team, which he found in Austria. Boucher hits in Austria an international company. His ploegmaten his countryman Mathieu Grandgirard, Dane Christian Hartz, Sloveen Gaspar Koprivec and Austrian Nick Eigler. The team will focus on the matches for the World Inline Cup and the German Blade Challenge. Thomas Boucher naar Rollerblade-Speedodrom

Riders Profil THOMAS BOUCHER - france

First name: THOMAS
Date of birth: 23/06/1982
Hometown: NANTES (France)
Club: A.L. St Sébastien s/loire
Height: 178cm
Weight: 73kg
Sentimental Situation: with somebody
Coach: Pascal Briand
Profession: student
Sisters: 1 sister and 1 brother
Languages: french, spanish, english
Other sports: cycling, soccer, running

How do you feel about joining the Rollerblade I.B.U. Speedodrom? What are your expectations ?
THOMAS BOUCHER I’m verry happy to join this new team. I will be again with an old teammate (Mathieu) from 2000. It will be a new experience for me because i was always in very big team like Salomon, Powerslide…and to start a new history with a young team and with people who love inline it’s very nice and i’m very exciting. I will do my best for the team and hope win some races and show the color of the team highest as possible with a great image of fair-play, respect of adversary, rules…
How long have you been skating ?
I practiced inlineskating for 18 years now.
What do you prefer in your sport ?
There are lots of things…like the speed, freedom feeling when you skate outside. And i like to be a « outdoor sport » because it’s very nice to skate under the sun during the summer.
What gave you the desire to begin skating ?
I just only wanted to do like my brother and it’s why i have started inline
The summary of your 2007 skating season ?
I was in Matter-World Inline center team with Yann Guyader, Jorge Cifuentes, Nelson Garzon and Ewen Fernandez. I started the season with a victory in the french championship «long distance » where i won the 5km time trial. After a long marathon season began with the French inline cup, World Inline cup and Swiss inline cup. For the french cup my results were 1 victory,2 x2nd, 1x 3rd. For the WIC and SIC, i did some good places in the Top 10 but my marathon’s season was not as i hoped before. For the french championships, it was almost good but there was Yann, and he was very impressive last year, so i finished lots of time second. At the european, i won 1gold (relay),1silver (1000m) and 1 bronce (500m). At Worlds, i did one bronce medal.
Your sport goals for the coming years ?
I really want to show that i can be a very good skater on marathon. Since i’m in the WIC circuit, i am close to the podiums with severals times 4th,5th…but never better. For the championships, i would like to win at least one other world’s title in the 2 next years. I already won one individual in 2004 but since Italy i only won silver and bronce and i want an oser one.
One line to describe what you feel when you skate ?
I feel a fluidity and a freedom to skate.
How do you see the evolution of Inline skating in the coming years ?
All the past wear i was very optimist for inline skating but now i’m much reserved on the évolution. I think, inline is in a period like mounda bike 10years ago with a market going down but even with this market, there are always more skaters at a race like Berlin or even in France, so i think that the people are presents and there is a possibility of a good evolution. The best evolution i can see it’s a national level with circuits like FIC, German Blade Challenge…
Your best memory ?
When I crossed first the line in 2002 for my first european gold and i saw my parents and some friends close to cry, i was verry surprise of this and also verry happy
Favorite film ?
Gladiator, Heat, Godfather trilogy…
Favorite food ?
Gastronomic french food (duck’s liver…)
Favorite music ?
Last CD you bought ?
Latin music from. Colombia
What kind of car do you have ?
Fiat Punto
The car of your dream ?
How is a perfect day for you ?
Without problems,lol
Favorite clothes brand ?
If you could be anyone you want for one day, who would it be ?
Zidane in the 2 World cup finals (1998 for the victory and 2006 for oser thing,lol)
If you were an animal what would it be ?
A tiger
Getting out of bed, what are your first thoughts ?
First I go to the toilets and i eat my breakfast
If I tell you these words, what are you thinking of ?
Rollerblade….. a historic brand of inline skating which let me dream when i was young
Berlin…The best marathon of the year
Olympics.....ihave to do annoter sport… see races with more respect of the rules, of the adversaires fair-play…
Professionalism.... we are far from this, few skaters practise only inline
Sun… not in Nantes during the winter
Austria…a country i don’t know but looks very nice and with sportsmen and women very present in winter sport
Freedom.....happy to live in a country where is a reality
Your living MOTTO: « Celui qui renonce à devenir meilleur, cesse déjà d’être bon » (moto from. my sport school when i was Young) it means the one who doesn’t want to be better, he is already bad.
What you want to say, to your fans, friends and family ?
My fans, i don’t know if i have…if yes, thank you to trust in me and support me. My family supports me for a long time now and they know what i am thinking about them,but one time more tank you for all they have done, and all they will do in the future.

Palmares: Marathons/ Championships
World championship : 4 times Gold medal (3xrelay in 2005 and 2006 ; 1x1000m track in 2004)
Eurpean championship : 9 times Gold mal (2002x2, 2005x4, 2006x2, 2007x1)
French championship : More than 10 golds since 2000
World Games : One Gold in 2005

Marathons :
2006 : FIC : 2nd in Nîmes
WIC :8th Overall ranking : (4th in Seoul, 4th in Basel, 6th in Rennes…)
2007 : FIC : 3rd overall ranking : 1st in Plouha ; 2nd in Nîmes and Pontarlier, 3rd in Les Herbiers ; 3r
7th in Seoul, 8th in Basel
Victory of International Trophy Lagos
3rd overall ranking in Gross-Gerau
Rollerblade I.B.U ...: Riders Profil THOMAS BOUCHER - france

Rollerblade I..B.U. Speedodrome Women Team

* Rollerblade I.B.U. Speedodrom Team *

Nadine Gloor
9. WIC (Athleticum)

Martina Turuscia
24. WIC (Henniez)

Nadja Gradisar
41. WIC (Speedodrom)

Sara Bak
44. WIC (Speedodrom)

Rollerblade I.B.U. Speedodrom

Speedodrom WomenThe ladies team has picked up who I considered the best young newcomer to the WIC ladies last year, with the Italian Martina Turuscia, good to see her gain a team for 2008.

Sara Bak has been around on the fringes for a number of years, ducking in & out of the WIC races now & again, put in a very strong performance, with 9th last year in the Berlin Marathon.

Nastja Gradsisar is an aggressive racer, most her regular WIC appearances have been while racing alone, a team situation with solid support may well suit her.

Well the Question Mark ? for number 4, will Lizzie attempt another start in the WIC after her unfortunate & bad crash last year in Korea?

Will they bring in an Austrian Female, but is their others up to the standard.
Bont Skates Message Board and News: Rollerblade I.B.U. Speedodrom (Jan. 26, 2008)

Riders Profil NASTJA GRADISAR - slovenia

Name: Nastja
First name:Gradisar
Date of birth: 20.12.1990
Nick name: Tamala
Hometown: Naklo, nere to Kranj
Club: Rolarski klub Kranj
Height: 161
Weight: 56
Sentimental Situation: single
Coach: Mojca Grose, Gasper Stare
Profession: Student
Sisters: Klara
Languages: Slovenian, English, French
Other sports: Hockey, cycling, running, swimming,…

How do you feel about joining the Rollerblade I.B.U. Speedodrom? What are your expectations ?
I am very happy to be in this team because I think that we all have a good chance to show how strong we really are. I hope that we will help each other to improve our tactical and mental preparation and also it’s important that we build very good friendship between us
How long have you been skating ?
In april it will be 11 years
What do you prefer in your sport ?
That I can think about it like a game. You never know how the race will going on…you never know which tactic will use other team. You just know how strong you are and which result you want to achive.
What gave you the desire to begin skating ?
First I was skating on the ice but for summer my parents bought me a new pair of inline skates. The assistant saw me skating in the shop and she asked if I want to enjoy the new speed skating team in my village. Because I had nothing to do after the school (I was 7 years old) my mother took me to the first training in my life. In the evening after one month of training I created my goal…now I have the chance to make it come true.
The summary of your 2007 skating season ?
That was the first year in world inline cup where I get some good experiences for my top race- junior European championship in Nederland. There I made quite good results.
Your sport goals for the coming years ?
I want to be national champion, an European champion, win the world cup and be in the top 10 at world championship.
One line to describe what you feel when you skate ?
All I feel is freedom and something that I’m addicted of.
How do you see the evolution of Inline skating in the coming years ?
All of us try to attract more publicity (media) so if we make this thing come true then I think that we will get more sponsors and also more skaters then we have good chance to come on Olympic games (I think this are the dreams of all of us)
Your favorite sportsman or woman ?
Petra Majdic.
Your best memory ?
My first biggest race- European championship in Genemuiden (Nederland, 2003)
Favorite film ?
The secret and Million dollar baby
Favorite food ?
Pasta and yoghurt with corn-flakes
Favorite music ?
Last CD you bought ?
The French vocabulary –we get it in schoolJ
What kind of car do you have ?
I don’t have a driving licence yet, maybe in one year I will get it.
The car of your dream ?
How is a perfect day for you ?
To be in mountain village with some good friends, where I would sleep till 10 o’clock and then I would go on training. After the lunch I would go sleep again and then we would go together climbing, cycling or much better-skating.
Favorite clothes brand ?
Jeans and t-shirt but most of the time I wear track suit.
What you like the most ?
Learning something new
What you hate?
Cheating and lying
Your qualities ?
I’m honest and I like to learn something new. Because of that I can listen and talk about everything. If I fell that I need something, I will beat till I will have it. I always give the best, never give up and change my disadvantages to my advantages.
Your failings ?
When I don’t succeed I become sad and then I start to think about the things that I made wrong.
How do you picture yourself in 10 years ?
I will have degree from studying for physiotherapistfizioterapevt or psychologist (I don’t know yet) and boyfriend…maybe I will have children… and i hope that I won’t lose the contact with skating.fizioterapevt
If you could be anyone you want for one day, who would it be ?
Petra Majdic, that I would find the secret about her way of thinking.
If you were an animal what would it be ?
Sloth for 12 hours and lion for 12 hours.
Getting out of bed, what are your first thoughts ?
O my God, why I have to go in school? It would be better to go training.
If I tell you these words, what are you thinking of ?
Rollerblade… The team that I’m skating for
Berlin… Last crazy race in WIC
Olympics..... My dreams
Wish...... Something that I change to my goal
Professionalism.... Thing to learn
Sun… Go skating
Freedom..... Feel it when I’m skating and I want to keep it forever
Your living MOTTO: Think about the things that you want. Your thoughts create your life, so you are here to make your goals come true.
What you want to say, to your fans, friends and family ?
Thanks to everyone who helped me to come here. Thanks parents, because you learnt me that I have to fight for everything that I want and you always stand by me and believe in me. And thank you for taking me to my first training of speed skating. Thanks to my friends, because you listening me and helping me when I feel bad. All of you are very important to me. Thanks that you came in my life.
Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom News: Riders Profil NASTJA GRADISAR - slovenia (Feb. 26, 2008)

Rollerblade ILA Speedodrom 2009

(Mar. 6, 2009)

Team 2009 Skaters

    Name (Nation)
  • Mathieu Grandgirard (France)
  • Julien Levrard (France)
  • Thomas Boucher (France)
  • Daniel Zschätzsch (German)
  • Jakob Ulreich (Austria)
  • Matej Krupka (Czech Republik)
  • Milan Krizan (Slovakia)
  • Andreas Wutte (Austria)


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